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Cross-Functional Leader | Market-Transforming Innovator | Strategic Visionary | Change Management Practitioner | Hands-on Development and Manufacturing Professional

Revolutionary product development and program management executive who has built a remarkable career leading the ideation and creation of market-transforming products in high-volume consumer electronics, fitness equipment, medical and aerospace industries. Consistently recognized for successfully leading cross-functional deployments and developing passionate, highly functional teams. Awarded  functional and design patents, in multiple industries, with innovations  recognized in leading tech publications like Popular Mechanics and at CES.

Work Experience

Nov 2017Present

Director of Program Management

Philips - Oral Healthcare

Strategic and tactical leader of the Project Management Office of Philips Sonicare.

  • Lead PMO/PSO group consisting of 11 PMs and 6 PCs, plus contract employees to deliver products for Sonicare +$1B device and chemistry portfolio.
  • Used strengths based skills assessments to effectively align project leaders with their programs and career development during annual reviews.
  • Developed and deployed comprehensive resource management system to quantify annual budget expenditures and manage portfolio prioritization decisions that resulted in a 98% to-plan accuracy.
  • Localized and deployed global product development process to streamline and standardize innovation resulting in 25% faster time to market while maintaining Oral Healthcare Class 1 medical QMS.
  • Established project governance process to ensure rapid escalation and resolution of issues, resulting in 75% reduction of project resets or delays.
  • Championed localization of Philips Change Management methodology within Sonicare Business Group that reduced organizational disruptions by 50%.
  • Assumed leadership of Philips North America Project Management Roundtable to share improvements and efficiencies made by Sonicare PMO with other Philips Project Management Offices.

July 2016Dec 2017

Sr. Project Manager

Philips - Oral Healthcare

Led innovation teams thru the design, development and delivery of transformational products that revolutionize oral healthcare.

Programs Managed:

  • Airfloss Ultra
  • Advanced Development Program (TBA)


  • Provided team leadership during high profile, product improvement project that reduced outgoing factory failures by 400% during the first 4 months of employment.
  • Successfully delivered new innovation project thru Advanced Development (AD) phase for handoff to industrialization group for market launch.
  • Chosen as Philips Oral Healthcare TOP IPM candidate for 2017.
  • Airfloss product improvement project selected as Philips Personal Health business unit entrant for global Philips Excellence competition.
Jul 2011July 2016

Sr. Program Manager - Surface

Micrsoft - Surface , Redmond, WA

Program Manager for Surface devices and type cover accessories with ownership of product definition, design and development.   Overall deliverable to provide customers with a product that is not only an elegantly functional device but also a delight to experience.

Programs Managed:

  • Lead PM - Surface Pro 4 Type Cover
  • Lead PM - Surface 3 Type Cover 
  • Lead PM - Surface Product (not released)
  • Subsystem PM - Surface Pro Mechanicals


  • Oversaw development of a completely new keyboard design, with unique manufacturing process, for highly regarded Surface Pro 4 Type Cover, from concept to full production, in just 9 months.

  • Provided content, talking points and technical discussion details for Popular Mechanics article profiling the successful Surface Pro 4 Type Cover - The Surprisingly Sophisticated Science of Making a Keyboard Feel Great, Published Jan 2016.

  • Guided development team to create a new type cover for the uniquely sized Surface 3 tablet that improved typing performance AND added additional features while reducing COGp 20% over previous versions.

  • Accomplished 20+ development builds, over 3 separate programs, at Tier 1 vendor with zero delays to build schedule.

  • Actively managed development expenditures on type cover programs to within %5 of original NRE budget and component design to ensure final product was within 2% of COGp target.

  • Achieved significant component cost reductions on multiple programs by personally performing vendor process audits, identifying areas for improvement and then using the findings to negotiate lower unit costs.

  • Programs led contributed to over $100M in GM during a12 month period.

May 2002Jun 2011

Dir. of Product Development

LeMond Fitness Inc., Woodinville, WA

Director of Greg LeMond’s (3X Tour de France champion) product development group specializing in inventing and manufacturing commercial and pro-athlete, bike-centric training equipment. Additional responsibilities included product architect and product roadmap creator based on inspiration from Greg's desire to reinvent the high-end specialty fitness market.

Programs Managed:

  • GEN I/GEN II RevMaster spin bikes
  • Pilot cadence meter
  • LeMond indoor SPD pedals
  • GeForce recumbent & upright training bikes
  • Revolution direct drive indoor trainer
  • Power Pilot power training meter
  • LeMond training analysis software
  • LeMond virtual coaching system


  • Built product development department from one (1) engineer supporting a single group exercise bike to six (6) engineers plus external design resources supporting seven (7) different electro-mechanical fitness products.
  • Created training feedback system to integrate the LeMond fitness products, virtual coaches and 3rd party performance analysis software that athletes could use to meet their improvement goals faster and more accurately.
  • Guided external ID efforts from rough concept to high-fidelity models, including three (3) projects with IDEO, to create functional prototypes used by multi-disciplinary team as reference for the final production unit.
  • Created product and functional specifications for all electronic products including designing workout programs, user interface screens and method for partner companies to import and analyze recorded workout data.
  • Generated multiple (12+) US design and functional patents to protect the intellectual property of the company and define the LeMond Fitness market segment.
  • Shortened the design-build process with overseas vendors 25% by implementing vendor specific collaboration pages and mirrored PDM vaults to improve design group co-development spread across multiple locations and continents.
  • Won "Most Innovative Product Award" at 2010 Ant+ Symposium for LeMond Power Pilot due to its ability to export workout data and import training programs from virtual coaches.   Product selected for the 2011 CES Media Tour showcasing new technology implementation in the fitness/health category.
  • Actively managed the transfer of the complete product portfolio to new manufacturing facility, within a four month period, to improve COG's 20%, reduce product rejection rates by 66% and improve customer out-of-box experience.
Jan 2001Apr 2002

Engineering Manager

StairMaster Sports and Medicine, Kirkland, WA

Manager of cross functional team of engineers and designers, working with in-house Sports Medicine department led by Dr. Cedric Bryant, PhD, FACSM, to develop innovative and accurate commercial training equipment.

Programs Managed:

  • Commercial treadmills
  • Steppers/stepmills
  • Upright and recumbent bikes
  • Weight and training equipment


  • Initiated project that reduced COG's and labor costs on Clubtrack treadmills by identifiying production inefficiencies casued by high rejection rates in sub-assembly stations.
  • Worked with supplier of aluminum side rail extrusions to improve delivered product quality that reduced IQC rejection rates that were contributing to production shut-downs.
  • Consolidated the ECO process between the Bothell, WA and Tulsa, OK facility to reduce process time and establish a single system used by production lines.
Jan 2000Dec 2000

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

StairMaster Sports and Medicine, Kirkland, WA

Sr. Engineer/Program Manager responsible for developing and bringing to production the first generation StairMaster spin bike

Programs Managed:

  • StairMaster RevMaster commercial spin bike


  • Performed all 3D modeling, stress analysis and oversaw the creation of the production drawings with full GD&T implementation.
  • Performed CM facility assessment and developed a customized production and validation process based on the vendor's capabilities to establishe a stable product quality level and maintain production capacities. 
  • Performed numerous root-cause analyses to identify process/design deviations contributing to product quality issues. Implemented process/design changes and in-line testing to monitor resolution of the issues. Process improvements eventually increased production capacity 150% and while reducing out of box issues by 75%.
Mar 1997Dec 1999

Sr. Engineer

Quinton Instrument Co., Bothell, WA

Sr. Mechanical Engineer responsible for mechanical design, prototypes and validation testing of commercial treadmills

Programs Managed:

  • Quinton Clubtrak 510 commercial treadmill
  • Quinton Clubtrak 612 commercial treadmill


  • Created modular design that allowed majority of treadmill components to be used interchangeably between 510 and 612 models.
  • Collaborated with manufacturing engineering to generate sub-assembly and final assembly SOP, develop assembly tooling and in-process acceptance testing. 
  • Implemented Pro-E modeling suite and COSMOS/M analysis package for static, dynamic and thermal analysis of treadmill structure and drive compartment for AC motor.
  • Participated in trade show sales with Product Managers and provided after sales support to commercial fitness, military and education customers.
Sep 1989Mar 1997

Flight Deck Design Engineer

Boeing Commercial Aircraft Group

Design engineer for Flight Deck control systems and crew accommodations



B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Utah State University

2nd highest E.I.T. score for graduating class

Greek Council President 

Recipient of Greek Man of the Year Award 

Personality Assessments

Myers-Briggs Assessment

ENTJ - (Strategic Leader)

 For ENTJs the driving force in their lives is their need to analyze and bring into logical order the outer world of events, people, and things. ENTJs are natural leaders who build conceptual models that serve as plans for strategic action. Intuition orients their thinking to the future, and gives their thinking an abstract quality. ENTJs will actively pursue and direct others in the pursuit of goals they have set, and they prefer a world that is structured and organized.

StrengthsFinder 2.0 - Top 5 Themes


People who are especially talented in the Learner theme have a great desire to learn and want to continuously improve. In particular, the process of learning, rather than the outcome, excites them.


People who are especially talented in the Achiever theme have a great deal of stamina and work hard. They take great satisfaction from being busy and productive.


People who are especially talented in the Discipline theme enjoy routine and structure. Their world is best described by the order they create.


People who are especially talented in the Futuristic theme are inspired by the future and what could be. They inspire others with their visions of the future.


People who are especially talented in the Command theme have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions.


Peripheral Device Storage

  • United States Patent US9063693
  • Issued June 23, 2015

Articulated Screen Cover

  • United States Patent 20150309544
  • Issued (Pending)

Power Measurement Device for a Bike Trainer

  • United States Patent 20120320621
  • Issued (Pending)

Apparatus for positioning a component of an exercise device

  • United States Patent US7641600
  • Issued January 5, 2010

Cadence meter

  • United States Patent USD528023
  • Issued September 12, 2006 

Exercise Machine

  • United States Patent USD539857
  • Issued April 3, 2007 


  • United States Patent USD511726
  • Issued January 22, 2005


Dec 2018Present

Philips Expert Level PM Certification

Philips Project Management Global Practice

Awarded expert level Project Management certification by Philips Project Management Global Practice 

Nov 2017Present

Philips TOP-IPM

Philips Project Management Global Practice

Graduate of exclusive, invitation-only Project Management leadership program 

Sept 2017Present

Project Management Professional (PMP)

Project Management Institute
May 2011Present

Leading and Motivating

Harvard Manage Mentor
May 2011Present

Strategic Thinking

Harvard Manage Mentor
May 2011Present

Team Management

Harvard Manage Mentor


Cross Functional Design Team Leadership

Leadership of cross functional agile development team including Mechanical, HW, SW, MFG, Marketing and Industrial Design disciplines  

Consumer Electronics Design

Surface tablets, type covers and surface accessories. Commercial and retail electronic bikes , trainers, power measurement devices and training feedback programs. 

User Interface/User Experience Design

Type covers, Surface accessories, electronic bike consoles, training feedback programs

Product Portfolio Architect

Created diverse product portfolio using Greg LeMond's training requirements, commercial fitness club, specialty fitness retailer and user inputs.   Exercise systems allow for the ergonomically correct use of the equipment, measuring of workout parameters and display/export of data for additional analysis.   Ant+ ecosystem developed across the product line for enhanced data capture capabilites.

Domestic and Asian CM/CDM Management

Successfully developed and sent to production 15+ products with Asian manufacturers.  Performed regular vendor audits and implemented inspection and configuration control systems for improved quality.

Product/Functional Specification Creation

Product and functional specifications created for items based on product roadmap and maket analysis.

Failure Analysis

Perform root mechanical and system wide root cause analysis.  Identify contributing factors an implement corrective actions.

Regulatory/Safety Testing
Design products based on the appropriate regulatory and safety requirments.  Create testing plans and coordate testing effort with both internal and external resources. Submit product for review and approval of appropriate agencies. 
Verification Testing

Create and execute verification test plans to ensure product met "out of box" and lifetime quality and performance standards

Hobbies and Activities

Golf (Collegiate)

American Tang Soo Do Karate (Black Belt)


Landscape Architecture

Chef de Cuisine

Electric and Acoustic Guitar

International Travel

Volunteer Work

Regular volunteer with Volunteers of America food bank and Everett Homeless Tailgate Ministry providing supplies and services for low-income and at risk people.

Volunteer counsellor advising men on marriage, professional and personal issues.