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Robert Kirschten

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MOXIEwriter and producer of a feature comedy film.   Currently in pre-production 2018.

A failed novelist sells his soul to the devil and goes on a raucous adventure: his novel becomes a best seller, he wins a lottery, and he presents a brilliant lecture  for literary drunks --only to realize his idea of success was short-sighted, forcing him into a final confrontation with Satan to win back his soul.

Or:   Dr. Faustus meets Monty Python.       Site:


OLD FAMILY MOVIES: POETRY VIDEO consists of a book of poems plus a 40-minute DVD, with ten videos of poems from the book. The videos are digital movies, consisting of the poet reading his poems accompanied by slideshows, old movie footage from the 1930s, photographs dating from the 1920s through the 90s, and animated text. They are a new form of personal memory, produced by mixing the traditional genre of nostalgic, performed lyric with 21st Century, visual technology.

NIGHTHAWKS & IRISES: POETRY VIDEO on PAINTINGS:  each poem-video centers on a specific pictorial work.  Sample: “River Landscape in Mist with Geese and Flocking Crows,”  Chinese handscroll, ink on silk:  Chao Ling-jan, c. A.D. 1070-1100 (


GOOFY TUNES: COMIC POETRY VIDEO.  40-minute DVD featuring cartoon characters, each of which supports a serious--and silly-- theological position:  Bogey Bear as St. John of the Cross.  All comedy videos. Winner Best Shorts Award of Merit.


Robert Kirschten is the author of James Dickey and the Gentle Ecstasy of Earth: A Reading of the Poems;“Approaching Prayer”: Ritual and the Shape of Myth in A.R. Ammons and James Dickey; and five books of poems, Old Family Movies, Nighthawks and Irises: Poems about Paintings, Chicago Poems, Looney Tunes: A Comic Book of Poems, and Fribble and Wheeze: a post-postmodern Book of Poems.

Kirschten is the editor of Critical Essays on James Dickey, “Struggling for Wings”: The Art of James Dickey, James Dickey: The Selected Poems, and Critical Essays on A.R. Ammons

He has written seven  screenplays in the genre of broad comedy, including HOTEL SCHOOL, BARREL ROLL, CROSSWORD, and TYRANNOSAURUS SEX.

His screenplay HOTEL SCHOOL is winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the Red Wasp Film Festival.  Finalist:  Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival.  First Round Qualifier FilmMakers Intl' Screenwriting Awards.

His screenplay BARREL ROLL is winner of the Best Screenplay Award at Red Wasp and "Best Comedy" screenplay at Woods Hole Film Festival.  Finalist: Gulf Coast Film & Video Festival.

CROSSWORD is Quarter Finalist Creative World Awards Screenplay Contest.  First Round Qualifier FilmMakers Intl' Screenwriting Awards.

He has been elected to "Who's Who in America."

He has written, produced, and performed in four poetry video DVDs:  Old Family Movies: Poetry Video, Chicago Poems: Poetry Video, Nighthawks & Irises: Poetry Video on Paintings, and Goofy Tunes: Comic Poetry Video.

OLD FAMILY MOVIES is winner of Award of Merit:  history/biographical @ Best Shorts Competition.  GOOFY TUNES premiered @ New Media Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Kirschten holds a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago in Poetry and Poetics.

He is Director of Creative Writing at Prairie View A&M University.

His classroom/home study course in poetry video is available at:

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DePaul University

MA and PhD

University of Chicago


  HOTEL SCHOOL, BARREL ROLL: broad comedies.  Both Winners:  Best Screenplay Red Wasp Film                                                                                          Festival BARREL ROLL: broad comedy.  Winner: "Best Comedy" Woods Hole Film Festival. HOTEL SCHOOL, BARREL ROLL.  Finalists:  Best Screenplay:  Gulf Coast Film and Video Festival. CROSSWORD:  murder mystery.  Quarter Finalist Creative World Awards Screenplay Contest.  First Round                                                             Qualifier FilmMakers Intl' Screenwriting Awards .   TYRANNOSAURUS SEX, romantic comedy   HOOPS, sports drama   MOXIE, or I WANNA BE RICH and LIVE in NEW YORK, broad comedy   SLICE RIGHT, broad comedy   ACADEMIC, comedy    
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