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Work experience

Managing Director

Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd


Mallesons Stephen Jaques, Singapore


Freehill, Hollingdale and Page, Sydney and Singapore

Project Engineer

Bechtel Corporation Jubail Industrial City Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Department of Public Works New South Wales



Bachelor of Law

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Engineering

University of New South Wales


Construction Law and Major Project Work


Born in Australia in the mid-1950s, Robert Geneid has dual degrees in Civil Engineering and Law from the University of New South Wales. He began his career as an engineer with the New South Wales Department of Public Works, where he worked on rural water supply and sewerage projects in NSW and then as a project engineer with the Bechtel Corporation

In the 1980s, Robert Geneid returned to UNSW, this time taking a Law degree. Although his involvement in infrastructure projects continued, it was now as legal counsel with top Australian law firms. While with Freehill, Hollingdale and Page in Sydney, he engaged in projects such as the undersea road in a tunnel constructed under Sydney's world famous harbour and the Darwin Channel Island Power Station, where he acted for the Government of the Northern Territory.

Other infrastructure projects on which Geneid has played a key role include Malaysia's longest gas pipe, the founding of Jakarta's first commercial TV channel, and the development of Taman Tunku Township by Kumpulan Parabena Sdn Bhd, of which Geneid is an Executive Director. An outdoor stadium and a new port, both in Kuching, are other projects in which he has had a hand. The Kumpulan Construction Company, of which Geneid is a Managing Director, completed both projects on time and to budget.

While a partner at Mallesons Stephen Jaques, he was responsible for looking after the firm's clients in construction and other development projects in Malaysia as well as Indonesia and Singapore.

The span of Robert Geneid's business and legal expertise in South East Asia is extensive. He handled the contracts and other paperwork associated with Indonesia's largest coal mine.

Robert Geneid plays an active role in the development of tourism in Malaysia. As well as hotel development, he is on the Board of Directors of Malaysia's main tourist quangos. In this capacity, he promotes ecotourism in the country's Sarawak province with its unique Gunung Mulu National Park, which has since late 2000 been a UNESCO World Heritage Area.

It is in this area of great natural beauty that Borsarmulu Resort Sdn Bhd of which he is the Managing Director, is managing the major renovation and upgrading of the Royal Mulu Resort following the company's decision to have the property managed by the Marriott Hotel Group. Upon completion, the new hotel will be the very first natural resort in the Marriott portfolio of international hotels. Borsarmulu also manages the National Park, which gives Robert Geneid every opportunity to ensure that development work in the resort and the Park is done in keeping with the conservation needs of the area and its inhabitants, protecting the beauty and culture of the country and its peoples.

Robert Geneid resides in Sarawak Province's capital, Kuching along with his wife. When not at work or at home, he is most often to be found on the tennis courts, cycling paths and trekking routes through Malaysian and other regional jungles and areas of great natural beauty with which these countries abound.


Tennis, Cycling, Jungle Trekking

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