Robert Zhu

Robert Zhu

Work History

Work History
Oct 2005 - Present

Sourcing agent

Sourcing and marketing agent
Sourcing and marketing work for my clients from Ireland, Slovenia, Russia, Luxembourg and Australia. 
  1. Realized Items: Ni-Cd battery, hair dresser, Advertising Player, Oil Tubing, Emergency Lantern (LED/fluorescent tube), Lead Acid Battery, inverter, Lithium-ion battery, Motorcycle battery, Telecom Battery, UPS (custom made), wood engraving machine, power adapter and solar panel, etc. 
  2. Visited many factories and prepared detailed report and sound recommendation to my clients; 
  3. Rich translation experiences such as for American private boarding school, American hi-tech company, Spanish company and German company as well;
  4. International traveling, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Russia, Dubai, Iran, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, USA and Switzerland, and more...
Jun 2001 - Aug 2005

Sales Manager

Sunnox Power Industrial Co., Ltd.

A lead acid battery manufacturer located in Guangzhou Economic & Technology Development Zone. 

  1. The chief export sales manager; 
  2. Attended foreign and domestic exhibitions, such as those in South Korea, Thailand, Germany (MESSE, CeBit), Russia, USA, Hong Kong Electronics Exhibition and Canton Fair, etc. 
  3. Developed and maintained the client network;
  4. Prepared the material for company website and catlouge. 
Jun 1998 - Mar 2001

Assistant to General Manager

SANNGI Gifts and Premium Co. Ltd. (Hong Kong company)

A Hong Kong invested company with over 700 employees, gifts and premiums. Production processes include tooling, plastic injection, punching, assembling, and silk screen printing, etc. 

  1. The management job of the factory operation, including the sales and production;
  2. Sales service to big clients as Casio and Ikea; translations on business meetings;
  3. Major member to buildup ISO9001:2000 system and achieved the certificates for the company. 
Aug 1995 - May 1998

Interpreter to a German Engineer

Kirin Metal Printing (Hong Kong Company)
  1. Interpreter to a German engineer/sales (in English) on metal printing business;
  2. Translate Technical manuals and quality systems from English to Chinese;
  3. Follow up customer service together with the German engineer.


Sep 1993 - Jul 1995


Inner Mongolia University of Technology
  1. Excellent Class Study President of the University; 
  2. Excellent League Member of the University. 
  3. Awarded Scholarship each school term. 


Sourcing, marketing agent


History, Culture; Travel



  1. Great English; 
  2. World wide traveling;
  3. Integrated experience as factory management, export sales, and sourcing;
  4. Solid understanding of factory management system, quality control and Foreign customer service.
  5. Good understanding of big business picture;
  6. Hard working, team player, and details oriented;
  7. Fast learner. 
  8. One new Car available and could drive.