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Do you find yourself wondering what makes a good writer? You are not alone; good writing is hard to define as a great deal of our society believe themselves to be apt enough to fulfill the task without the apropos experience or training. What sets a good writer apart from the average is not so much the ability to write as to convey meaning. Writing is about language and ethos and how we as a culture translate that into meaning and purpose. A good writer can evoke exactly the right emotions and thoughts in the intended audience. You should not have to wonder what a good writer is; with myself as part of your team, you never will, either.

Work experience

Aug 2008Present

Freelance Writer and Editor

Me, Myself, and I

Since I began college, I've always had an affinity for writing and reading. As such, many of my friends and classmates took advantage of this by asking me for help with various school projects. As the months passed, I realized I could actually make a living off of this. I mostly operated based on trade, but have constantly received positive feedback from anyone to which I've offered my services. They were able to learn and I was able to develop a well-earned skill that I hope to carry for the years to come.

Oct 2014Present

Barista/Assistant Manager

9th Bar Espresso

General pursuer of great coffee, I bring the dead back to life and inspire moments of happiness in each of my customers

I pride myself on making some of the best coffee one can drink and I realize that some people can make me look like a joke. But I'm alright with that because I'm confident I still serve you a better cup than starbucks, and that's good enough for me.

Sep 2010Dec 2014

Barista/Shift Supervisor

Starbucks Corporation

I operated on a managerial level to oversee day-to-day operations as well as service customers on a personal basis through a vast array of beverages and retail-wares

Nov 2009Jul 2010

Sales Associate

American Eagle Outfitters

I've learned a vast array of things involving the retail and business world through this job. I also served as a training associate in my later months as well as Jean Expert. It was here I first garnered a taste for fashion and style.

Dec 1991Jan 2009

Plumber's Assistant

Clifford Brudno CO.|

Construction-Residential & Commercial/Office Assisted Master Plumber with Various Tasks.

This is that one job everyone might've had with a family member. I worked for my dad since I was a baby (literally, he used to bring me to job sites and houses in a baby carrier), and I've learned so much during my career with him; I did everything manual labor to the technical construction of complicated plumbing machinery and systems. He taught me work ethics, money management, and how to care for customers on a case-by-case basis. I also learned how to deal with a variety of social encounters through him, enabling me to better serve the client (awkward stories and all).


Aug 2012Present

Masters in Literary Arts

University of South Florida

Focuses included:

-Creative Writing

-English Pedagogy


-Advanced Research and Editing Techniques

Jun 2010May 2012

Bachelors in Literary arts

University of South Florida

Focuses included:

-World Literature

-Creative Writing

-Technical Writing

-World Mythology


Aug 2008May 2010

Associate in Arts

Saint Petersburg College

Focuses included:





Social Media

-Access to and purveyor of: Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and most popular trend-sites such uncrate, jack threads and crosby press, guilt, huckberry, the tie bar, and asos.

Word Processing

-58 wpm (typing test screenshot available)

-Firm understanding an application of google sharing and document processes