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Roberto Nieto Chamorro

Head of Software Development/VP of Engineering


I am a full-stack engineer whose passion lies in building great products while enabling others to perform their roles more effectively. I have architected and built horizontally scalable systems atop Relational and NoSQL DBs.

Great facility adapting to new environments and learning new technologies. Used to working with external groups for consultancy tasks and system improvement.

"One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men.
No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."
Elbert Hubbard


Java, Software Development, Software Architecture, Team management, Algorithm optimization, Linux, Solr, MySQL, NoSQL, Sentiment Analysis, Spring, Hibernate, Agile methodologies, Python

Work experience

Jun 2015Present

Head of Software Development/VP of Engineering

Buguroo Offensive Security
Head of Software Development/VP of Engineering Helping taking the company to the next level.
Jan 2014Jun 2015

Software Architect

Buguroo Offensive Security
Software Architect Design and develop of reliable software architectures that maximize the company's strengths and minimize risks and threats. Scalable architectures based in Java REST services atop of RDBMS(MySQL) and NoSQL DBS(Mongo, Solr, Redis). Team player and independent contributor in all stages of projects life-cycle.
Jun 2013Dec 2013

Senior Developer

Buguroo Offensive Security
Senior Developer Re-design and code from scratch of the principal" application security" and" cyber- intelligence" services of Buguroo. Develop of the framework in which many of the company developments are based on. Technological stack: Java, String, Hibernate, REST, Tomcat, MySQL, Solr, Mongo, Redis.
Mar 2012Jun 2013

Project Manager-Software Architect

Alma Technologies
Project Manager-Software Architect Technical leader of WebOpinion 2.0. WebOpinion 2.0 it's a completely new tool that allows to manage the Online Reputation of a company, product or person, Responsible of all the software development life-cycle(requirements specification, software design, implementation, testing and deployment). Development of critical parts(solr configuration and optimization, sentiment analysis and machine learning algorithms, scripting,.) Developments in Java, Python, shellscript(back-end) and.NET (front-end). Use of Scrum as software development methodology(technical leader of 8 people team).
Feb 2011Mar 2012

Project Manager-Software Architect

Andanza Technologies
Project Manager-Software Architect Software architecture design and development of EsmeroSurfer, platform designed for automatic mobilization of web contents. Solution deployed in nearly all the countries of South America(with Telefonica), in Russia(with Vimpelcom) and in Indonesia(with XL), supporting hundreds of concurrent requests per node(ICAP protocol). Developments in Java, Javascript and Python. Also in charge of integration, OS tuning and optimizations tasks. Use of Scrum as software development methodology.
Feb 2010Feb 2011

Project Manager

Alma Technologies Project Manager-IT Consultant Hardware and software architecture definition and consultancy tasks. Support to different teams and development of critical software modules and collaboration in different innovative projects:* Design and development of the crawling process and the data processing in WebOpinion. WebOpinion it's a tool that allows to manage the Online Reputation, specialized in the treatment of the Spanish and English language. Also developed algorithms for sentiment measuring, NER, NEE, sentence segmentation, clustering, classification, Solr and Nutch customization, etc.* Design and development of geolocation services(HTML5 + of augmented reality services(REST with JSON in Java + Layar)* Design and development of mobile applications for iPhone and Blackberry.
Aug 2008Jan 2010

It Analyst-Consultant

Paradigma Tecnológico
IT Analyst-Consultant Analysis, design and development of projects related to Web 2.0 and Web 3.0, combined with consultancy tasks. Developments in Java, Perl and Python. Projects related with web scraping, crawling, sentiment analysis, intelligent searching boxes, NEE(Name Entity), NLP(natural language processing), adaptive web, web mining, semantic web, etc. Use of agile methodologies like Scrum and XP. The Web 3.0 department grew from 2 to 15 people while I was working there
Apr 2007Aug 2008

It Analyst-Programmer

Alma Technologies
IT Analyst-Programmer Requirement analysis, design and development of new functionalities for corporate software.Developments related to search engines(crawlers, parsers and indexers) and the Web. Use of Perl and Java under Linux and Windows. Softwares as Lucene, Nutch and Solr were also customized for tasks related to crawling and indexing. Also, some developments related to Web applications were done: HTML, CSS, Javascript, CGI's and webservices
Feb 2006Mar 2007

Research Assistant

Universidad Politécnica
de Madrid Research Assistant(Design and development of libraries and applications in C++, OpenGL and QT4 for the project MOVICON. It's a cross-platform project developed in Linux and optimized for realtime processing. MOVICON is a project designed to monitor a driver of a vehicle by computer vision techniques. The ultimate goal was to develop a system capable of alerting the driver if s/he fell asleep or suffer from any distraction. Other technologies used in the project were QT-Designer, STL libraries, smart pointers, threads and computer vision libraries(libdc1393, Vigra.).



Master of Science (M.S.)

60 ETCS. First specialization: “Language technologies in the Web”.
One subject and thesis left to finish.

Master of Science (M.S.)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
120 ETCS. First specialization: “Programming”,
Second specialization: “Computer architectures”

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Computer Science


Spanish                                  Mother tongue
English                                          Fluent
Portuguese                           Basic