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An experienced and senior professional with an excellent track record in business development, marketing, sponsorship, sales and client/customer relations.Transforming strategic sales and market strategies to reality, increasing revenues in emerging markets and leveraging mature business environments.

Areas of experience
20+ years in sales and marketing
14+ years as an professional in conferences, events, sponsorship and exhibitions
8+ years in publishing sector
•  Concept and business development and implementation
•  Market research and project management
•  Sponsorship
•  Strategy Management
•  Sales Management
•  Marketing Management

• Working at/for companies with great and long term ambitions
• Working close to business and customers
• Working with creative people

Personal characteristics
•  Analytical
•  Trustworthy
•  Excellent networker

I have one of the largest "fika" blogs in Sweden - Robbans bästa

Work Histsory

Jul 2013Present


Robbans bästa

ika is Swedish for a coffee break that’s more about socialising than drinking coffee. It is a social phenomenon, a legitimate reason to set aside a moment for quality time. Fika can happen at any time, morning as well as evening. It can be savoured at home, at work or in a café. It can be with colleagues, family, friends, or someone you are trying to get to know. It is a tradition observed frequently, preferably several times a day.

Robbans bästa is today one of Sweden's largest fika blogs with the ambition to inform about cafes, pastry shops, bakeries and coffee bars and everything else belonging to the Swedish fika culture. On the blog you will also find interviews, guides and tests. Robbans bästa is often quoted in the Swedish media when it comes to fika-related issues. Infotainment is the catchword for my blog and Instagram.

✪ Jury member: Swedish Food Blog Award 2016 and 2017
✪ Jury member: Stockholms Best Chocolate Cake 2017
✪ Bookatable Top 40 Food Blog Sweden 2015 
✪ Swedish Food Blog Award Winner 2015, Category: Honour Award 
Matbloggspriset is Scandinavia's oldest blog award and every year the prize is awarded to the most interesting food and beverage bloggers in Sweden. The award ceremony took place at the largest food fair in Sweden, Sthlm Food & Wine (former Mitt Kök).

Jul 2012Jun 2015

Partner and Co-Founder

F2F Kommunikation

F2F Kommunikation was an agency specialized in new or existing B2B events in Sweden. We offered our clients lead-generating activities through seminars, conferences, roundtable discussions, market research and reports. We brought B2B brands to life, LIVE.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Company strategy, vision, mission and strategic positioning
✪ Business plan & sales strategy development
✪ Forecasting and Budget Management
✪ Project plan and Revenue/Cost Budget
✪ Research & Analysis of Future Business trends
✪ Collaboration with Strategic Business partners
✪ Created segmented lead-nurturing campaigns tailored to engage specific audiences
✪ Created Business driven Meeting places with top executives in the private and public sector

Jun 2010Jun 2012

Project Manager / Specialist

Dagens industri

Dagens Industri is the largest business paper in Scandinavia. Every week Dagens industri's products reach 1,300,000 individuals - management people, entrepreneurs and other decision makers but also people with a high interest in business, shares and the stock market. I was recruited by Dagens industri to build up a new business unit within the Di-group, Di Conference. Along with my two colleagues from the business magazine Affärsvärlden, we created a turnover of SEK 10 million (SEK 20 million with the Gazelles) and a profit margin of 24% within one year. We were the founders of the conferences Di Bank, Di Insurance, Di Energy, Di Cash & Treasury, Di Fin Tech and Di Strategic IT.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Worked out a business plan with strategies and processes for a functioning department
✪ Financial management, reporting, forecasting, analysis and profitability breakdown
✪ Identification of high-growth conference topics and concepts
✪ Structure of invoice routines, marketing with layout and design, website, brand work with graphic profile, revenue models for participants, sponsors and exhibitors
✪ Creation of sponsorship and exhibition packages
✪ Developing, launching and executing effective sales strategies to ensure all revenue generating - opportunities was fulfilled
✪ Relationship building internally, mainly between the editorial and advertising department
✪ Architect of tailored events from concept to packaging and pricing
✪ Responsible for 71.2% of the department's sponsorship sales
✪ Sponsorship sales of Di Gazelles
✪ Effective key account management of sponsors throughout the event cycle, building strong relationships and fulfilling contract terms above sponsors’ satisfaction
✪ Responsible for identifying and establishing relationships with meeting facilities
✪ Recommend conceptual ideas in line with corporate strategy, marketing and brand requirements
✪ Reporting to Division Manager

Feb 2010Jun 2010

Business Development

Talentum Media AB

Talentum Media AB is a subsidiary to the Finnish media group, Talentum Oyj. Together the two companies form one of the largest specialist publishing houses in the Nordic region. The parent company, Talentum Oyj, is a noted on the main list of the Helsingfors stock exchange. In Sweden, Talentum publishes the following products: Affärsvärlden, Ny Teknik, Lag & Avtal, Arbetarskydd and Dagens Media. I worked as a business developer within all of Talentum's brands.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Defining strategic direction
✪ Identifying profitable business for all brands (short and long term objectives)
✪ Enriching customer relationships
✪ Fostering enhanced principal/partner relations
✪ Determine market trends, competitive analysis whilst formulating effective strategy according to shifts in the marketplace
✪ Reporting to CEO

Nov 2005Feb 2010

Head of Business Development Seminars

Talentum Media AB

Talentum Media AB is a subsidiary to the Finnish media group, Talentum Oyj. Together the two companies form one of the largest specialist publishing houses in the Nordic region. The parent company, Talentum Oyj, is a noted on the main list of the Helsingfors stock exchange. In Sweden, Talentum publishes the following products: Affärsvärlden, Ny Teknik, Lag & Avtal, Arbetarskydd and Dagens Media. I worked primarily with Affärsvärlden, Sweden’s largest and most respected business magazine and one of the most important sources of economic analyses. I was involved in building up Talentum Events business from the start 2004/2005. We created a number of conferences for example Affärsvärlden Bank & Finans Outlook with 250-300 senior participants and about 20 sponsors and exhibitors each year.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Identifying new business opportunities and developing new concepts
✪ Forecasting and Budget Management
✪ Sales strategy development
✪ Created a numbers of tailored seminars
✪ Responsible for developing relationships with key clients
✪ Manage the entire sales process (prospect, qualify, proposal, negotiate and close) and work effectively with other functions within the business as well as other departments
✪ Created a new platform where journalists met their readers LIVE
✪ Strategic innovator of new ideas and initiatives. Designer and builder of business processes to achieve strategic goals
✪ Business intelligence and Business Development - to keep an eye on competitors and to create ideas for new events
✪ Maintained existing and developed new customer relationships with regional and international sponsors
✪ Architect behind the cooperation with International Data Group (IDG, the world's leading technology media, events and research company) and the profitable conferences Bank 2.0 and CIO+CFO
✪ Member of Affärsvärlden Management Team 2009/2010
✪ Member of Ny Teknik Management Team 2009
✪ Reporting to Event Manager Scandinavia

Oct 2003Nov 2005

Business Development Manager

Digital Devotion

Digital Devotion was one of the top digital media agencies in Sweden specializing in online digital media solutions, such as Internet advertising, mobile-phone applications, search-engine marketing and much more.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Sales & Business Development
✪ Digital Media Buying
✪ Digital Media Planning
✪ Digital Strategy
✪ Analytics
✪ Digitising Comms Planners and offline media teams
✪ Creating digital strategy as well as connecting digital with other media channels
✪ Identifying media trends and creating and incubating tools and products that exploit them
✪ Reporting to CEO

Mar 2001Jun 2003

Chief Marketing Officer

RBG Europe / OPENavigators AB

Management consulting firm. Business process and leadership. OPENavigators (former RBG, RummlerBrache). Rummler-Brache Group pioneered the process revolution.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Creating and driving the change communication needed for the business unit
✪ Preparing communication packages and campaigns including message platform based on brand, vision, values and solutions
✪ Establish and drive end-to-end solution marketing plans with branding as base
✪ Plan and lead the implementation of new offering launches according to business group prioritization
✪ Marketing collaboration with technology partners and alliances
✪ Develop, implement common, processes and KPIs
✪ Created lead generation seminars
✪ Create and execute a marketing plan
✪ Contributed to the implementation of a new brand together with the brand agency Landor Associates
✪ Member of Coorporate Leadership Team
✪ Reporting to CEO

Feb 2000Feb 2001


Hagakure Interactive

Hagakure Network was specialized within headhunting and recruiting. Hagakure Interactive was a technology development company concerned with the development of an interactive tool to be used for human resources departments.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Created a business plan
✪ Collaborated with a venture capital firm
✪ Built and developed key relationships with external partners
✪ Business Development
✪ Marketing and sales activities
✪ Forecasting and Budget Management
✪ Recruited two colleagues
✪ Planned strategic initiatives, define goals and implemented effective long-term business plans to drive business results
✪ Reporting to Owner

Mar 1996Feb 2000

Sales & Sponsorship Director

Institute for International Research (IIR)

The Institute for International Research Group (IIR) was an independent, privately-held company with an international network of offices located in 38 countries. The company was a world leader in business conferences, training/consultancy, trade exhibitions and business information/knowledge transfer. The group was acquired by Informa in 2004 for US$1.4 billion. I was recruited as Sponsorship Manager, promoted to Sales Coach and then Sales Director Sweden. At that time IIR had one hundred employees who arranged over 300 B2B-conferences and seminars yearly in Stockholm. Responsible for nine colleagues that I was very proud over and together we created fantastic sales results.

Representative Achievements/tasks:
✪ Planning, forecasting and budgeting
✪ Research and planning of new conferences in cooperation with Division Managers and Project Managers
✪ Mobilized various sales channels to generate business demand for the team
✪ Developing, launching and executing effective sales strategies to ensure all revenue generating opportunities are fulfilled
✪ Line management including training, coaching, mentoring, team development and performance review
✪ Best Sales Team of the Year 1999
✪ Sponsorship Guru Events: Tom Peters, Robert S Kaplan, David P Norton, Jack Trout, Gary Hamel, Mark McCormack
✪ Member of Management Team
✪ Reporting to CEO Sweden and Head of Sales Development EMEA