Work experience

Work experience


I have been involved with many different art projects, like wood carvings and others. Im very creative and always ready to help.

May 2012 - May 2014


I have done volunteer work for the san mateo makers fair. 

Jul 2012 - Aug 2012


Most of my recognizable work history is volunteer work for different places. I have worked for Douglas county Khale Community center as a volunteer for the daycare program. 


Aug 2010 - May 2014

Nevada Highschool Diploma

George Whittell Highschool

I completed highschool, and have been going to college to work on my transfer degree of science. 






I never stop creating new things, whether it be in my head, or in my hands. Food, Art, Computers,Building things, these are the things i find myself doing a lot. 


I am very good at using the knowledge i have to help me. 


I have Attention Deficit Disorder, which makes focusing hard, but when i can focus, i do a very good job. I Like to get a job done as soon as i can, so that i can be ahead of where i am supposed to be, in case there's a problem. 


I like helping. It feels good to know that someone else's day is better or easier because of you. 

Self Motivated

A skill most people don't have is the ability to self motivate. It can be hard at times, but some optimism and hope can help. I always seem to find some kind of motivation or reason to reach a goal, no matter the situation. 


Im always thinking of what i can use to help me get something done better, faster, and more efficiently. 


I love technology, and i love working with it. I have plenty of experience with fixing/building computers, phones, building circuits, and lots of other technology related things.