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I'm Roberto, but you can call me Rob. I just move to the UK with my wife, so, if you are searching for SEO professionals in the UK, look at my resume and we can chat if you need someone with my skills. We have dual citizenship and I'm able to work legally in the UK.

In the past 4 years I've been developing my skills on SEO On Page and Off Page, besides that, I've had worked in another area as PPC campaigns, Inbound Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, email marketing and team leadership.

My major focus it's growth hacking SEO to increase organic traffic in short time in a white hat way. Create SEO strategies and campaigns to improve traffic quality and increase organic leads for any type of business. In my last project, I've been able increased 37% of organic traffic in 3 months with On Page SEO strategies, this improved lead generation via organic traffic in 24% with CRO strategies.

Currently, I'm working on a SaaS project as freelance who will increase organic traffic in at least 5x in the next 6 months.

Core competencies:

  • Initial Analysis and audit of websites
  • On Page SEO Strategies 
  • Site hierarchy and architecture
  • SEO documents extremely clear 
  • Technical On Page optimizations
  • CRO optimizations
  • A/B Tests
  • Link Building strategies 
  • Content analysis and optimizations
  • Team Leadership 
  • Advanced Google Analytics and Search Console 
  • Advanced use on SEO softwares: 
  • Inbound Lead Generation 
  • Trainings and Lectures 

Work History


SEO Manager - Growth Hacker


After gathering enough experience I had a chance to work on my own as a Freelancer Consultant. In this time I worked on 2 big projects as an SEO Specialist all around. My duties as manager SEO was from content planning, content optimisation, link building, SEO technical audits, hierarchy, architecture, internal linking. I needed to find opportunities to improve organic performance in all aspects of SEO on page and off the page.

My main project was with a SAAS company which specialises in software for attorneys and governmental sectors. They need to improve the organic traffic and the lead generation from this source. For that project was made:

  • Planning
  • SEO Technical Audits 
  • Content Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitors Analisys 
  • Execution
  • Execute technicals changes
    • Title, Description, H1 H2 tags.
    • Sitemap, Robots.txt
    • 404 errors
  • Content Optimisation
  • Rewrite Architecture
  • Better use of Categories
  • Internal Links Optimisation
  • New Pages to core target Keywords
  • Results
  • In the first 3 months was achieved:
  • 40% more organic traffic
  • 79% less bounce rate occurrence
  • 111,86% more Pageviews
  • Increase of 30% in Lead Generation

This project was a contract project for 9 months and it ended in June 2016.

My latest project is still rolling is for an E-commerce with the focus on new mothers. It's the same planning and execution but started in April 2016 the results still not completed. It will end in August. It's a small E-commerce and will demand less technical Optimisation.


Head Of SEO - Growth Hacker

Resultados Digitais

Resultados Digitais is one of the greatest SaaS companies in Brazil. They are developing their software in large scales. There I worked in the marketing team as Head Of SEO and Growth Hacker to increase the lead generation for organic traffic.

I had a chance to work with a great team who taught me about other areas of digital marketing: Email Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, UX design and teamwork with excellence.

My tasks as Head of SEO was to spread knowledge on SEO with the entire company with training, lectures and helping sales and customer success teams to sell and implant great SEO strategies for their prospects and clients.

As a Growth Hacker in the marketing team, I had the mission to improve our organics results with short time. In about 3 months, I improved the organic traffic in 37% with technical SEO in on page optimizations.

Besides, all that I gave a lecture on a great IT conference called "The Developers Conference". I had the chance to talk to 200 people about SEO optimization and that lecture was broadcast for the entire country.


SEO Off Page Manager

Escale SEO

As an Off Page SEO manager, I worked with a great link builders team. My tasks on this role were recruiting "A" players to my team, create new strategies for Off Page SEO, find opportunities to improve organic traffic for different clients that worked with car insurance and sell wine online for example.

In addition to this task with the team, I analysed rankings, conversions, traffic, filters and funnels for all clients and created internal reports for optimizations and presented for clients the results. One of the clients obtained the first position on google organic for a very competitive (fat head) keyword that increased organic traffic to a key page.

For prospects clients, I had to create BI analysis and show why they needed to work with us and the benefits to investing in SEO Off Page.


SEO Analist

Escale SEO

This was my first opportunity to work with SEO for real. Before that, I had a few jobs with PPC strategies as a freelancer.

My tasks as SEO analyst were writing documents for clients, choosing the best strategy for important pages and landing pages, On Page optimization suggestions for clients, website analysis, competitors analysis and support to dev team of the clients.

I learned to create a great keyword research using software like majestic SEO to find the real difficult for a term to rank on the first page. I learned a lot about link building strategies and my first one was about Broken Link Building using software like BuzzStream, scrapebox and Xenu Link Sleuth.

One of the greatest strategies was On Line Reputation Management.


Operations Manager 

Dry Ice Tech

I worked 5 years in a new technology to industrial companies. I started as machinery operator with 21 years and ended as Operations Manager - New Business Director with 25 years .

Was a great experience and I could make a real difference in a lot of companies, my major tasks was:

  • Business Travel to new clients
  • Great presentations to close deals
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Staff Training
  • Execution Plan

In 5 years I closed deals with companies like: Petrobras, Vale do Rio Doce, GM, Samsung and others.

I received an award for the best green tech process for reducing the emission of CO2 in the atmosphere and increase the oxygen level with this process, besides reducing the cost and time of the previous processes.


Various Cousers

Goobec - Google Adwords Certification, Google Analytics

Mestre Academy - SEO Optimization

ComSchool - E Commerce Manager  


Bachelor of Advertising