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- Wide professional experience in information technology working for large-sized companies in different segments: Banks, Industry, Consulting/Auditing, Telecom and Healthcare; - Strong performance in the segments of Information Technology such as Strategic Planning, System Development, Project Management, Database Management, Information Center/Support to End User, Technical Support and Auditing/System Consulting; - Practical experience in many different platforms and technological architectures: IBM Mainframes, Local networks/ micro computing, Distributed database, Fault Tolerant Environments (non stop 24x7), and Banking Automation; - Practical experience in processes of merger, downsizing and IT restructuring; - Cyberlaw Attorney.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

IT Director

Medial Saude

I am in charging of the IT area for the Health Insurance business unit and corporative infrastructure, including system development and maintenance data center, telecommunications (data and voice), security and service desk. My team is introducing the new BPMs technology and the foundation for SOA Governance to obtain productivity and quality upgrade.

Feb 2001Present



Professor of Information Technology and Knowledge Management at Faculdade de Administração da Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado – FAAP

Jan 2005Jan 2008

IT Consultant and Cyberlaw Expert

Independent Consultant

- Providing consultancy services on projects covering: IT (including governance), Project Management, Data Security and Cyberlaw for Brazilian companies;- Evaluation and modernization of Bank Fator´s Information Systems and its internal processes. Studying and examination of the business requirements to recommend an information architecture able to integrate business areas, mainly treasurer’s office, broker, stock broker, asset management into the new electronic channels: Internet Banking and Home Broker Website;- Organization and conception of the new Project named “Business Process Layer” of the Bank Boston. This project basically intended to integrate the treasure business front-office (traders desktop) and the backoffice processes (legacy systems), the project was supposed to help operational risk reduction.

Aug 2000Feb 2005

IT Director


During almost 5 years with exposure to a variety of innovation projects that has strongly contributed to expand my vision into the new Telco´s Wireless Data Business: •Responsible for Corporative Systems:SAP,CRM,BI/DW and e-platforms (Internet,Intranet and Dealers Extranet);•Moving from circuit switching to package switching billing model; •Development of alliance programs, based on revenue share model, able to acquire and support strategical partnership with Brazilian content providers;•Development of mobile solutions for corporations (B2B market), aiming increase the penetration/revenue;•Setting up wireless infrastructure:Wap Gateway,SMS platform,content and application platform and Wireless Internet System Provider;•New wireless data products development and introduction on the market;•Conduction of commercial trials and users focus group to test new wireless data products/services concept, for example: IM (Instant Messenger); Java Application/BREW and mobile payments.

Jan 1999May 2000

CIO - Chief Information Officer

Banco Credibanco

•Responsible for strategic planning and project leadership during information systems migration from IBM Mainframe to a client/server platform (NT/Intel/SQL Server and Unix/SUN/Oracle). This project includes full migration of all applications from the IBM Mainframe to local networks, with selection, acquisition and integration of several application packages to support the core business, apart from creating management software to accompany bank operations in real time;•Introduce various technologies and set up all local network and data infrastructure, including security, to support implementation of the new systems;•Responsible for maintenance and evolution planning of telecommunications resources (voice and data);•Coordinated and planned the business plan which proposed making financial products available on the Internet throughout a supply chains business portal (B2B).

Mar 1995Jan 1999

IT Director


•Participation in strategy preparation and project implementation for the unification of Unibanco and Banco Nacional Information Systems. This project migrated 364 agencies, 253 Bank Service Centers and over 2 million clients from Banco Nacional to Unibanco, becoming a point of reference for the Brazilian banking industry;•Taking responsibility for Systems Support and Development and programming services quality in outsourced projects, organizing the Corporate Outsourcing Committee;•Developing and implementing several systems for the credit, retail and wholesale segments, for mainframes and client/server networks;•Participation in and development of the Marketing database Project for the Products and Services for Unibanco’s retail segment;•Computer hardware and software resource administration in various technological environments: mainframe, local networks, fault tolerant environments (non-stop) and banking automation;•Responsible for Y2K strategy and management.

Jun 1982Mar 1995

IT Manager

Banco Bozano Simonsen

•Participation in project strategy and implementation for mainframe deactivation (downsizing), migration of all applications to local network. Evaluating, selecting and integrating of many technologies which enabled the project, highlighting: Heterogeneous Network Integration, Client/Server Development Tools, Distribute Database/Data Modeling, Executive Information System and LAN/WAN integration;

•Leading package evaluation and selection for system applications acquired by the bank;

•Carried out “localization” of a major current account system, bought from the US (Florida Software Service Inc.) to meet users’ needs and comply with Brazilian legislation, and develop various interfaces for package interoperability with the Bank’s production environment;

•Coordination of the implementation for Database Administration at the Bank, taking responsibility for: corporate data modeling and analysis, data security and integrity and application performance evaluation and database management.

Nov 1980Jul 1982


Price Waterhouse Consultants

- Supporting Audit IT environment

- Component in system development team of many customers

- Application review


Jul 1999Dec 2000



Dissertation "Cybercrimes"