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Rochana Deb

Independent & Collaborative Strategy-cum-Design Consultant, Design Thinker & Mentor


With over 16 years of experience across multiple Design disciplines and a decade of effective Brand transformations, at present I work independently and collaborate on consulting projects to enable businesses and organisations become successful brands while providing higher value for their customers and stakeholders.

My work and knowledge span end-to-end Branding and Design endeavours, augmented by Design Research for critical insights. I pursue excellence in ideas, processes and outcomes by continuously enhancing my proficiency as a Brand Strategist and versatility as a Design Thinker. I am also passionate about creative expression and discovering new realms of ideation that can transcend practical constraints.

I believe my greatest strengths are the ability to clarify vision, mitigate gaps, integrate ideas and create robust systems, and seek challenges where I can help clients and partners attain the same. My current associations with other consultancies involve leading Strategic Branding exercises as well as mentoring design teams through impactful Branding, Packaging and Environment creation projects.

In a 9-year tryst with India’s largest independent design company, Elephant, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Global FMCGs, Corporates, Business Organizations and Social groups in a variety of domains, while envisioning and driving the development of several proprietary strategy, design and research methodologies.


Providing Independent or Collaborative Strategic-cum-Design Consultancy for growth oriented, progressive organisations or firms where my experience and skills of BRAND STRATEGY and DESIGN THINKING, client interaction and education, and design team mentoring for high quality design output can be utilised to significantly contribute to the overall success of the organisation or firm, as well as provide opportunities for my growth as a design thinker and mentor.

I would like to utilize my strong communication skills at every opportunity to further the presence of the organisations I associate with, as well as my own equity in the design industry.

Career Interest

Synergizing Business with Design through Design Thinking and Strategic Design

Writing the ‘Blue Ocean Strategy’ for Design

17+ Years of Professional Design Experience

Projects in Branding and Communication Strategy; Environment and Graphic Design for Museums, Retail, Exhibitions, Corporate Interiors; Scenography & Lighting; Packaging Design; Design Research. Over a 100 projects which have influenced national and international markets and audiences.

Work Highlights: 2004-2014

Team Leadership, Brand Audit, Design Research, Customer & Market Orientation, Planning and conducting Workshops, Strategy Development & Articulation, Experience Principles, Naming, Design Vision and Concept Directions, Design Development Supervision, Content planning and writing, Client Interaction, Presentation and Delivery Management, System and Implementation Guidelines.

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Design Thinker, Mentor and Strategic Consultant

Independent & Collaborative

Creating and helping build Successful Brands-

Independent consultancy for comprehensive Branding and Experience creation projects and for Design Thinking empowering Business Growth

Leading strategy, ideation, development along with mentoring for Branding, Packaging and Environment design projects for other consulting firms

Specialties: Branding, Brand Strategy and Identity; Product Branding and Packaging; Experience Design; Design Research; Design Process and Systems Design

Feb 2009Apr 2013

Principal- Communication Design


Strategy, Research, Ideation, Supervision and Delivery of various types of Design projects- mainly pertaining to Branding and Branded Experiences

Worked closely with several Global FMCGs, Corporates, Business Organisations and Social groups for International and National brands across a variety of domains

Led a Team of 25+ designers

Jan 2007Jan 2009

Lead Design Manager


Team Leader- involved with Strategy, Research, Ideation, Supervision and Delivery of various types of Design projects- mainly pertaining to aspects within and around Branding

Jun 2004Dec 2006

Communication Designer

Feb 2003May 2004

Independent Design Consultant


Design and Supervision of Exhibitions; Commercial and Social Pavilions; Events and Signage; Special lighting for Theatre and Events; Print Advertising


Jun 1997Sep 2003

Graduate Diploma Programme in Design

National Institute of Design

Specialization in Communication design through various types of spaces (Scenography, Museum, Visual merchandising, Retail and Trade shows)

Other Achievements

As a Designer:

2002: Winner of 'Storytelling in the Digital Age'

A competition held at NID: Name, Identity and graphics for a conference on New Media prospects in India

Coined the name ‘Sutra’, a Sanskrit word signifying: thread, aphorism and link. The logo was a typographic development in a signature form.

The graphics covered design of collaterals and the 'look' of the event.

2001: Winner of 'Delphi 2010'

A competition held at NID: Design for living in the future

Developed an entirely original concept of a macro-system for the world space that would work on the storage, transference and energy manipulation of water.

As a Poet:

1991: Winner of International Gold medal for Young Poet in ‘the year of the Girl Child’

Personal Interests

Art: Sketching, painting, visiting art galleries

Literature: Reading fiction and non-fiction (especially design-related issues), Writing prose and poetry

Music, Dance and Theatre: Listening, collecting and learning various styles, Choreographing, Lighting Design

Science: Learning and understanding theory and practical experimentation, given the opportunity. Special interest in astrophysics, aerodynamics and optics

Personality Traits


  • Is motivational, inspirational, affirming with strong organizational capabilities
  • Enjoys variety and new challenges
  • Uses creativity and imagination to bring magic into ordinary things and situations
  • Has good verbal communication and people skills
  • Loves Fun; is dramatic, energetic and optimistic
  • Strives for “win-win” situations
  • Gets personal satisfaction from helping others
  • Feels intensely connected and sensitive to the world around