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As a Computer Science student at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire I have learned practical programming techniques and practices. I have also gained experience in a variety of programming languages and paradigms, primarily focusing on Object-Oriented approaches in Java, but also including C++, Bourne shell scripts, Scheme, Perl, and many others. This variety has not only improved my literal knowledge of languages and programming, but has also improved my adaptability to new systems. Through my employment with Menards I have gained first-hand experience in workplace organization, customer service, and the retail system. My current goal is to work as an intern in a computer science field to gain the same kind of experience in my future field of employment.

Work experience

Jul 2006Present





University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire



Language Variety
Experience with a variety of languages including HTML, XML, Scheme, Prolog, Erlang, SML, Javascript, JSF, and those listed above helps me learn to adapt to new paradigms and syntaxes.
Unix Shell Scripting
Development of Bourne shell scripts to simplify everyday tasks or for batch processing of files.  Includes experience with regular expressions and work on both Solaris and Linux-based operating systems.
C++ programming
C++ (and some C) programming primarily through an Object-Oriented approach.  Includes work with data structures and foreign function interfaces.
Java Programming
Java programming mainly in the Object-Oriented paradigm.  Includes implementation and use of common data structures such as hash maps and deques, database interaction,  File I/O, and graphical user interfaces.