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SpineAbilene is a clinic dedicated to providing comprehensive and multidisciplinary services to patients with spine-related medical conditions. SpineAbilene provides diagnostic services, spine physiatrists, spine therapists, and spinal surgeons in a single facility so that patients can easily acquire all the medical attention they might need. SpineAbilene is considered a Regional Spine Center that manages a team of highly specialized therapists and a consulting surgeon, who utilize clinical protocols to understand and treat particular problems. At SpineAbilene, the consulting spinal surgeon works alongside physiatrists so patients can benefit from the combined expertise to recover from injury or pain without surgery. SpineAbilene aspires to understand the whole source of the neck or back pain in order to effectively address the problem while avoiding surgery. Physiatrists and physicians look at how a patient’s posture, form, and lifestyle may contribute to the pain she or he is experiencing. To ensure patients receive the most thorough medical attention, SpineAbilene strictly abides by clinical protocols, which make certain that no diagnosis will call for unnecessary surgery. Furthermore, the protocols employed by SpineAbilene help patients avoid unnecessary costs and treatments, such as discograms and myelograms, which are often over-prescribed. Committed to providing every individual with optimal health care, SpineAbilene has taken extensive measures to improve its accessibility to residents of Texas. For the convenience of its patients, SpineAbilene has established several clinics throughout the broader Abilene area. Furthermore, SpineAbilene works with individual companies to design occupational health programs to suit the particular demands of the employees at the company. To learn more, visit


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An accomplished physician, Dr. Roberta Kalafut currently serves as a partner in the Abilene, Texas, medical practice of SpineAbilene. Founded in 1998, SpineAbilene is a fully functional Regional Spine Center, offering patients spine-specialized therapy from an expert team of spine physiatrists, spine therapists, and a consulting spine surgeon. Dr. Roberta Kalafut established SpineAbilene in conjunction with her husband, Dr. Edward Brandecker. Dr. Roberta Kalafut received her medical degree from the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Roberta Kalafut completed her post-graduate residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins Hospital and Sinai Hospital of Baltimore, Maryland. During her time as a resident, Dr. Roberta Kalafut was appointed to the position of Chief Resident of the Inter-institutional Residency Program. Prior to entering medical school, Dr. Roberta Kalafut earned her Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Psychology from Youngstown State University. Dedicated to her continued growth as a physician, Dr. Roberta Kalafut maintains active membership in a wide range of medical organizations, including the Taylor-Jones-Haskell County Medical Society, the Texas Medical Association, the American Medical Association, and the Texas Pain Society. Dr. Roberta Kalafut is also an Oral Examiner for the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, as well as Pain Medicine. For three years, Dr. Roberta Kalafut served as President of the Texas Medical Board, the first woman to hold the distinguished position. When she is not busy helping her patients manage their spine-related pain, Dr. Roberta Kalafut enjoys scuba diving and gardening. Currently, Dr. Roberta Kalafut resides in Abilene, Texas.

Professional Organizations

Taylor-Jones Haskell County Medical Society, Texas Medical Association, American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, American Medical Association, International Society for Injection of the Spine, Texas Pain Society

Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA)

During a recent meeting of the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association (TOMA), Dr. Roberta Kalafut was named the organization’s Vice President of District IV. TOMA was created to advance the level of health care received by Texans through the support of osteopathic research and continuing medical education. Members of TOMA include physicians, other medical professionals, students, residents, interns, fellows, and businesses. In order to keep its members informed about the latest developments in the osteopathic community, TOMA supports a number of publications, including The Texas D.O., regular Presidential Newsletters, and NewScope, which contains news briefings from TOMA’s Executive Director. In addition, TOMA provides a Texas Medical Jurisprudence Manual and Study Guide. Among the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association’s many educational opportunities is the Annual Convention in cooperation with the Texas Society of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. This year’s convention featured dozens of prominent speakers, including physicians, lawyers, members of the American Osteopathic Association, and Texas Medical Board members. The five-day event included an exhibition, networking opportunities, advanced coursework, and many professional presentations. Additionally, the Texas Osteopathic Medical Association is dedicated to the legal advancement of osteopathic medicine. TOMA hosts a Political Action Committee that works on local, state, and national levels. Each year, the Committee prepares a detailed report for TOMA’s members, outlining the important political considerations that have arisen, the actions that have been taken, and the ways members have contributed.



Doctor of Osteopathy

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine