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product management

nov 2018nov 2018

Web Development Bootcamp

Lighthouse Labs
Nov 2015dec 2015


project management

Jira, ZenDesk, Trello, 


Sinatra, Ruby On Rails


HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby


SQL, SQLite3, PostgreSQL

Work experience

Technical Support team lead

oct 2017present
  • Oversee day to day operation of the Technical Support Team
  • Help build and maintain processes to triage and solve customer issues; report and track bugs; and manage customer incident communication.
  • Act as liaison between Product and Customer Support, providing insight on common customer issues and communicating upcoming product releases to the Support team 

Technical support coach

mar 2017oct 2017
  • Triage and solve escalated customer support tickets
  • Use defined process to track and report bugs
  • Provide additional support and insight for the General Support team through Slack and in person interactions
  • Build and maintain a strong foundational knowledge of the product in order to provide quality support on a large variety of customer issues. 

Service support coach

mar 2016mar 2017
  • Assist customers with general support issues via phone, live chat, and email. 
  • Build and maintain a strong general knowledge of the Unbounce product


Avicenna Natural Products
Feb 2015Oct 2015
  • Responsible for daily running of wholesale business supplying natural medical products to clinics and naturopaths.
  • Receiving, dispensing, processing and shipping orders
  • First and only point of contact for all customer service. Responsible for maintaining a good relationship with customers and solving any customer service issues that may have arisen.
  • Keeping inventory and ordering stock materials
  • Managing email lists through MailChimp
  • Keeping records with MS Excel

Interior finisher

Aquaproof Restorations & Centra restoration
nov 2007jan 2015
  • Lead a team of 3 - 5 people responsible for completion of drywall, taping, and painting on various construction job sites. 
  • Ordering and maintaining inventory of materials to ensure completion within budget and on time. 
  • Scheduling work to be completed within residential units, keeping aligned with work being done by other teams. 

Co-founder & Co-ordinator

SAFEFEST Music Festival
Jul 2013Aug 2013
  • Designed, constructed, wrote all copy for SafeFest online presence.
  • Wrote and distributed press releases using Microsoft Word and MailChimp
  • Created and implemented festival public relations campaign resulting in coverage by the Huffington Post, Georgia Straight, Exclaim! Magazine, and the Vancouver Sun.
  • An acting spokesperson for event press interviews
  • Organized festival logistics. Including booking venues, bands, organizing volunteers and setting up press opportunities.


Currently: Leisure Club
  • Working within a larger team to achieve planned goals in an efficient and organized manner. 
  • Building and developing ideas in a collaborative environment.
  • Social media marketing - Organizing and implementing social media campaigns to promote various events and releases.
  • Giving interviews aimed at promoting various events.
  • Developing an online brand and fanbase that is consistent and aimed at consumer interaction.