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I have been working for more than 10 years as a Fitness  trainer which has allowed me to follow many athletes over the years in several parts of the world and allowed me to help a lot of people who had as their main purpose to become better in their daily activities , willing to invest time and work in my professional skills in order to achieve their goals. I have also had the opportunity to work in a lot of different companies which have given me the skills and knowledge to handle all kind of situations and multicultural environments. I believe we are always in constant evolution and  the challenge of improving every day has become my purpose in life.


Nov 2017

Precision Nutrition Coach

The Precision Nutrition Certification is your springboard to a deep understanding of nutrition, the authority to coach it, and the ability to turn what you know into results.

Nov  2016

Exos Performance Specialist  

 Since founding in 1999, EXOS has become a leader in proactive health and performance, trusted by elite athletes, the military, and innovative companies worldwide. Our focus has always been on elevating others and sharing what we’ve learned in the process. Our education team shares our philosophy, practices, and methodology through in-person and online educational experiences.

Oct 2010Sep 2013

Master Dregree in High Performance Sports Training

Faculdade De Tecnologias e Humanidades Lusófona- Lisbon

I have studied over three years the real needs of professional athletes, and how to organize , plan and implement training systems to improve their performance during competitions . I also learned how to organize and structure a sports-team and how to be able to keep these athletes in high competitive levels.


Bachelor of Science in Physical Education

University of Londrina-Paraná-Brazil

Work experience


Personal Trainer- Berlin-Germany

McFIT Global Group GmbH

Feb 2016Feb 2017

Personal Trainer - Berlin-Germany

Fitness and Friends

After a year working in Berlin I decided to seek a space where I could apply my own methodology of work and my system to manage my clients and my company. I found a great space for this where I could rent and use the gym to develop this project

Feb 2015May 2016

Personal Trainer -  Germany

Holmes Place Berlin -
Recently accept the challenge to move to Germany, leaving all the work done in Portugal was not one easy decision , but for try get more experience and learn to improve myself is one target for now . I believe after here i will Improving the relationship with customers and be more professional. 
May 2015Present

Soccer Coach - San Diego-U.S.A -

Challenger Sports

TetraBrazil soccer as Soccer camp Coach.; During the summer we worked with children to improve and evaluate their physical capacities and their motor skills in soccer and also for other sports techniques.

Apr 2012Feb 2015

Personal Trainer -Cascais-Lisbon-Portugal

FITNESS HUT | Ginásios Premium a Preços Low-cost

A experiência consiste em estar acompanhando, nos últimos anos Atletas a nível nacional em alguns desportos como: Surf , Jiujitsu ,Futebol, Kitesurf etc. Também capacitado para trabalhar com pessoas que buscam melhor qualidade de vida, perder peso , aumentar a massa muscular ou somente praticar desporto com objetivo e segurança.

 Last years I have worked with athletes at national teams levels in Sports like : Surfing, Jiu-jitsu , Soccer, Kitesurf etc. Recently I have been working with people seeking a better quality of Life, Lose Weight , Increase muscle mass or simply to play sports for a personal goal purpose and self-confidence.

Oct 2010Mar 2012

Personal Trainer

Holmes Place Cascais-Portugal

Strength and Condition soccer coach - Londrina- Brazil


Physical trainer of young soccer players under-15