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Work experience

Nov 2007Present



From the end of my time with ChessCube to the present day, I have also been involved with my partner's company as a technical helper. Her business is Internet Marketing in its many forms.

In this time I have brushed up on my webmastering skills, completed a Bruce Clay SEO course, and spent a good 12 months learning the ins and outs of modern Internet and Search marketing, including but not limited to SEO, PPC, and Social Media Marketing.

In between, I took some time out to help out with Springleap.

Feb 2010Present


Cognician Software (Pty) Ltd

I am currently the CTO at Cognician, a startup based in Observatory, Cape Town.

I have built the Adobe AIR desktop app, the sister Flex web app, and either built or architected all of the supporting server infrastructure.

Work continues to this day.

Oct 2009Jan 2010

Contracted iPhone Developer

Discovery Communications

Together with Andries, I am developing a remake of a game previously developed by Andries for Discovery: Whizzball

The game is available on the US iTunes store:

We used Unity ( and the APIs provided by Apple for iPhone development to produce this game in around 8 months.

Jan 2009Sep 2009

Freelance Flash Developer

Wireframe Studio

I rejoined Wireframe as a Freelance Flash developer to help out. First, I developed the award winning Triec Roadmap Flash interface (

Then, I helped build and deploy a physical installation for Rothmans, where projectors project a virtual aquarium onto a glass wall of a VIP room in the Galaxy night club. The installation is interactive in that when someone enters the VIP room, a fish appears in the aquarium, and when someone leaves, a fish disappears.

Most recently, I was the lead developer on the digital exhibit aspect of the Museum of Science and Technology of Islam for the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This large project has a total of 23 individual digital interactive exhibits.

First amongst these is the 5 meter touch table (one of 3 touch tables in the museum) which depicts 1400 years of Muslim history as it relates to science, medicine, technology and mathematics. 18 touchscreens around the museum serve to bring more detail to these various topics.

Relevant Contact: Paul Tooze

Feb 2008Jun 2008

PHP Developer


Springleap was right in the embryonic beginning stages when Eric approached me. He had other freelancer developers working on the site, but unfortunately, the quality of their work was lacking. Eric was looking for someone to take over, and approached me.

Working with the fantastic Kendyl van Vuuren of MediaHussy, I took the site from its conceptual PSD designs to a functional, market-ready site in 4 months, learning PHP and the CakePHP framework along the way. By the end of this process, Springleap now had a site, and Eric and Eran now needed to build a business around it.

Springleap needed a committed development team which I was unfortunately unable to join. I had a great time building the site and working with both Eric and Eran.

Relevant Contact: Eric Edelstein

Oct 2006Oct 2007

Flash Developer


I joined PlayLogix to help with the ChessCube project. At this point, the team was in the prototyping phase and was gearing up to begin primary development of the ChessCube application.

We spent two months in 2006 figuring ourselves out and mapping out how we wanted to build the software, and then spent 8 months developing a number of projects, some of which were combined into what is now available to the public.

My involvement was one of general architectural oversight as well as building out a number of Actionscript 3 and Flex 2 components.

Relevant Contact: Mark Levitt

Apr 2005Sep 2006

Flash Developer

In the 18 months I spent with Slots 24, I developed a Flash slot machine client system to work with the proprietary slot machine engine and infrastructure being developed by Slots 24.

At the time Actionscript 2 was the flavour of the day. The system supported an arbitrary number of visual skins and was built to work on very low-end hardware without much decay in user experience.

Unfortunately, as we were gearing up to begin serving real customers, the law in the USA changed, making it illegal for a US citizen to gamble from their home computers. The company, no longer able to sanely support such a large development team, had to let most of us go.

Relevant contact: Robert Ramsden

Nov 2000Apr 2004

Flash Developer


I joined Wireframe as a developer and all around tech guy. I had a couple years worth of tech support, basic web programming, and server maintenance under my belt when I joined, and added plenty of Flash, HTML/CSS, Javascript, ASP/ASP.NET experience in my time there.

I helped with many projects, including the Primi suite of sites, an intranet development for Tesco UK, various marketing projects for British American Tobacco, backend development and presentation software for Design Indabas 4, 5 and 6, a genealogy relationship navigation tool for Naspers, and a metric tonne of brochureware and marketing mini-sites for local and international clients in between.

I was incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to work with Andries Odendaal, a known design heavyweight in South Africa, who is responsible for the 2010 Fifa World Cup Mascot.

During this time I also aided Wireframe's sister company, Infosight, in the development of touch screen kiosk systems for a Shell pilot, a BP pilot, and finally for a turn-key product tailored to the real estate industry, of which Seeff, Jawitz and Pam Golding are clients.

In this time, I also wrote a series of technical articles for which are still popular today.

I left Wireframe after a long and interesting time to 'go it alone' and spread my own wings a bit. I still work with Wireframe on occasion to this day.

Relevant contacts: Paul Tooze and Richard Masefield