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Throughout his career, former Knowledge Investment Partners (KIP) executive Robert Daugherty has collaborated with innovators across higher education and the private sector. As recent past president and CEO of the Jack Welch Management Institute, currently operating through Strayer University, he worked with Mr. Welch, a well known General Electric CEO, to establish a unique new online MBA program. He accepted this position following his eight-year tenure with KIP, through which he served such education maker leaders as Sunburst Technology and Educational Resources, a digital content provider, and industry leading higher education market research group Eduventures.

Robert Daugherty also served as president and CEO of Cognitive Arts, founded by artificial intelligence and cognitive psychology visionary Dr. Roger Schank of Northwestern University's Institute for Learning Sciences. As CEO, Mr. Daugherty oversaw Cognitive Arts curriculum development, design, research and field work. Leveraging his extensive experience and expertise in corporate strategy, Mr. Daugherty led the merger of Cognitive Arts with the National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) of India. Now an advisor to colleges, universities, investment firms and venture capitalists, he combines both fields of expertise as an advocate for integrating emerging knowledge. Also a five-year Fulbright Scholar Specialist, he is engaged in encouraging global collaboration with colleges and universities in Africa and the Middle East.

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Managing Partner

Knowledge Investment Partners


General Electric


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Harvard University