Robert Roberts

  • Kingsland GA

Information technician submarines, united states navy


  • IT Professional with Cisco CCNA, CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Security+ certifications.
  • Have received training through the Navy involving Cisco Switches, Cisco Routers, Routing Protocols and Interfaces, as well as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Outlook, and related technologies.

  • Have been working with computers on a hardware and software level prior to starting career for the last 10 years.

Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2012 - Present

Information Systems Technician, Submarines

U.S. Navy
  • Designing, installing, operating and maintaining state-of-the-art information systems technology including local and wide area networks, mainframe, mini and microcomputer systems and associated peripheral devices
  • Writing programs to handle the collection, manipulation and distribution of data for a wide variety of applications and requirements
  • Performing the functions of a computer system analyst
  • Operating and coordinating telecommunications systems including automated networks and the full spectrum of data links and circuits
  • Transmitting, receiving, operating, monitoring, controlling and processing all forms of telecommunications through various transmission media including global networks
  • Applying diagnostic, corrective and recovery techniques to all facets of the integrated information systems
  • Maintaining all necessary logs, files and publications at the communications center
  • Providing telecommunications and computer-related training and assistance to a wide variety of personnel.
Jan 2010 - Jan 2012

Software Engineer

  • Software Engineer Development of software for intranet-based business tools for the Network Operations Centers(NOC), field offices, and technical operations within the North East Division with scalability to support integration with cross-divisional and national teams
  • Provide support for Divisional monitoring and reporting tools
  • Lead developer, project manager, training support and front-line support for the Hybrid Fiber-Coax task monitoring tool (HFC Dashboard) written in Node. js, utilizing MySQL and web sockets for real time communication division wide
  • Install, support and maintain development and production servers running on Red Hat Linux Enterprise, as well as the associated database software and programs used throughout the division.

Jan 2009 - Jan 2010

Customer Account Executive

  • Provide support via phone, email and/or instant messaging to identify and troubleshoot a full range of hardware/software issues involving PC's, browsers, e-mail, personal webpages, connectivity/firewalls, routers/hubs and more
  • Talk through and educate customers throughout the resolution process of complications with their high speed internet, cable television, or home phone service
  • Strong, patient communicator able to deal with customers in a productive and diplomatic fashion. Proficiency in Windows and Mac products and a strong background in internet/IP, web browsers, e-mail and other PC operating and connectivity technologies required to best support customers