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Extra-Curricular Activities

Cross Country

Varsity 1 year/ 2012


JV 1 year, went to varsity later in season/ 2012

Varsity 4 years/ 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015


2012- Most Improved JV player

2014-Coach's award

2014-AAA award

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Secretary Officer of club

Interests and Community Service

Community Service-

Kaiser Hospital- I volunteer at Kaiser Hospital in Allied Gardens and have been doing it for several months now. I show people around, help people throughout the hospital, and discharge patients from their rooms.


I started playing volleyball in freshman year and have loved it ever since. I have made many new friends every year and I love playing it.


I have loved reading ever since I learned how to do it . The genres that interest me most are fiction and fantasy. I like to read series of books more often than individual books. 


Work experience



Valhalla High School

GPA- 3.97, Rank: 70 of 510/ SAT Score: 1810, ACT Score: 27

Academic Schedule:

12th Grade

AP Literature, AP Government/Economics, AP Environmental Science, Saga/Student Newspaper, AP Statistics

11th Grade

AP Language and Composition, Ap U.S. History, Pre-Cal 1C/2C, AP Biology, Construction Technology

10th Grade

AP World History, Honors English, Chemistry 1C/2C, Spanish 5H/6H, Honors Algebra II, Photography

9th Grade

Honors English, Pre-AP World History, Spanish 3H/4H, Honors Geometry, Biology, P.E.