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Robert Afnani

Sr. Cyber Security & Cyber Asymmetric Warfare Penetration Analyst & Consultant, Cyber Policy, White "Grey" Hat Hacker

Work experience

May 2015Present


Bitcoin Global Reserve, PLC.
Much like the U.S. Federal Reserve, Bitcoin Global Reserve, PLC. or BGR, PLC. is a public-limited company/crypto-currency bank/vault, composed of a large team of "Ethical Hackers" utilizing only the best and most current standards in Cyber Security protocols to protect all "investor", or simply depositor's, Bitcoins, for the future. Since there is a finite amount of Bitcoins globally (41 million to be mined by the year 2040), BGR projects an exponential growth opportunity for the world's first digital, encrypted, and widely-accepted crypto-currency. As demand for gold continues to decrease as companies such as Intel and AMD are innovating new nano-tech micro-processors without the need for gold as a "super-conductor" anymore, the value of gold as a reserve currency is projected to plummet by BGR over the course of the next 5-10 years. Investors of BGR will earn a monthly interest percentage on their deposits into BGR, as to be determined by a board of directors. Just like fiat banks, the amount and options you choose (regular savings, CDs, etc.) for your Bitcoins will also determine the interest you will receive. Early adopters of BGR will also receive major "referral" incentives to invite friends and family to deposit their Bitcoins into BGR, PLC. As a public-limited company, every investor into BGR "bank" will have part stake in the company, again, determined by an algorithm which analyses the amount and length of time an investor locks in their Bitcoins with our "bank". Load-balancing servers both on the Clearnet and Dark Net around the world will allow the site to survive intense traffic (as well as hardware anti-DDoS protection, an active, 24/7/365 monitoring team of some of the Internet's best and famous hackers, etc.). All investments into BGR will be immediately printed out onto a 5"x 5" piece of paper with your personal QR "wallet" code and deposited into an off-line safe(s) around the world, with banks that we have established relations with.
Aug 2014Present


Crypto Global Fund, FLP.
The CGF (Crypto Global Fund, FLP.) is a quasi-public (currently private), open-ended investment fund that invests exclusively in Bitcoin and the many hundreds of "Alternative Coins" (ALTs or Alt-Coins, for short, which are similar in many respects in "theory" relative to Bitcoin); the Fund derives its revenue solely from the intrinsic value of respective Alt-Coins across multiple exchanges (using such techniques as market manipulation, "insider information", working with coin developers directly, strong partnerships with other industry market-movers, creating hype and/or promoting/marketing specific coins that we see financial potential as well as technological innovation in, etc.). Our service/fund enables investors to gain exposure to the price movements of Bitcoin/Alt-Coin exchanges, without the challenges of buying, selling, researching, and safekeeping Bitcoins/Alt-coins from malicious individuals, without the need to learn a single technical thing about the Bitcoin/Alt-Coin exchange world, which is continually growing, innovating, and blossoming industry, and is still in its early growth/mainstream acceptance/accumulation/usage stages (overall and in general). Our techniques for financial success may be deemed ruthless and/or lacking ethics/morality by some, but in a "wild west", unregulated digital "gold rush" of sorts, these practices are commonplace, and if you do NOT in some way utilize at least one of our handful of "tricks", you are bound to fail. We abide by ALL state and federal laws, and are NOT, technically, a security by any means, nor claim to be. Should any federal laws regarding Bitcoin (and the Alt-Coin exchange) be implemented in the future (i.e. by such organizations as the SEC, FBI, or IRS), then we will change our tactics as necessary, and adapt to the times.
Oct 2013Present

Cyber Warfare Infiltration and Penetration Analyst And Foriegn Operative

Other Government Agency
Provide current and evolving methods, techniques, and data pertinent to Cyber Warfare and Security on the Internet/Clearnet, Dark Web/Undernet/Invisible Web/Deep Web, and other "forms" of Internet protocols mutating worldwide for personnel to utilize/weaponize as necessary. Other information regarding this position cannot be publicly provided, PM me for more information if needed.
May 2013Present

Senior Multi-Discipline Cyber Security, Forensics, Penetration, and Encryption Specialist

Undisclosed Internet Company
Private firm with a focus on systems, sensitive information, high-value military data encryption/protection, and insertion of false quasi-"clones" of what would be sensitive data, but is actually misinformation disguised as top-secret information, with the end goal being to make hackers think they've got their hands on what they've been hacking for, when in fact these "clones" are hampered by would could be construed as "genital markers" which make the data completely useless. The WWW continues to be an evolving threat; the world-wide cyber war has become a clear indicator of war/revolution weeks if not months or years before actual war could outbreak between nations.
Aug 2012Present


Afnani Enterprises, Inc.
The umbrella company and compilation of any and all (both online and offline) of Afnani Media, LLC. and other private web properties, as well as offline subcompanies and subsidiaties, including venture capital funding, and as of late, CGF (Crypto Global Fund, FLP.).
Jun 2009Present


Afnani Media, LLC.
Utilize advanced grey-hat cyber security techniques which will allow your small company or even large multi-national corporation to be multiple steps ahead in the prevention of hacking/counter-hacking by identifying loopholes and effectively closing them, or should the cyber attackers actually penetrate your classified/s/ts data, identification of those involved in the "chess game" of the cyber-attack WILL be accomplished. There is no way to leave absolutely no footprints in the WWW, even a stray hair or sample of dead skin (metaphorically) will give me the "DNA", and allow me to find the perpetrators in a timely fashion. Further, we offer an assortment of skills ranging from web design and likewise programming to project management to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), marketing (standard IAB or viral), and branding/product-alignment to cyber/network security, and much more.
Oct 2007Present

Partner Owner

Crave Online Media, Inc.
Operated multiple very high-traffic entertainment/media websites and despite the recession and falling advertising rates, came up with new, innovative techniques for great RoI for my advertising customers as well as continually posting traffic growth and increased net revenue.
Oct 1990Present

CEO/Owner/IT and Cyber Security Systems Analyst/Consultant

Universal Computer Resources, Inc
Provided and still provide an assortment of IT-based solutions in addition to consulting for many small to mid-cap IT firms. Ensured the safety of the company's sensitive files and trade secrets on multiple occasions; found predecessor's security loopholes and effectively plugged them and more with minimal company spending on new infrastructure.


Aug 2008Jan 2011

Computer Science

The Citadel, Military College of South Carolina


Cyber Warfare, "Grey" Hat Hacker

System(s) Administration

Penetration Testing

Project Management

Internet Entrepreneur

Network Securty

Cyber Security