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Robert Zappone studied at the University of Connecticut and later became a serial entrepreneur in the retail energy industry. He founded Energy Savings Group,, and Starion Energy, his current business. As the leader of his companies, Robert Zappone has managed day-to-day business operations, hired and trained the sales forces, and created company infrastructures. Robert Zappone has built his entrepreneurial career in the energy market. Deregulation is a recent development and is intended to create competition in this area. Robert Zappone is now capitalizing on the belief that that competition will result in lower rates for consumers. Most consumers do not realize they now have a choice in energy providers because they are accustomed to the idea of a single, monopolistic energy supplier. With deregulation, it would be a logistical nightmare for all of the new energy sources to have to develop their own infrastructure to deliver energy to consumers’ homes. Instead, the local energy provider remains the only conduit to a region’s homes, but it must now accept energy from multiple sources and let consumers choose which source they want their energy to come from. Naturally, consumers choose the cheapest source, thus making the energy market competitive. Robert Zappone’s company, Starion, has excelled as a competitive energy source in the deregulated market. Currently the energy market is fully deregulated in a number of states, and Starion now provides energy to Washington, DC; Maryland; New York; New Jersey; Ohio; Pennsylvania; and Connecticut.

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