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Age has many many that I cannot list them here.  s an American teacher who has lived overseas for several decades, I strive to keep learning relevant, engaging, and student-centered.  Education must foster critical thinking and validating multiple perspectives and humanizing "the other."   producers not just consumers, so they recognize how knoweldge is constructed in order to accept that critial analysis is key to education.  andWhile I have worked at the Jakarta Intercultural School

Work experience

High School Social Studies Teacher

The Jakarta Intercultural School

Sparked critical thinking and a diverse group of learners Theory of Knowledge and 9th and 10th grade common course and Global Perspectives EAL.  Skilled at developing inquiry and skills-based lessons and differentiating for EAL learners. Believes the social studies classroom should be the most exciting room...a place where debate, appreciating multiple perspectives, promoting reflection and keeping the art in the science of learning.

Middle School Social Studies Teacher

The Jakarta Intercultural School

7th grade Geography and 8th grade World History. Harnessed the energy and enthusiasm...and idiosyncrasies of the whole child during his/her pre-adolescent years.  Played various roles of learner, coach, leader, nurturer, focused on building skills and opening eyes to the world around us and the joys and challenges of learning.

Middle School Humanities Teacher

The American School of Kuwait

7th grade Combined English and Social Studies

Middle School Teacher

North Olmsted City Schools

7th grade Social Studies


Masters of Humanities

Duke University
Aug 1991Aug 1992

Learned to think critically and gained the confidence to enter fully the acadmic debate that makes exploring the human experience so exciting; earned an inter-disciplinary graduate degree combining history, literature and religion...all my favorite subjects.

Course Work 30+ Hours

Georgetown University and Washington University

Micro and Macro-economics, global politics, history, government and language courses for pleasure and enrichment during the summer months...better than being a tourist.

Bachelor of Science in Education

Malone College
Sep 1976Dec 1979

Learned the value of hard-work and personal integrity at a Midwestern Quaker college with a low teacher student ratio;  earned an Education degree focusing on social studies instruction.