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A successful investment manager with more than 25 years of experience, Robert Justich held management positions for such notable firms as Arthur Young and Company and Merrill Lynch in the first few years after he earned his MBA from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. In 1995, he joined Credit Suisse Asset Management, where he led a team responsible for more than $6 billion in global fixed-income assets. Robert Justich became Managing Director of TimesSquare Capital Management in 1999, and in 2004 he accepted the position of Senior Portfolio Manager for Core and Core Plus Strategies at Bear Stearns Asset Management, where he became Senior Managing Director. Concerned about the impact of illegal immigration on the American economy, Justich commented to several publications that the United States was addicted to the cheap labor supplied by illegal immigrants. Remarking on the complexity of the problem, he also pointed out that simply to deport all such people would have an adverse impact on nearly all Americans, while at the same time, there are major negative repercussions from not enforcing existing immigration laws. In the liner notes for the album Us An’Them, for which Robert Justich was Executive Producer, he also points out that there comes a time when immigrants, documented or otherwise, become American, even if the differentiation between “before” and “after” is not crystal clear. During the album’s production, Justich captured on film many of the world’s greatest musicians who collaborated with jazz pianist Garry Dial and folksinger Terre Roche to record the powerful collection of national anthems. Dial and Roche began the project in the early 1990s as an exercise in musical curiosity – could national anthems be transformed from marches and fight songs to engaging musical pieces? Justich, Dial, and Roche wrapped up work on the album and released it in 2008 under the independent JustDialRoche label. In conjunction with the audio recording, Robert Justich had the production process filmed by accomplished entertainer, storyteller, and videographer Grace Cosgrove; he served as Executive Producer of the resulting film, “Us and Them.” More information about the project is available at

Work experience

Jan 1995Present

Executive Producer

Oct 2003Dec 2007

Senior Managing Director

Bear Stearns Asset Management
Dec 1988Sep 1995

Managing Director

Merrill Lynch


Sep 1980Jun 1982


Rutgers Graduate School of Management