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Market strategist and detail oriented  product manager and marketer, research analyst, and partner marketing account management specialist. I take products, marketing programs, analysis and  partner relationships from initial vision to bottom line results. For example at I took the USB Drive product line from inception to $600K in quarterly revenues in six months, by focusing on best practices product management and marketing, optimizing partner relationships, and effectively using  internet and new media marketing.


Product and Project Management

  • Implemented internet hosted storage (DriveWay) and MS-Office “look-a-alike” (ThinkFree) online services, that were hosted in the "Cloud."
  • Led and developed MRDs, functional specifications, Go-To-Markets and Market Communication for networking, and communications software, and security “software-as-a-service” generating $3.0 M in annual revenue. 

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  • Developed and delivered release notes, datasheets, collateral, web content and sales training.

Product Marketing

  • Developed and managed USBDrive business line from inception to quarterly revenue run rate of $600K. 

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  • Implemented successful marketing, product, and partnership “programs – campaigns” for $2.0 M in incremental annual revenues by adding new partner co-branded products.
  • Developed-delivered: content at conferences and trade shows (e.g. Comdex).
  • Media Product and Analyst Spokesperson. 

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Research and Analysis

  • Developed and delivered industry and competitive analysis, and market research at Gartner (aka Dataquest), Sageza Group, Intel, McAfee, Connelly and Associates, and for other organizations, such as Mellon Bank.

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Internet Marketing

  • Designed, managed and optimized on line marketing campaigns - Websites, Partner Affiliate and email

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Some Of My Work


Darren Popham

“...As an innovative marketer, Rob was able to take a vision of integrating McAfee security products with consumer USB devices to develop a plan that, at the time, was ahead of its time..." Source: Darren Popham

Jeff Yarne

" a product manager for companies such as Intel, McAlfee, Portland Software. I find Robert to be a very intelligent individual with several masters degrees that is able to come up to speed quickly on new projects and make an immediate impact..."  Source: Jeff Yarne




Work experience

Jan 2003Present

Marketing Consultant

Connelly & Associates

Clients: Epson, Calertem, EthicsPoint, Segeza Group and Uxcomm Projects: Market Research & Competitive Analysis, new media marketing plans, marketing campaigns, positioning/messaging, go-to-markets, collateral, and web key-performance indicators and metrics.

  • Expertise – Security, network, communication and content management software and marketing
  • Developed marketing strategies, campaigns, collateral, and white papers for enterprise software companies such as IBM and EMC
  • Recommended web product management methodology cutting development cost and time by 10%
  • Industry event, trade show and seminar speaker (e.g. Adobe In-Design Conference)
Sep 2000Oct 2002

Product Marketing Manager

McAfee USBDrive Business Line Firewall, Content Filtering and Partner Products

  • Product Manager, Partner Products – EasyRecovery Standard & Professional Editions and Driveway On-line Storage and Think-Free Office – Cumulative Revenues 2002, $ 1.5 M
  • Product Manager – Visual Trace, Personal Firewall & Privacy Services - Cumulative Revenues 2001 $ 1.5 M
  • Developed and Prioritized Needs and Requirements – Created MRDs, and Functional Specifications For Firewall, Content Filtering, Partner Products, such as the on-line storage service, and Branded USBDrive
  • Maintained Web Service Offerings Road Maps: incorporating budget. schedule and scope constraints, mediating between engineering, sales, customer/technical support, and executive staff
  • Developed and managed on-line web marketing campaigns and brand promotion and enhancement (e.g. Security Center user subscriber console/dashboard) for increased user engagement and "stickyness"
Jul 1999Jun 2000

Product Marketing Manager


xSP network management platforms/tools.

  • Developed market segmentation/analysis service provider (xSP) market.RESULT: foundation for new corporate strategic branded product direction
  • Designed survey instrument – interviewed xSPs, determining network management needs
  • Researched, developed, authored and got approval for MRD, xSP network management product line
  • Developed and Prioritized Product features in conjunction with network products and server group marketing, engineering and executive team
  • Forecasted Revenues And Developed Positioning, Pricing and Promotion For Product
Jul 1992May 1999

Manager Competitive Intelligence & Field Sales Support

Sequent (acquired by IBM 1997)

Managed competitive bids, implemented competitive sales strategies and managed analyst relations program 

  • Managed competitive bids and sales proposals with field sales.RESULT: Helped close over $20 M direct sales annually
  • Developed and implemented competitive sales strategies, including hot line and on-line support of field sales; designed, and delivered sales training
  • Managed relationships with market research community, to include crafting public relation program to positively influence positioning and evaluation of Sequent
Sep 1989Jun 1992

Senior Industry Analyst & Market Research Manager

Dataquest (aka Gartner Group)

Created and managed Server System and Business Computer Subscription Services

  • MANAGED SERVER SYSTEMS AND BUSINESS COMPUTER SERVICES.RESULT: Built the Server Systems Service to a $250,000 business in a year; and in the business service achieved a 70% contribution margin on $ 500,000 in annual revenues; signed-managed five new clients
  • MANAGED MAJOR ACCOUNTS including HP, IBM, NCR, DEC, UNISYS, SUN, and financial clients such as; Bank Of Boston, and Mellon Bank
  • Provided competitive product, market and company analysis; industry consultant to computer vendors and executives in banking, investment houses, venture capital and financial firms




Senior Project - "Statistics and Analysis of North American Venture Capital Industry"


Statistical Analysis and Applied Mathematics
Statistics - used throughout my career in market research and analysis, and member of the adjunct mathematics faculty pool at Portland Community College.
Social Media
Staying abreast of  these rapidly changing  social media paradigms  is a "balancing act" between knowing "what exists but has not been monetized" and "what is the future and will be monetized"                                           - this will be the trend for the immediate future  Source: Marketing Sherpa, 2009
Fluent - speak, read and write
Public Speaking
Company and product spokesperson - click to review work sample
Microsoft Office Suite
Besides PSU Multimedia courses in HTML and CSS,  and certificate program projects,  developed USBDrive micro-site functional specification in HTML, and currently building a blog site for scooter enthusiasts. Click to review work sample.
Google Web Analytics
Search Engine Marketing
Assisted several clients improve organic ranking, and PPC results