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Bob Bury

255 White Oak Drive *Medford, Oregon97504 *541-301-0833 *[email protected]


Accomplished leader with a twenty five year career in increasingly responsible senior level assignments with full P&L responsibilities and a proven record of success in increasing bottom line performance.

Consistently demonstrated an ability to accept challenging assignments, take the responsibility required to lead a team of professionals to implement “change” required to exceed strategic goals.


General Management

10 years senior management experience successfully launching a startup subsidiary for REI, recapitalizing and reorganizing a business unit for the State of Florida, implementing a strategic plan that turned a troubled consumer products company back to profitability.

Supply Chain Management

10 years of hands-on operations experience with emphasis on implementing process improvements in a manufacturing and distribution environment resulting in reduced expenses, increased ROI.

Business Development

15 years of direct sales management targeting National Accounts, OEM opportunities, Federal Government, and associated agencies for a new revenue channel.

Sales Management

15 years experience managing domestic independent sales personnel, and establishing international sales distribution in Western Europe, Asia, South Africa, and Australia.

Sourcing ( Asia)

20 years offshore sourcing experience successfully building relationships, vendor partnerships, joint venture strategic alliance and negotiating manufacturing contracts complete with performance requirements and Quality assurance guidelines which insured results above industry standards.

Product Development

20 years experience leading and participating as a key member in product development programs that have resulted in patents, trademarks, licensing agreements and innovative new products introduction for famous labels, such as; REI, LLBean, Eddie Bauer, Jansport ,Orvis, Roxy, and Payless Shoe Stores.

Merchandising and Marketing

25 years of progressively responsible experience in all aspects of merchandising and marketing with an expertise in direct marketing, Ecommerce, retail merchandising distinguished by rapid growth with brick and mortar retailers.

Work experience

General Manager

Recreational Equipment Inc. (REI)/Walrus, Inc1982-1996

Product Manager/General Manager

With annual sales of $300 million, REI is a diversified supplier of recreational products.Recruited to the position of Product Manager in 1982 as the company’s first “outsider,” my scope of responsibility involved annual sales of $20 million and an average inventory of $6 million.In addition to marketing and product planning, I was responsible for purchasing, packaging and information systems in both retail operations as well as mail order/catalog sales.

•Introduced a brand name marketing strategy that increased product lines sales by 20% with margins of 40%; and,

•Negotiated a strategic offshore manufacturing partnership that provided factory direct pricing and margins of 50%.

Finally, during my tenure as Product Manager annual sales grew from $40 million to more than $250 million. Building on this success, I was appointed General Manager and tasked with starting up a new subsidiary that specialized in the design, manufacture and marketing of a specialty product line for a particular market segment.In addition to strategic planning and operations:

•Personally negotiated an acquisition valued at $2 million for less than $250,000 through use of innovative licensing agreements;

•Increased margins in the company from 8% to more than 39% while taking sales from $550,000 the first year to more than $1.1 million in year two;

•Introduced an exclusive private label program with internationally know brands that led to significantly enhanced incremental revenue; and, importantly,

•Built a company from startup to annual sales of $6.8 million at 39% margins with overhead expenses of less than $1 million.


Senior Vice President

ecosolutions, Intl

Recruited to obtain exclusive representation for proprietary products manufactured in China.Responsible for product development, marketing, business development, and sales strategiesfor correlative products, enriched products and sustainable products, and eco-replacements for Fortune 500 companies.

·Personally, created an Eco-product assortment and developed advanced material replacements for Nike, Quicksilver and Payless Shoe Stores.

·Opened, staffed and managed Shanghai office



Harry and David

Harry & David, Director of Merchandising2000 to 2004

Responsible for directing and guiding development of strategic marketing plans – direct marketing, merchandising, product development and purchasing for $100M+ product line within the Catalog division.Focus on creating, implementing and evaluating marketing programs and strategies including sales growth, market penetration, customer retention, quality image, improved profit margins and market share.Provide leadership to eight cross-functional teams.Manage $100M+ marketing budget.

•Contributed to continuous divisional improvements including: (1) Holiday telemarketing program that resulted in a $2M product sales increase, (2) “We Deliver” program, (3) process improvement that reduced excess Christmas inventory by millions of dollars, (4) marketing up sell program that produced $4.1M increase in incremental sales, and (5) introduction of “For $10 or More” program, generating additional revenues of $1.8M in up sells.

•Reengineered and standardized product offerings, focusing on holding key price points and ascending discounts, driving margin improvements of 4.5%.Initiated an incentive-based “Club Re-Newal” program to increase current customers continued participation or retain customer loyalty.

•Designed innovative, high-performance marketing campaign for QVC to expand market reach, involving exclusive product development, pricing, handling instructions, operational procedures and accounting practices – yielded total order dollars of $225K at 31% margins.

•Participated as a key member of the Brand Strategy Team, IT Steering Committee, Customer Ops projects, and Operations Group.



Northern Outerwear

Developed and successfully implemented a strategic plan that successfully transitioned a manufacturing plant into a sales and marketing organization focused on building a brand.

·Established brand strategies that promoted the Northern Outfitters label complete with newproduct design, proprietary patents, logo, improved advertising creative, and staff for entry into specialty sporting goods market and private label strategic alliance with the military.

·Northern Outfitters’ focus on increased operational efficiency and competitive analysis resulted in 4% increase in sales, 65% increase in gross margin, and a 65% reduction in net losses.



SunDog, Inc

SunDog, Inc., President1996-2000

This $4 million manufacturer of specialty recreational equipment had just posted a new loss of $600,000, lost a major customer, lost additional financing and had an outstanding payable of $800,000 when I was recruited by the Board to direct a turnaround of this troubled organization. Following a complete needs assessment, I moved quickly to re-engineer the management team and manufacturing operation, implement aggressive financial controls, develop a new product line and lead entry into new markets through innovative marketing initiatives.

•Developed and implemented a new strategic plan that led to the transformation of the company to a marketing orientation from that of a manufacturing culture;

•New financing arrangements were negotiated leading to a $1.1 million line of credit and a shareholder conversion of debt to equity was successfully completed;

•New product positioning led to a reduction in inventory of 33% and a 50% increase in average unit price;

•International market entry resulted in more than $1.3 million in new business while important strategic alliances resulted in an additional $1 million in new business; and,

•Offshore manufacturing resulted in a 20% increase in margins, reducing break-even by 40%.

Finally, as a result of my approaching positive cash flow, a 50% gross margin, reduced operating expenses and increased sales, a successful merger was completed.



Bachelor of Science