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World-class Corporate Learning Authority

Robert Kim Wilson is an expert mentor and thought-leader on the contribution of human cognition to highly successful business. From the CXO suite down to the moment of excellent customer experience -- and all business process and culture in between -- human thinking, motivation, and behavior are the working components that drive the organization. RKW understands how this works in the contemporary global organization, and how to get the most from the hearts and minds of your people.

RKW is a lifelong student of how the collective mind of large business… actually learns and applies its knowledge and skills.No matter how large the organization, business results ultimately come down to … how each and every individual person (the business contributor) learns and acts. RKW calls it "business brains at work".

RKW is a Master Architect of large scale business solutions where corporate learning is a critical ingredient to success. All major change in business involves major amounts of learning (unlearning, re-learning, new learning) on many levels, and usually on a large variety of topics.

For that very reason, the Learning Leadership must be exceptional executive strategists, change agents, and business leaders with a passion to help the organization learn and act. In this light, RKW has a 30+ year track record of outstanding success in critical business development for any size enterprise with major internal or marketplace challenges.

Past Client comments from the Executive Suite:

"Wilson solutions are elegantly simple and intuitively straightforward, even for the largest, most complex challenges."

"Kim's 'Corporate TLC' is money in the bank for continuously driving the business results we need".

"Kim was the first consultant I have met that addresses enterprise knowledge with the dignity of a business case, and the respect of an operational model...his approach commands great credibility and it's easy to see significant value for doing things his way in the 21st Century enterprise."

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Carl Chaffee

"The team should be prepared to work very hard [for Wilson] and to learn from this dynamic leader.”

"Wilson is a divining rod for discovery of hidden wealth within a global organization!"

Joel Berger

"Kim...inspires great loyalty"

Pat Richie

“Kim is one of the most creative thinkers I know. His ability to find elegant solutions to complex problems has served him and his clients well, both in technology and in human systems."

Rhea Cook

“Kim is one of the most courageous thinking men that I have ever known. His corporate vision has created a new way to think about how businesses work and succeed."

"Having had the opportunity to serve Kim and Intelligence-NEXT I learned as much about integrity as I did the Knowledge Supply Chain."

Lowell Trangsrud

"For a guy that is very smart to begin with, Kim is one of the best listeners I know. He hears everything… what you're saying, what you're not saying, and what you mean - regardless of what you said."

David Buczek

“Kim is passionate about building teams of excellent people that achieve great things."

"He has a knack for pulling executive-level people together in a collegial environment where leadership team members can leverage their talents to grow a business with minimal supervision from above."

Bob Thorpe

"Kim was the first consultant I have met that addresses enterprise knowledge with the dignity of a business case, and the respect of an operational model...his approach commands great credibility and it's easy to see significant value for doing things his way in the 21st Century enterprise."

Jim Terzian

"Kim is that gray haired [partially] guy that everyone respects, but also enjoys being around. He has an extraordinary wealth of experience, but he will never force feed you with it. It will kind of come up naturally, especially when you are in the midst of tackling very difficult or challenging problems."

George Ross

"Kim is a world class expert in training, learning, and collaboration."

"Kim quickly gets to nub of the issue and will develop a strategy that gives early returns whilst focusing on the final solution."

David James Clarke IV

“Kim has this uncanny knack for looking at the same business environment the rest of us are watching, yet seeing it in a very different way. His approach to business challenges... offers methods and tools that few have imagined. There is a simple elegance about his solutions, and they work exceptionally well!”

Professional Teaching/Training/Facilitation

Higher Education Teaching Experience

11 Semesters - Adjunct Faculty

Psychology Department Texas Christian University

Taught a variety of credited undergraduate courses on concepts, applications, and methods of contemporary psychology

1 Semester - Visiting FacultyGeneral Practice Group

Texas College Osteopathic Medicine

Taught principles of Human Cognition as applied to medical practice

* Also, 80+ appearances as guest lecturer for higher education events on business, human services, and personal growth.

Other Professional Training & Thought Leadership Experience

  • Led 450+ professional organizational development workshops
  • Authored 120+ original courses and learning events for business professionals
  • Presented 200+ workshops on personal self-development and life skills (private sector)
  • Presented 250+ public presentations on wide variety of professional business/organizational topics
  • Written 160+ major concept and methodology papers in Training, Learning, Collaboration, Leadership, and Personal Self Development

Major Corporate Learning Solutions

Designed and produced six (6) "eLearning" software titles sold commercially in public markets.

Developed and implemented 54 Custom Software Applications produced for individual clients in areas of Training, Learning, and Collaboration. Examples include:

  • Online Help Systems
  • On-the-job, real-time learning systems
  • Training on Disk
  • Distance Learning courses
  • Collaboration web sites
  • Multi-modal learning portals
  • And much more...

Employment History

RKW has had substantial training and corporate learning roles in each of these job positions:

Founder - TLC Mind, San Francisco, CA


Principal – JLA Consulting International, Danville, CA

2008 - 2012

Founder, Co-Owner – Intelligence-NEXT Inc., San Ramon, CA

2006 - Present

CEO – Memex Inc, Vienna, VA

2003 - 2006

CEO – Baseline Development Company, LLC, Danville, CA

1995 - 2003

Founder/President – Knowledge Direct, Inc. Danville, CA

1990 - 1995

Regional Services Manager – ADT Security Systems Atlanta, GA

1982 - 1990


Research Fellow

Texas Christian University

Post Graduate Research at the Institute for Study of Cognitive Systems; on reading comprehension, problem solving, and altered states of consciousness effect on human learning


Texas Christian University

Graduate program on human cognition with minors in research design & multivariate analysis


University California Davis

Undergraduate degree with focus on behavioral research with pre-medicine curriculum