Rochelle Ann Arevalo


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I specialized in Social Media Management. I can develop marketing plans through social media, I can set up accounts and manage them for you, promote your products in the way that customers would make your business their first choice. I am hardworking, persistent and consistent in my specialized skills. If you want your business to be on the top list, then let's talk.




I can set up your Twitter account, get 50 people to follow your account, and monitor what they are saying about your company. If any negativity arises, we could develop a game plan  to solve your customer's problem for a satisfactory resolution.


I can create a YouTube channel for your company "how to" videos  and get 50 views. It can create more interest in your company and what you can do to help your customers.


I can set up your Facebook Page, get 50 people to like it and create a giveaway to supply their email address. This will give you 50 new leads to contact for your business.


May 2010 - Apr 2015

Bachelor in Science in Mechanical Engineering

Technological University of the Philippines- Visayas

Focuses in Engineering

Work experience

Work experience

Quality Control Officer

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation

Quality and safety is our priority.