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Reads stacking configuration from packing specifications to determine arrangement of cases on pallet. Sets up code date information for product. Observes packages moving along conveyor to identify and detect defective packaging. Stacks specified configuration of cartons or containers on pallet and moves pallet to the pallet wrapper. Wraps and creates a tag for the pallet for storage. Supplies line with packaging materials. Stops equipment to clear jams and informs the Packaging Lead or Supervisor of equipment malfunction. Keeps record of production and equipment performance. Creates a queue table to verify that the barcodes that were generated correspond with tally sheet. Notifies the Lead or Supervisor of any discrepancies. Suggests ways to control labor and supply costs as well as improve processes. Ensures that all work activities are performed with attention to the highest standards for quality, safety and compliance with all appropriate legal and food safety requirements and a focus on continuous improvement. Ensures that all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) are followed. Follows all company policies & procedures as well as the GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices). Maintains a high level of safety awareness for an accident-free work place. Reports any unsafe or hazardous work conditions or safety-related issues to Management. Accomplishes all tasks as appropriately assigned or requested.



Using correct lifting procedures, the palletizer removes each tote from the conveyor belt. * The palletizer reads the load and stop number on each tote, placing all the totes for each stop number on one pallet. * Stops when possible should always be placed on the pallet side by side with the labels facing out. * The palletizer counts the number of totes for each stop, verifying the correct load numbers, and records the number of totes for each stop on the Tote Recap Sheet. * Only one load number is placed on a pallet. Never mix load numbers on one pallet. * Using the pallet jack, the palletizer transfers the pallet to the loading dock, at the correct door for loading. * A palletizer may be required to select several orders, at the onset of a shift. * Palletizer may be required to assist with filling outs or shorts. * Palletizer will report to crew leader during slow periods, and complete any other work assigned. * Communicates with fellow employee's on the selection line to make sure the orders are kept in stop sequence and placed onto the conveyor by load number. * Participates in all clean up activities, which may include, but are not limited to: sanitation responsibilities, mopping, sweeping, dusting, facing and down stacking product, and/or helping out other departments.

Dishwasher, Prep, Line Cook

Wayne, NJ in Brio Tuscan Grille from Role: Dishwasher, Prep, Line Cook Salad Team Leader


Line Cook