Robel Alazar

  • Stockholm, Sweden, SE
Robel Alazar



I am 32 years young financial professional that have been in the industry since 2002.

Banking is not just a profession its a passion.

Customer Operations Manager Sweden

Customer Operations are and have been going through a tough period of time. Regulations, tax reporting, revisions and much more. With everything coming their way there is also a need of decreasing manual processes and be a part of projects concerning Abasec, CRS, the handling of estates, webpage, our forms etc etc. To make this possible  without being less scalable we have to be become more efficient. We have to find the processes that take too much of our time, educational gaps and increase the cooperation between departments.

With my background in processes, tax reporting, regulations, Abasec and Nordnet I think I am the ideal candidate for this assignment.  I really believe I can revolutionize the entire Customer Operations not just the Swedish department. In my eyes Customer Operations is a rough diamond with tremendous potential.

In my role as Tax & Year-end coordinator I have worked closely with Customer Operations I have a good picture of the processes and educational needs that we have there. I would like to introduce Excel macros, "anythinggoes"-methods and reconciliation in Qlikview to increase both quality and efficiency in the department. As I mentioned before I think there is a need for the entire CO and not just the Swedish department. Even though this position is for Sweden I think its a huge strength for CO to have a person with my solid background both in my skill and my knowledge of Nordnet.

This is of course what I have seen from my current position and I believe we will find more processes or educational needs to work with.

Finally I would like to say that the team today consists of competent people that I believe will thrive under me.





Being a leader or to lead comes naturally to me. I love inspiring people and I do it with great passion. My main experience as a leader has been as a football coach for an elite senior team that currently plays in division 4. At Nordnet I have had informal roles in my three past positions.


I have worked in the financial industry since 2002 and I am very mature in Economics and the stock market. I have a soft spot for Macro economics.


Excellent knowledge in Statistics and the application of it. Academic degree level.

Tax reporting

Nordic responsibility for tax reporting at Nordnet Bank



Basic knowledge in SQL but very good knowledge of the Abasec database. I have worked in the database on a daily basis for the past year.


An Abasec rockstar.



Communicating is key in every relation without communication there is no relation. To be successful in my current position as Tax & year-end coordinator I had to develop very good communication skills. But my goal is to be an excellent communicator.



Have worked professionally in excel for the last decade. I have held educational sessions at Nordnet and in past employments



Work History

Work History
Oct 2013 - Present

Tax & Year-end Coordinator

Nordnet Bank AB

Responsible for tax reporting in the Nordics. The position requires very good communication ,leadership skills and authority. Being responsible without any resources is tough and its important to get everybody on-board and seeing your picture. The year-end is a very big project at Nordnet and I have got to know a lot of people. That and growing as a leader has been the best parts of it so far.

Jan 2012 - Sep 2013

Clearing & Settlement

Nordnet Bank AB

At C&S i worked with the International and Swedish markets. The work assignment was mostly reconciliation, registering trades and clearing. But due to my experience I acted as an informal leader and was the go-to-guy. This time in my career was all about efficiency and structure and I am very happy with the results we achieved.

Aug 2009 - Jan 2012

Stock Broker

Nordnet Bank AB

Worked as a broker for the American and German markets. The work was a done in solitary and could at times be very fast paced and required me to take tough decisions at the spot. It was hard at times but I learned to make decisions on my own and trust my instincts. The job also meant creating a schedules, educate and helping the rest of the team.

Jan 2007 - Aug 2008

Structured Products

Nordnet Bank AB

My first position at Nordnet was in the at the time newly-founded Structured products department. Back then the setup was different and we did everything from answering customer calls, registering orders, talk to brokers, product education within the organization, clearing & settlement etc etc. It was a fantastic time and I have never learned so much in such a short time.

Nov 2002 - Dec 2006

International Payments


The main duty was to register and control payments to the whole world. The department was an internal service department and our customers were the customer offices. During the last year I was involved in a project to outsource the handling of payments to the customer offices. During that time I spent my time educating different SEB employees and offices in order to ensure that the knowledge was passed on.


Feb 2008 - Present

Swedsec  license

Nordnet Bank
2008 - 2011

Kandidatprogrammet i Nationalekonomi & Statistik

Stockholms universitet / Stockholm University