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Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Chief Executive Officer


Civicom was established in 2003 by prof. Stefano Roland, the well known expert of public communication. After two critical years, I was invited to enter the company as shareholder and c.e.o., which I accepted because I strongly believe Civicom has an excellent potential.

In few weeks I restored ideal operational conditions and negotiated the relaunch of the Rivista italiana di comunicazione pubblica with its publisher, FrancoAngeli. Now the Rivista is a powerful and qualified communication tool in its niche, regularly distributed through Feltrinelli bookstores and to subscribers.

I set up a network of related firms and agencies so that we can now deliver critical communication services such as advertising, public affairs, training, web strategy, alongside with our typical advisory and consultancy in long-term communication plans.

Nov 2006Nov 2009


Makno & Consulting srl

As "Reti" ( took over Makno & Consulting in 2006, I was appointed as director and c.e.o. During my office I introduced an organization apt to contribute to a development path. As a result in one year revenues raised up by 30% and the customer base increased significantly.

May 2006Apr 2009

Managing Director

Running srl

As part of the group of companies "Reti" (, Running had been changed its mission several times. I was appointed as managing director (amministratore unico) in order to work at its strategic positioning and promote a business upswing. At the end of my office Running was - and nowadays is - an established and respected player in the fields of political marketing, institutional communication and training about relevant matters.

Jul 2005Mar 2008

General Manager

gipieffe spa

Reti, the italian leader in public affairs advisory, took over the marketing and social research firm "GPF" established 20 years before by Giampalo Fabris, the prominent italian sociologist specialized in consumers' behaviour in May 2005. The partners of Reti engaged me as a General Manager to upturn the firm, which was suffering from a previous merger.

My first task was to provide the firm with an administrative and accountancy organisation and create financial stability. Afterwards I worked to motivate the staff and recover customers' confidence and loyalty.

In just one year GPF was back among the most important domestic players in the social and marketing research market.

Jun 2004Jan 2005


Finmatica France
In the context of a wider crisis of the Group, I was appointed as CEO of the French subsidiaries in order to manage cash-flow issues while ensuring business continuity. Retention of key people and strengthening the relationship with main accounts (DHL international, Samat, Gefco) had the highest priority in my day-by-day action. Credit recovery and legal affairs management led to an appropriate procedure for the dismissal of the assets, so that the parent company has been able to recover part of its investments.
May 2003Jun 2004

Alliances and Business Development

Finmatica spa
In this position I had to start development of strategic alliances and sales partnerships to increase the company�s capability to engage prospect clients and speed-up sales. Agreements were subscribed with IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Getronics and local systems integrators which were able to win a good number of deals.
May 2002Apr 2003

Marketing and Business Development

Merzario main goal at that time was to turn its business model from an international freight forwarder to an integrated logistics service provider. In less then one year we set up a new service specific to fashion manufacturers and distributors and launched it during a sales campaign in Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong which succeeded in winning new clients (distributors and resellers of top Italian fashion brands like Max Mara and Marzotto) and strengthening the relationship with current clients. At the same time we developed integrated logistics services to increase customer penetration in the Aeronautics where we already had Alenia as the main account, so that a deal valuable 9mln Euro was acquired with the Finmeccanica Group.
Jan 2001May 2002

General Manager
Launched at the end of 1999 as an e-marketplace, the portal did not succeed to reach its business goals. Once appointed as General Manager, I realized that the issue was in fact related to the business model and made the decision to turn it into an e-procurement service provider. As a result, several steps were taken: fine-tuning the software-engine functionalities to match the needs of complex procurement and purchasing processes; revisiting the portal; hiring and driving a small and aggressive sales team, which led us to win many clients in the public authorities sector for e-procurement (regional authorities like Regione Lombardia, healthcare national services such as the hospitals of Desenzano del Garda and Mantua, county authorities like Provincia di Pisa) and manufacturers (like Zanussi) for e-auctions.
Jan 1999Dec 2000

Marketing and Communications VP

Finmatica spa
In this position I was in charge for sales planning, support to key accounts and all promotional activities (below-the-line and above-the-line, advertising, conferences). At the same time I managed media relationship and the PR campaign for the IPO. Subsidiaries in Spain and France were launched during year 2000.
Feb 1997Dec 1998

Intelligence and Market Analysis




Balance and management control for effective business


Financial Communications


Market-oriented business management

Elea (Olivetti)

University degree

University of Turin

Summa cum laude. The degree dissertation received the Optime prize honours from the Industrial Association of Turin.




My core competence is in the fields of communication, strategic marketing, public relations. As a manager I've been in charge of overall operations as well, whit a broad exposure to - and responsabilities in finance, administration, legal affairs, merger and acquisition.


Politics and society. I have issued several publications:

Sindaci imprenditori. Viaggio tra le storie dei 300 italiani che guidano Comune e Impresa. Maggio 2009, ed. Rubbettino

Tra storia e aneddotica: il rapporto tra la sociologia e le sue fonti intellettuali. Rassegna italiana di sociologia, 1998, ed. Il Mulino

Stati psicotici nei bambini (traduzione dall’inglese all’italiano). ed. Bruno Mondadori