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Unwaivering lifetime commitment to leading teams with integrity, grit, intellect and determination - growing shareholder value.  Demonstrated 'Builder' of companies with successes in consumer beverage, durable products and entrepreneurial business development, in the United States and overseas.

Highly respected by enduring loyal teams for decisiveness and poise under pressure with refined oratory and written communication skills.  Energized by the pursuit of profits in high growth environments, driving productivity and organizational achievement.  Confident in private equity transactions, leading by hands-on example and performing the role of an organization's public personae.


  • Inspirational Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
  • Organizational Change
  • Visionary Intellect
  • Market Planning
  • Brand Activation
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Planning & Analysis
  • Partnership Development


General Aviation Private Pilot - Instrument, Multi-Engine Rated, Turbine Qualified. 

Accomplished golfer.

Other Experience

Area Vice President, On Premise - Phoenix, Arizona (1988-1989) Director, New Business Development - Somers, New York (1986-1987) Director, Sales Development & Planning - Somers, New York (1985) Area Sales Manager - Atlanta, Georgia (1983 - 1984)          District Sales Manager - Birmingham, Alabama (1982)

OSCAR MAYER & COMPANY, Madison, Wisconsin                                                                                        1979 - 1981

District Sales Manager - Jackson, Mississippi (1980 - 1981)

Field Sales Representative - Mobile, Alabama (1979 - 1980)



Dynamic Leadership

Product Marketing & Management

Global Operational Excellence

Work experience

May 2009Present

Executive Vice President & Chief Traveler


Providing executive business development leadership for this bold, fresh idea in Professional Photo Journalist Hotel Reviews.

Recruited on the basis of executive leadership skills for this start-up, by the founders, some of which were involved in the creation of Vivaro.Assembled a Business Development team, forging strategic alliances with the largest Digital Media sites in the US and abroad – Google-, Bing-, Weather-, Priceline- and countless other .coms.Cultivating business relationships with the world’s largest Hoteliers like Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, IHG, Starwood - as well as independents like Morgans & Balasz, along with their public relations and revenue management firms.

ØStructured the business development data, goal setting and performance procedures for a staff of 6

ØEstablished the contractual format for revenue sharing and promotional models with Hoteliers

ØConceiving/implementing the alliances with Online Travel Agents - Expedia, Orbitz, Priceline and Travelocity



KARE DISTRIBUTION, INC. (Subsidiary of Vívaro Corporation)

Provided executive leadership for $200 million direct-to-Store ethnic products distribution company with 12 divisional offices.

Seizing the prevalent growth of newly immigrated and unacculturated Hispanics in the US, recruited to this newly formed, private equity, national consumer products & services company.  Rapidly successful and profitable expansion of financial and telecom services to newly immigrated Hispanics.  Led a cross functional team of Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations and IT.  Required an organizational design sensitive to the dynamics of immigration to the US, migration within the US, and consumption habits of Hispanic consumers.  Drove success in this swift paced, leanly-staffed, entrepreneurship capitalizing on first-mover advantage, brand integrity and retail trade sales and distribution savvy.

Key Achievements:

  • Ø Drove Revenues from $2 million monthly in March of 2005 to $20 million monthly by the end of 2007.
  • Ø Established rigorous organizational and procedural controls in a new Direct-to-Store Delivery organization.
  • Ø Grasped and applied technological competitive advantage to old-economy product merchandising.
  • Ø Launched three Primary Brands and fifteen tactical brands in two product categories.
  • Ø Conceived and launched paradigm changing technological innovation in Telecommunications.
  • Ø Responsible for identifying and implementing trade & consumer pricing, promotional, and advertising strategies in markets of highest priority - California, Texas, the Southeast and Illinois.
  • Ø Recruited a diverse, eager and fiercely loyal field management team.

Chief Executive Officer


Provided swift and decisive executive leadership for $60 million Consumer Goods Importer with complicated financial needs. 

After serving since it's founding as an investor on the Board of Advisors, recruited by and from the Board to assist in stabilizing and growing this $60 million 'Fun & Innovative' Consumer Products Company.  While serving on the IN ZONE Brands Board, contributed to the creation of the Interactive beverage category and the maker of BellyWashers® and TummyTickler® interactive beverages for kids, as well as a value-driven line of insulated drink vessels, housewares, infant / toddler and related products.  Operations include Direct-to-Store Distribution in the US, and distributors in Asian, Latin American & European countries, with an extensive business unit in Asia. 

Key Achievements:

  • Ø Assumed leadership role at time of financial crisis. Negotiated $1.5 million forbearance, refined operations, reduced overhead and increased sales and new product productivity.
  • Ø Assessed, re-defined and implemented Distribution strategy that established performance criteria, measurement processes and development feedback mechanisms.
  • Ø Overcame distributor obstacles to create two-tier system and capture a Wal-Mart expansion that contributed to growing company gross margin 12% and EBITDA 26%.
  • Ø Installed state of the art monumental improvements to selling architecture, brand positioning, product development tactics & process, operational efficiencies, fiscal policy, capital management and earnings.
  • Ø Reconfigured spending practices by trade channel, balancing promotional allowances and improving trade spending efficiency by 32%.
  • Ø Boldly restructured manufacturing and logistics processes applying new plastics technologies, streamlined handling procedures and reduced co-packer tolling fees saving $0.89 per case and improving margins 9%.
  • Ø Restructured Hong Kong based Asian sourcing division with personal oversight of human resource systems, recruiting practices and compensation standards consistent with the Chinese culture.
  • Ø Drove strategy, listened for opportunity, applied intelligent 'hands on' perseverance and led exceptional team recruitment.

President, Chief Executive Officer, Director, Founder


Provided vision, intellectual capital and executive leadership for $20 million National Specialty Construction Supply Distribution company with proprietary products and services and net contribution of $2 million.

Acquired the assets of a regional Commercial Lighting Wholesaler, forming this corporation with the intent of consolidating a national selling and wholesale force in an otherwise regionalized industry.  Majority shareholder, guarantor and functional generalist.  Conceived of 'value-engineering' elaborate technical specifications of lighting, electrical controls, and designer trim materials, having equivalent products manufactured overseas and in Italy.  Liquidity event in 2003, selling stock to a private equity investor.

Key Achievements:

  • Ø Launched from first year sales of $5 million in 1998 to $16 million in 2002.
  • Ø Created professional national account management processes in an industry void of such selling and fulfillment.
  • Ø Employed 45, achieved 10% EBITDA and conducted business in 27 US states.
  • Ø Recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the 29th Fastest Growing Entrepreneurship in the U.S. June 2000.
  • Ø Growth driven by sophisticated marketing, enterprise software, team-building and strategic partnerships.

Vice President, Retail Trade Sales


Recruited as a member of a new management team to drive Retail Trade Strategic Planning and Execution -- a principal initiative in re-energizing this $1.7 billion International Brewer.  Accountable for company volume and profit performance at retail, defining trade class strategies, implementing price/package/product initiatives, and developing trade programs.  Provided executive Sales leadership, installing the principles of Category Management, Strategic Selling Skills and consumer and trade promotional innovation.

Key Achievements:

  • Ø Recruited a department of 34 National Account executives with measured standards of the highest caliber.
  • Ø Championed the application of category management technology in off-premise retail accounts as a competitive advantage resulting in 18% distribution gains across five national grocery companies.
  • Ø Re-engineered on-premise strategy resulting in 10+% growth within a 2% growth industry.

Area Vice President & General Manager - Los Angeles, California (1990 - 1994), Atlanta, Georgia (1994)

PEPSICO, INC., Purchase

Promoted to manage sales, marketing, manufacturing, logistics, distribution and operational planning for a $550 million market unit, involving 1850 employees in four county metro Los Angeles.  Additionally, responsibility included marketing management of the surrounding franchised bottling territories and $200 million in concentrate sales.  Relocated to Atlanta for four months to apply learnings from Los Angeles.  Recruited from Pepsi.

  • Ø Achieved record ROAE and profitability (reversing a 5 year trend of declining margins and increasing costs)
  • Ø Led the innovation of pricing and promotional tactics which governed change in the market at-large,
  • Ø Negotiated two successful teamster contracts
  • Ø Installed standardized performance management systems
  • Ø Led product innovation to address the burgeoning Latino diversity of Southern California.



Executive Development Program




cum laude 


Multi-Engine Instrument Private Pilot

Federal Aviation Authority