In addition to serving as the author of more than 55 successful books in the realm of theology, Robert Morey serves as the Executive Director of the evangelical ministry Faith Defenders. Robert Morey offers his supporters the ability to follow his insights into Christianity, living a Christian life, and other topics through his large number of CDs and CD sets. Some of Robert Morey's CDs include a discussion of the Biblical view of logic (A Course in Logic), the use of sarcasm in the Bible (And God Mocked Them: The Divine Use of Humor and Ridicule in the Bible), comparing Christianity to atheism and agnosticism (Atheism and Agnosticism), and Charles Finney (Charles Finney: The Man, The Myth, The Message). CD sets created by Robert Morey continue to focus on many important issues related to Christianity, such as the two-CD set Assurance of Salvation, the eight-CD set The Attributes of God, the six-CD set The Bible from A to Z, the two-CD set Ethics in a Godless Universe, and the three-CD set A Christian Philosophy of Science. In addition to Christianity, Robert Morey also takes on the topics of Islam, atheism, Roman Catholicism, and the New Testament. One of Robert Morey's most notable series is the five-disc set called Table Talk. In Table Talk, Robert Morey provides his beliefs on topics like the salvation of babies, the Anti-Christ, Calvinism, and what part God played in the Garden of Eden, and man's fall from grace. Many of Robert Morey's CD and CD sets are available on the website, Robert Morey's books, DVDs, and digital downloads are also available on that site.

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 1982 - Present

Executive Director

Faith Defenders