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Throughout my 18+ year career, I have created technology solutions for over 10,000 residential and commercial clients. One of only 5% of all technology consulting firms to provide custom integration services, converging audio and video with computer technology to create an enhanced experience in your home or business. No matter the magnitude of the project, my approach is always tailored to the individual needs or concerns of my clients. Whether an upscale dining concept, multi-site commercial operation or a 12,000 sq. ft. custom home, I bring in-depth industry knowledge and a unique problem solving approach.

I delight in assisting families with common technology needs—backing up important keepsake photos, transferring programs and data to new laptops, as well as upgrading network/WiFi equipment. Offering a full-range of services from desktop and mobile support to remote control programming and surveillance systems as well as start-to-finish custom automated audio/visual design and installation.

I orchestrate and execute all the details so you don’t have to - including product research and ordering, appointment scheduling, proper installation, vendor relationships, and follow up. I have a proven track record of reliably completing assignments ahead of schedule and under budget, saving my clients tens of thousands of dollars while delivering peace-of-mind. If you or your company are looking for a well-respected professional to fix, streamline, or design any electronic solution, ask me how my expertise can bring your technology dreams to reality.

Systems Approach to Problem Solving
► Depth of Knowledge and Diagnosis
► Fully Integrated IT & Advanced Automation

Key Skills: Solves the unsolvable ● Impeccable integrity ● Masterful at vendor & outsource management ● High level of communication ● Exceptional client retention ● Strategic focus ● Superior attention to detail ● Proposes and accomplishes timelines based on specific project parameters ● Makes complex issues simple ● Approaches everything with a beginner’s mind

Work experience



Command-A Consulting

■ Distinctly equipped to orchestrate residential or commercial developments from concept to completion with a highly experienced team.
■ For nearly two decades has supplied exemplary service for any size budget. A master at budgeting the right amount for the right job, has negotiated and coordinated small projects to $3M+ custom buildouts.
■ Deftly streamlined AV and technology systems for numerous luxury residences as well as high-profile commercial organizations such as Chinook Tavern, The Kitchen, and Tax Law Solutions.
■ By adhering to strict codes and parameters for all electrical and low voltage requirements, provides proper functionality from day one.
■ Renowned for doing the job right the first time, knows to look for what other people miss. Never assumes to know the answer before thorough investigation. Called in to one company’s operation after an 18 month issue had cost them nearly $165K in lost revenue and wages, and within 15 minutes identified the issue and crafted the solution.
■ Called in to save the day when an existing vendor was fired 7 days prior to a widely publicized, multi-million dollar grand opening. In that period, reconfigured the failing system, replaced all equipment, and successfully averted the severe financial and public impact of a failed opening.
■ Often brought in where others have failed, offering a quick assessment, diagnosis, and solution to IT infrastructure/programming problems – once resolving in less than 24 hours one restaurant’s systemic functional problems after weeks of interruption.  Over 50% of existing business is correcting other people’s mistakes.




■ Reputation for getting clients back up and running 200% faster than other specialists.


Bench Repair Technician

MAC Outlet

IT Consultant

AeroGrow Intl.

■ Independent consultant to this firm while it was still in the start-up phase responsible for the phone system, computers, networks, ISP connectivity, servers, backup and strategic planning.


IT Director

Renaissance Inc.[

■ Responsible for delivering technology for a rapidly growing business from start-up to $80M annual revenue. This included the 12 servers, Ayaya phone system, and numerous T-1 backbone connections between remote sites and the internet.

■ Managed a team of technicians including database programmers, supporting up to 80 desktop users at time.

■ Handled multi-building network infrastructure.

■ Monthly budget, not including special systems, was $25,000 for equipment purchases and upgrades. Required to maintain redundant mirror databases on separate hardware, backing up all servers nightly to a roboticized tape library and the entire tape library was switched weekly for offsite storage and immediate server data secured offsite nightly after end of day processing on the database.

■ Maintained a $300K annual budget for equipment and $350K payroll for the team.

■ Ran daily commissions of thousands of paychecks for field personnel around the United States worth approximately $250K.



Naropa University


Complex Trouble Shooting
Streamlined Project Management
Cost Containment
In-house Systems Optimization
Process Simplification
Commercial and Residential IT Expert