Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2010 - Present

Diretor de Operações

XTI Informática

Empresa de serviço de desenvolvimento de software com grandes clientes como Rede Record, SEBRAE, Sistema Indústria, MTE, Fundação Banco do Brasil. 50 funcionários. Orçamento 15 MM.

Diretor de Operações : Responsável pela gerência operacional e financeira de todos os projetos da empresa. Implantando metodologia Scrum, controle de projetos e processo de software com certificação MPS-BR. Mais de 10 projetos simultâneos. Principais atividades no desenvolvimento de portais corporativos, mas também grandes sistemas para negócios na Web. Tecnologias Java, .net, Lumis Java Suite, Oracle, SQLServer. Áreas de desenvolvimento, engenharia de software, arquitetura de informação, controle de qualidade e infra-estrutura são diretamente subordinadas a mim. Meu reporte é à Diretoria Executiva.
Mar 1997 - Apr 2008

Chief Information Officer

Sistema Indústria (CNI, SESI, SENAI and IEL)

Brazilian Private Industry Services Companies, with 900 employees and budget of R$ 2 billion. Core business: provide basic, professional and executive education, industrial technology, health and leisure services and lobby for the Brazilian industry.

Responsible for Information Systems, Software Engineering, Infrastructure, and Communication Systems areas, with a budget of R$ 14.5 MM

Report: Shared Services Superintendent

Staff: 50 people

  • Started-up the company's Information Technology area under the shared services concept, participating from model inception with Booz Allen to its full implementation.
  • Implemented Multi-service Corporate Telecommunications Network (voice, data, and image) - Infovia CNI, with a cost 70% below the previous model.
  • Aligned the area to the organization's business targets via BSC and COBIT.
  • Implemented Service Desk and ITIL (partial).
  • Implemented software development methodology based on RUP and PMI
  • Defined model to hire software plant (in progress).
  • Adopted best management and outsourcing practices, based on Gartner Group's vision.
  • Accomplished substantial cost reductions (34 MM to 14.5 MM) and quality gains in all services. Reduced systems development time (Java/Oracle/SQLServer/WebSphere) by intensely using reusability concepts, frameworks, and applying ready-to-use components and suitable methodology.
Aug 1990 - Jan 1997

Executive Information Systems Manager

Banco Inter-Atlântico S.A.

Multinational Bank with 220 employees, and budget of R$ 1 billion. Core business: Financial Engineering with large companies and large application volumes in International, Commercial, and Treasury Operations, Leasing and Investment Funds.

 Responsible for Corporate Information Systems and their integration to several bank administrative products (Data-Warehouse concept) and for Database (Oracle) and OLAP areas.

Report: IT Manager

Staff: 14 people

  • Downsized IBM 4341 environment, including all systems, with savings of 50% over the forecasted budget (US$ 2,000,000) and substantial quality gains.
  • Participated in all IT area decisions to define strategic lines, designing and monitoring annual budgets (R$ 12 MM).
  • Selected the IT team directly subordinated to the position and helped in other selection processes.
  • Created and implemented Logic, Physical, and Safety corporate database models, using Data-Warehouse concept and relational database.
  • Chose development methodology.
  • Responsible for Networks/Telecommunications, having implemented the entire WAN system, via teleprocessing, choosing modems, statistic multiplexer, communication software and hardware. Defined safety procedures (accesses, backups, physical installations, etc.)
  • Designed and negotiated outsourcing support and maintenance contracts.
  • Implemented Credit Risk, Businesses Recovery, and Result Calculation Systems integrated to the base above, International Operations Control Systems, Stock Exchange, Custody, Fixed and Variable Income Funds and Inventory Control.
Apr 1988 - Aug 1990

Systems Coordinator

PETROS Fundação Petrobrás de Seguridade Social

Private Pension Company with 400 employees and budget of US$ 2 billion. Core business: Investments - Treasury, stocks, options and real estate investment.

Responsible for the IT management of the Investment Division, controlling applications in financial and real estate markets.

Report: Investments Director Special Advisor

Staff: 10 people

  • Implemented hardware and software environment and Service Desk.
  • Designed and monitored annual IT budgets.
  • Developed systems, including: Real Estate Applications, Company Analysis, Open Market, Stock Exchange and Rental Survey.
Dec 1980 - Apr 1988

BNH and Caixa Econômica Federal

Public Financial Companies. BNH was closed in 11/86, and employees were incorporated to CEF. BNH, 5,000 employees, CEF 20,000.

1987 - Systems Analyst - Promoted at CEF

1983 - Administrative Assistant - ranked 12th in internal competitive examination with 1,500 competitors

1980 - Administrative Assistant - ranked 110th in civil service competitive examination with 11,000 candidates