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A home landscape brings nature into harmony with man’s needs.  Nature adapts plants and animals to the environment.  Man, however, adapts the environment to his requirements.  A landscape design provides public spaces for welcoming guests; functional spaces for dining, entertaining, and recreation; as well as personal spaces for rest, relaxation, and reflection—nature adapted to man’s needs.



Landscape Design and Construction

Hennepin Technical College
  • Third place, Landscape Design Competition, 2007
  • President’s List, 2006–2008
  • ΦΘΚ Honor Society

Electronic Data Processing

Alexandria Technical College

Design and program application for tracking K-12 students with special needs for Minnesota School District 206.



Technical Consultant

Rust Consulting
  • Collaborate with claim administrators defining and creating procedures for notifying potential class action claimants and processing the resulting claims.
  • Assist attorneys manage the thousands of documents pertaining to law suits.

Computer Programmer

International Decision Systems
  • Pioneer development of timekeeping, billing, and accounts receivable application for law firms in the Twin Cities.
  • Design escrow accounting package for a Minneapolis title insurance company.

Computer Operator

SBM Financial Group
    Process, update and maintain checking, savings and mutual fund accounts, loans, mortgages and insurance policies.


  •  Landscape Plan Hand Drafting
  •  CAD:  DynaSCAPE  •  SketchUp
  •  Microsoft Word  •  Excel  •  PowerPoint


Writing Sample



“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Robert Boyd. Mr. Boyd has been a student of Landscape/Horticulture at Hennepin Technical College (HTC) for the past 4 semesters.  The Landscape Design program at HTC is designed to encourage students to think about landscape design and construction systematically, logically, and coherently.  Through this process students are prepared for many challenges that the work environment may bring.  Over the course of the past semesters, I’ve had ample opportunity to assess Mr. Boyd’s intellectual abilities.  In class, he always has intelligent, thought-provoking comments and presents them in clear, precise form.  Not only are his observations always analytically sound, but they contribute greatly to the class discussion in so far as they provoke further reflection upon topics that need to be emphasized.  Not only is his class participation superb, but he received excellent marks on all of his assignments.  Robert has done a great job at challenging himself by taking classes in all parts of our program.  He has completed the required courses including others outside of the degree in order to better prepare him for employment.  As you can see, Mr. Boyd’s performance in the Landscape/Horticulture program was outstanding.  He is an extremely promising student—highly motivated, persistent, and intelligent.  It has been a joy and a privilege to have him in my class.  It is obvious to me that Robert will make an excellent employee in any area of Landscape/Horticulture/Arboriculture.  I believe that Mr. Boyd will be a tremendous asset to your company and to our industry in general.  I highly recommend him for just such an endeavor.”

Jay Siedschlaw, Landscape Instructor, Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park, MN, April 5, 2009


View CAD Plan

A shrub border gives the large sideyard the look and feel of a backyard. Pavers transform the driveway into an attractive patio.

View Hand Draft Plan

A dramatic entertaining area is created by duo terraces in back. Handicapped access is served by a diagonal walkway and establishes a sunny locale to show off favorite roses.