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The current Cleveland County Republican Party Chairman and a small business owner, Bobby Cleveland aims to represent the people of Oklahoma’s House District 20. Running on a platform of true conservative leadership, he advocates for a stronger community through means such as reduction in government spending, support of schools, and improvement of roads. Bobby Cleveland upholds the Constitution and traditional Christian values. He places importance on representing citizens' true concerns, so he encourages comments and feedback on the issues. A native of Capital Hill in Oklahoma City, Bobby Cleveland started his first business not long after completing school. He also worked with Wal-Mart during its early years. In the past 35 years, he developed and expanded his own business, which has manufactured a variety of products for Wal-Mart. An inventor with several patents to his name, Bobby Cleveland also created Physical Performance Health, LLC, a business offering pain-relief products that is FDA compliant, Sooner Relief. Bobby Cleveland has contributed to his local community through his position as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). He represents the interests of children who are in the court system due to drug-dependent and abusive families. He has also acted as a Royal Ambassador leader and a Sunday school teacher at Lexington First Baptist Church and currently is an active member Bethel Baptist Church, in Norman, Oklahoma. Previously, he served on the Lexington School Board and the Cleveland County Excise Board. The father of two sons and a grandfather to eight, Mr. Cleveland lives with his wife in the town of Slaughterville, where he serves as Mayor.

Charitable Activities