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Robb Thompson serves as the Pastor of Family Harvest Church, a Chicagoland-based ministry he founded in 1981 as a Bible study group. As the head of a rapidly growing church body, Robb Thompson addresses a diverse set of needs among his congregation, particularly issues affecting young people. Thompson developed the Children’s Church as a set of religious education methods designed to meet the challenges of teaching Biblical beliefs to a generation of young people overexposed to stimulation by new technology. This ministry includes programs such as bonding over board games, musical performances by young people during Children’s Church Praise, theater productions, and puppet shows. In addition, Robb Thompson has created Character Camp to assist children in learning to put God first in their lives. Robb Thompson also believes in the necessity of children participating in the ministries themselves, and he has instituted groups such as Dance, Choir, Helps Ministry, and Prayer Team. For teenagers, Robb Thompson has developed the YMAD program, which was founded according to the five topics of Spiritual Enhancement, Character Building, Relational Ethics, Training in Human Behavior, and Personal Development. Finally, Robb Thompson introduced the School of Performance as a venue for young people to develop artistic skills as part of ministry outreach activities. In addition to his work with Family Harvest Church, Robb Thompson serves as the International Co-Chairman of The Gabriel Call. This ministry is dedicated to raising funds for local ministries by training entrepreneurs to reach out to the business community. Robb Thompson has set the call of recruiting over one million contributors with The Gabriel Call by 2025 to work for global evangelism.

Work experience


Jun 2004

Doctorate of Theology

Life Christian University