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Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education                                             Major: English     Minor: History

Grand Valley State University                                                                 Graduated April 2012

Professional Experience

Oct 2013Jan 2015


Tutor Online( Creating and facilitating individualized lesson plans for students K-12. Communicating with parents and academic coordinator concerning students. Detailing student successes and areas of improvement through weekly progress reports.
Jan 2012Apr 2012

Student Teacher

Creston High School Robinson Living Center
Student Teacher Grand Rapids, Michigan Description: Creating and facilitating engaging unit and lesson plans for tenth and eleventh grade classes of 20-35 English and Language Arts students. Tutoring students in need of additional development in effective reading strategies, reading comprehension, synthesis and analysis of information, critical thinking, writing mechanics, and creative writing. Implementing a tailored approach to classroom management with the goal of creating a safe and productive learning environment. Participating in and performing administrative duties such as staff meetings, curriculum development, developing grading rubrics, grading student work, inputting grades, submitting progress reports to students and parents on a predetermined basis, and parent-teacher-student conferences. Advocating for and working with at-risk students to create a climate of success.
Aug 2011Apr 2012

Desk Assistant

Robinson Living Center
Desk Assistant
Sep 2011Dec 2011

Teacher Assistant

Alger Middle School
Teacher Assistant Grand Rapids, Michigan Description: Working one-on-one, as well as in small groups, with seventh and eighth grade students in an English and Language Arts classroom. Creating and implementing structured lesson plans in the classroom, as well as, assisting with the implementation of lessons created by cooperating teacher and other staff members. Aiding cooperating teacher in classroom management and with organizational tasks.
Aug 2010Apr 2011

Resident Assistant

Robinson Living Center
Resident Assistant
Mar 2010Aug 2010

Orientation Assistant

Grand Valley State University
Orientation Assistant Description: Working in large groups as well as on an individual basis with incoming freshmen to help them begin their academic careers at Grand Valley. Helping with class selection and scheduling classes, as well as serving as an information resource for students.
Sep 2008Feb 2009

Student Worker

Grand Valley State University
Student Worker Kleiner Marketplace Description: Serving and preparing food for students in the Kleiner dining hall on Grand Valley's Allendale campus.




Grand Valley State University