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I have over 10 years of QA experience and a good grounding in QA methodolody.  I have extensive experience testing both internal and commercial products.  In addition, I have significant automationexperience using a variety of tools from batch files to scripting with Python, VBSCript & C# as well as various commercial tools.

Work experience

Aug 2007Mar 2008

Quality Assurance Engineer

As the sole QA member, I researched, selected and implemented a test case database.  I created test cases and test plans for the products under test.  I ran through the test cycle and oversaw the efforts of developers who had been assigned to assist me.  I improved the functionality of the existing implementation of  Bugzilla and instructed the developers and others of the proper use and flow of Bugzilla.  In addition, I created an extensive build script to replace what had been an entirely manual process.

May 2006Jul 2007

Software Test Engineer

I created automated tests for Adobe Illustrator using JavaScript and Python (as needed).  In addition, I performed, created and updated manual test cases.

Apr 2005Apr 2006

Software Test Engineer

 I created and maintained automated tests for set top boxes using C#.  I also helped improve the automation framework by writing several helper functions.  In addition, I performed manual testing when needed.

Apr 2002Mar 2005

Software Test Engineer


The sole QA tester of the build system used by partners and licensees to build the PalmOS.  Tasks performed:

·Wrote extensive, well documented test cases and automation

·Wrote automation for most of the command line tools used by the build system and users

·Wrote automation for other areas

·Helped to maintain and improve the automation used by all of QA for automated testing

·Responsible for maintaining lab for our department

·Constantly strove to improve the processes, procedures and tools used by our department

·Received special recognition for taking the initiative to research, test and help implement a highly requested feature into the build system despite assurances from the developer that it was not possible to implement this feature.

Apr 2000Jul 2001

Software Test Engineer

Initiated test case reviews and other common test procedures, test case management.  Created and documented iBeam’s first automated testing system. Duties included:

·Test Lead

·Created test plans and test cases

·Directed the efforts of others to ensure the timely completion of the test cycle

·Created the first automated testing system for iBeam.  This entailed the following:  examined the automation requirements, available tools and languages; chose the most appropriate language and software for our needs; designed and demonstrated automated test; wrote an automation framework document; created scripts for the common functions; researched and recommended books.

·Recommended and implemented common testing procedures such as test plan templates and test case reviews

Scripting Examples


Windows Shell Scripting
I have created batch scripts of all sizes to automate command line tasks of all types: test cases, build scripts, and log parsing, to name a few.
I used Javascript to write automated test cases for Adobe Illustrator.
I used C# to write automated tests for set-top boxes.  I also wrote various helper functions to improve the functionality of the existing framework, which was also written in C#.
I have used python to automate command line test cases, parse log files or other output to determine the outcome of a test or to string several different tools together.  In addition, I wrote an extensive automated build script using Python.