Robert Wiebel

  • Milford,  CA
Robert Wiebel

Robert Wiebel Enjoys Traveling and Being outdoors 


An experienced packaging professional, Robert Wiebel began his career at North American Sterilization and Packaging. During his time with the company, he handled the facility’s logistics, dealt with the company’s medical device inventory, and coordination ETO sterilization support for products that were leaving and coming into the facility. Currently, Robert Wiebel serves as director of operations at Econo-Pak in Pennsylvania. Having held this position since 2008, he oversees employees and operations at two separate facilities. He is also responsible for hiring and promoting employees, designing new projects, and making production purchases. Dedicated to staying current with the latest industry trends, he has completed several training courses related to the field, such as the Food Safety and Sanitation training offered by Kraft Foods.

Outside of work, Robert Wiebel enjoys various sports. An avid skier, he also participates in outdoor activities such as fishing and birdwatching. Additionally, he enjoys traveling to new places, where he makes an effort to learn about new cultures, meet locals, and sample local cuisines. An active member of the community, he supports nonprofit organizations such as SCARC.

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2008 - Present

Director of Operations


Charitable Activities

Tay Sachs, Sparta Police Golf Outing, SCARC (Center for Developmental Disabilities of Pike County PA)