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Senior iOS Swift/Objective-C developer with wide experience on mobile digital projects in both start-up and enterprise environments.

C/C++ developer experienced in building frameworks, algorithms, protocols, multithreading/multiprocess solutions.

PhD and seven years of experience as research fellow focusing in numerical real-time simulations, DSP, 3D engines (Ogre, OpenGraph), embedded system development (AVR 8/32 bit / ARM linux embedded), Matlab/Simulink integration with custom libraries, HIL simulations..

Control system designer, plant modeling and analysis, analog/digital control synthesis for linear and non-linear problems implementing optimal, robust or  predictive control systems.

Apart from working I play drum at semi-professional level with Roland V-Drums, Toontrack softwares for live playing and Reaper for backtracking. I definitely I love spending time with my family and listen to good live music...

Work experience


IT Specialist

Credit-Suisse AG, Zurich, Switzerland.

iOS and React-Native developer for mobile projects.


iOS Software Engineer

Centralway AG

Developer of Numbrs product, iOS application, Swift.


Senior iOS Developer


Develop Objective-C and Swift iOS apps.


Co-founder - CTO - iOS Developer

Rawfish srl

- Lead iOS developer. I was responsible of many mobile projects as developer and/or as project leader.
- Project manager. I was responsible of making analysis and estimations, planning and execution by coordinating resources for mobilebackend and web components.
- Product manager. I was responsible of building customer-satisfying products working proactively with clients and proposing solutions.


Software development consultant and Control System Designer


Consultant in Control System Design:

- System identification, modeling and reduction
- Plant analysis and control design
- Classical SISO control design (PID, Loop Shaping)
- State space control design on SISO/MIMO (LQ, LQG, Predictive, RH2, RHinf)
- Non linear control design (Sliding Mode)
- Continous and discrete control synthesis and implementation
- DSP, signal analysis and filtering
- Computer Vision algorithms development for off-line or realtime/on-line applications

Languages: C/C++, Fortran, LUA, Ruby
Tools: Matlab/Simulink, OpenCV


Co-founder - Project Manager

Rawfish Bali

Project manager coordinating a remote team of developers (UI/UX, iOS, Android and backend).


Co-founder - iOS Developer

Freetuna srl

Freetuna develops mobile applications for drive safety.
The lead project is i-DA, Intelligence for Driving Assistance, a ComputerVision-based app that would prevent drivers to fall asleep while driving.
My activity is to develop a reliable ComputerVision algorithm in order to detect signs of drowsiness and estimate the drowsiness level by monitoring the driver's face in order to raise warnings in advance before the driver could fall asleep while driving when a high level of drowsiness is measured.


Co-founder - C/C++, Fortran Developer

Dynamotion srl

I'm the Chief Architecture Designer and developer of the Dynamotion's Safebike Riding Simulator. Sensors acquisition, motorcycle dynamics, modelling and simulation, washout filtering, graphics & sound, sensors emulation (IMU, Laserscanner) and hardware communication. Some control system algorithms have been implemented for research in rider's safety like traction control, abs and anti-wheeling systems mixing continuos and discrete integration strategies. Actually, the simulation architecture is based on a custom general-purpose full-distributed and multiprocess framework.



Research Fellow

University of Trento (Italy)

Developer of on-board intelligent embedded systems in numerical control machines in C/C++.
Creator of DESF (Distributed Embedded System Framework) library, a multi platform communication layer that enables devices to connect each other over several communication protocols (I2C, USART, Wifi, Ethernet, etc) exchanging data and signals synchronously or asynchronously.

Developer of a C/C++ library that simulates 3D milling machining process given the cutter's 3D working path, computes the MRR index and produces the final 3D workpiece. Two version are implemented, the first is based on a geometrical bodies representation implemented by means of the Spatial ACIS libraries and the second is based on the Octree 3D space modelization of the workpiece only.

Developer of a C/C++ library used to control Bosch IndraDrive drives.


Research fellow

University of Padova (Italy)

I was involved in the SAFERIDER european project to develop few Advanced Rider Assistant Systems (ARAS): Speed Alert, Curve Waring and Frontal Collision Warning for motorcycles.
I upgraded the SafeBike motorcycle simulator software in order to implement a HIL framework that was able to test the hardware devices communicating over a CAN-BUS in order to test the whole safety system in a human-in-the-loop simulation where the SAFEBIKE riding simulator was emulating the real vehicle and the IMU+Laserscanner sensors integrated into the virtual 3D scenario of the simulation.

I'm author of more than 15 scientific international articles about the Safebike Motorcycle Riding Simulator, HIL architectures, virtual drivers for motorcycle models and some advanced control systems for motorcycle safety.


PhD Industrial Engineering - Motorcycle Engineering

University of Padova (Italy)

Developement of a Motorcycle Riding Simulator for HIL (Hardware in the loop) testing - Developement of some ARAS (Advanced Rider Assistant System) systems within the SAFERIDER european project


Degree in Automation and Control Engineering

Politecnico of Milan (Italy)

Thesis object: "Design and analysis of an active braking control system for wheeled vehicles based on the Sliding Mode approach"

iOS Development Portfolio

Following, a list of the major projects I've been involved in as iOS developer, project manager or product manager is presented.

C/C++ Portfolio

Following, a list of the major projects I've been involved in as C/C++ developer, project manager or product manager is presented.



"Procedimento per assistere un conducente a coprire un percorso, e relativo sistema di assistenza nella curva, motoclicletta e prodotto informatico"

patent n° TO2010A000454