Robert P. Kloecker, Jr.

Robert P. Kloecker, Jr.

Senior Executive: Marketing, Medical Devices & Biologics

Highly accomplished lifesciences leader, with over 15 years experience directing medical device and biologic product lifecycles from development through launch to mature market penetration.  Unique blend of strategic marketing skills and experience working with sales forces in the operating room setting.   Proven abilities in brand development, strategic analysis, market research, financial and demand forecasting, and team management.


Strategic Planning  ·  Product Management & Strategy  ·  Brand Development  ·  Portfolio Vision & Positioning  ·  Product Launches & Lifecycle Management  ·  Content Strategy  ·  Clinical Study Strategy and Design ·  KOL Management  ·  Competitive Analysis  ·  Market Research  ·  Sales Planning  ·  Sales Training  ·  Team Management  ·  P&L Management  ·  Cost Center Administration


Market Experience:  Medical Device • Biologics • Biotechnology • Spine • Orthopedics • Neurosurgery • Pain Management • General Surgery

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2015 - Present

Vice President, Marketing

Option Care
Oct 2014 - Jul 2015

Senior Director of Business Development and Professional Relations

Life Spine, Inc.

Lead business development projects to bring new technologies to the Life Spine portfolio. Manage all surgeon consulting contracts, coordinating activities with the Marketing and Engineering teams to ensure accurate and timely physician input into the Product Development process. Manage the Training and Education process for both sales representatives and surgeons. Member, Life Spine Senior Management team.

Jul 2009 - Sep 2014

Marketing Director

ISTO Technologies, Inc.

Led marketing and brand management for the ISTO brands, focusing primarily on the InQu Bone Graft Extender & Substitute. Responsibilities include customer targeting and segmentation; new product launches; key message development; demand forecasting; and post-marketing studies. Supervised Sales Training for both the ISTO distributor network and direct Sales team. Managed Customer Service, including all components of order processing and inventory management and monitoring of key performance metrics. Member, ISTO Senior Management team.

  • Identified key differentiation points for InQu through focus groups and stakeholder interviews. Developed positioning strategy to establish InQu as a distinct class of biosynthetic bone graft substitute.
  • Launched new corporate and individual product branding, and implemented brand identity through both new and revised sales tools.
  • Launched the InQu strip and putty configurations in February 2010 and November 2011, respectively.  The putty, in particular, achieved rapid success, becoming the best-selling product in the InQu line within 3 months and achieving 60% of product mix within 12 months. Launched a new demineralized trabecular bone graft in June 2013.  Products launched since 2009 now account for 80%+ of the ISTO product mix.
  • Developed a post-marketing clinical study and publication strategy for InQu in order to penetrate the growth factor and stem cell customer bases.  Developed a process to support investigator-initiated research.  Initiated 4 new clinical studies for InQu (1 Isto-sponsored prospective study and 3 physician-sponsored studies) to demonstrate clinical and cost efficacy.
  • Negotiated distribution agreements with two manufacturers.  Developed brand identities for the demineralized product line and the bone marrow concentrate system.
  • Negotiated national pricing agreements with multiple healthcare systems for ISTO products.
  • Designed a new sales compensation program to better align performance with key business drivers.
  • Designed and managed the Sales Training program, encompassing both the internal team and outside Distributor representatives.  Developed new content modules and competency testing and recruited cross-functional ISTO team members to present various components of training sessions. 
  • Created a demand forecasting system to aid inventory management and manufacturing decision-making.
  • Supervised a team of five direct reports.  Hired and trained four new team members.
Sep 2005 - May 2009

Group Marketing Manager, Fibrin Sealants

Baxter BioSurgery

Led core Tisseel Fibrin Sealant brand (2008 sales of over $75M) for the BioSurgery business, including all aspects of key message development, portfolio strategy design, market research, pricing, and pipeline development and product launches. Collaborated with sales management team to design incentive and quota programs to achieve product targets. Managed supply and financial forecasting for the full plasma-based fibrin sealant portfolio(2 products in 5 configurations, with 21 application devices).

  • Launched the pre-filled Tisseel product configuration in May 2007. Converted 200+ key accounts within 6 months of launch despite inventory constraints. Achieved 46 percent of Tisseel product mix by the end of 2008, with 34 percent of US fibrin sealant market share.
  • Developed positioning & pricing strategy and sales tools for the new fibrin sealant, Artiss, launched in July 2008 for skin graft fixation in burns. Participated in protocol development for phase III study in facelifts.
  • Developed competitive marketing strategy using spray systems to protect market share from competitor entry. Increased market penetration of EasySpray system by 30 percent using a series of sales incentive programs and sales training efforts, protecting Baxter accounts and driving increased Tisseel utilization.
  • Supervised first geographic launch of next generation Tisseel in February 2007. Coordinated roll-out to ensure simultaneous arrival at customer institutions of biologics and devices from multiple logistics points. Accomplished transition within 3 months, providing best practice example for other geographies.
  • Collaborated with Regulatory and Research & Development in order to address competitive threats. Developed training materials and tools for the sales force to address positioning and customer responses. Worked with R&D to develop relevant bench or pre-clinical data to demonstrate product differences.
  • Supervised a team of three direct reports, including: cost center management; annual performance reviews; and personal management objectives and development plans.
Mar 2004 - Sep 2005

Director, Market Development

Medtronic Neurological, Global Pain Management

Referral & Patient Marketing, Co-Promote Relationships

Directed all marketing programs targeting patients or non-implanting clinicians Medtronic Pain Therapies. Developed a core brand for direct-to-patient marketing and disease state education for implantable therapies, with demonstrated ROI of 10+ times investment. Supervised the alliance with a large pharmaceutical manufacturer for research and co-promote efforts.

  • Led development & execution of referral and patient marketing strategy. Key components of this integrated marketing program included: patient lifecycle and experience development; sales tool development and sales training; public relations and media outreach.
  • Patient marketing strategy drove annual implants of over $18M, driving new patient growth and competitive advantage. National programs captured over 10 percent of new patient implants annually.
  • Led celebrity spokesperson campaign to drive overall patient awareness of interventional therapies for pain management in both U.S. and Europe. Campaign generated over 350 million media impressions.
  • Supervised alliance with a pharmaceutical manufacturer who produced a drug for Medtronic's SynchroMed systems. Efforts included creation of a co-marketing termsheet and sales training program.
  • Oversaw strategic planning process for the $500M pain management division for FY04 and FY05. Presented the plans, including acquisition targeting, to senior management.
  • Worked with Clinical team on Gabapentin intrathecal study protocol development. IND submitted 2004; Phase I study began March 2005.
  • Managed team of five, including cost center management; performance reviews; and development plans. Managed largest marketing budget in the Pain business, with $2.4M for projects & salaries.
  • Nominated, Medical Marketing & Media Award,“ Tame the Pain” patient marketing platform, 2005.
  • Guest speaker, Medtronic patient marketing strategies, WebMD HealthForum, Summer 2004.
May 2002 - Mar 2004

Senior Market Development Manager

Medtronic Neurological, Global Pain Management

Patient & Referral Marketing, Implanter Development

  • Developed strategy for the business's first direct-to-patient marketing program, combining a patient outreach program, a prescription ad campaign, and patient information websites. Programs launched in April 2003 and generated 250+ implants in 6 months, with long-term ROI of 9x investment.
  • Allocated $1M between marketing initiatives and prepared plans for annual budgeting process. Introduced programs to sales force leadership and provided training for field representatives.
  • Developed polyanalgesic education strategy. Designed market research on intrathecal drug choice. Supervised conference of 15 key opinion leaders and development of a manuscript for publication.
  • Supervised two Marketing Managers and two Marketing Specialists.
Dec 2001 - May 2002

Market Development Manager

Medtronic Neurological, Global Pain Management

Implanter Development

  • Formulated marketing and retention plan for current customer base. Performed segmentation analysis and needs assessment for the current users. Responsible for program P&L and ROI.
  • Designed a program for peer-to-peer physician consulting and recruited appropriate key thought leaders.
  • Hired and supervised 2 MBA-candidate interns. Nominated for“ Intern Manager of the Year”.
May 2000 - Dec 2001

Therapy Marketing Manager

Medtronic Neurological, Global Pain Management

Major Pain Clinics / Chronic Back Pain

  • Recipient, Marketing Excellence Award(Pain Management Speakers Bureau), May 2001.
  • Led U.S. strategy to promote Medtronic systems for chronic back pain within top pain clinics. Roles included: design of education and referral development programs; development and delivery of sales training; coordination of activities at medical conferences; development of programs for budgeting process.
  • Designed and executed a novel workshop on interventional pain management for spine surgeons in collaboration with Medtronic Sofamor Danek. Monitored field follow-up to determine program return.
Aug 1999 - May 2000

Marketing Manager, Nonmalignant Pain

Medtronic Neurological, Drug Delivery
  • Developed U.S. marketing strategy for implantable drug pumps for chronic non-cancer pain.
  • Designed and implemented a $600K national Pain Management Speakers Bureau program to educate physicians and expand awareness of the use of interventional therapies for chronic pain.
  • Average ROI per event is $20K on a $2K investment. 200+ events held in the first two years.
Jun 1998 - Aug 1998

Management Development Program Intern

Abbott Laboratories - Pharmaceutical Products Division
  • Developed a marketing launch plan for a recombinant thrombolytic agent in ischemic stroke therapy.
Aug 1996 - Aug 1997


The Parthenon Group
Aug 1994 - Aug 1996

Research Associate

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Sep 1997 - Jun 1999


Kellogg School of Management
Sep 1990 - Jun 1994


Harvard University

Magna cum laude.




Medical Devices

Team management & cost center administration

Competitive analysis

Strategic planning

Sales training

Market research

Demand and financial forecasting

Key message development

New product launch

Customer segmentation & targeting

Orthobiologics / Spine / Bone graft substitutes

Brand development