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-Possesses a drive to succeed and flourishes in time constrained situations.

-Works for the success of the group and never leaves a co-worker behind.

-Experienced conversationalist who specializes in difficult situations. Most capable of compromise in business deals and various arguments.

Suitable Professions

Most ideally fitted for the following professions:

-Elementary Education: Teacher or Principal- organized, yet flexible nature is a fitting personality to be a successful educator in lower school teaching.

-Interior Decorator: Desire to help others express themselves through how and where they live.

-Au Pair: Love of children and possession of the previously listed skills (see above section) make this particular job the most ideal.

Work experience

Housing and Construction

The Buendia Family

Served as the sole construction worker in the renovation of the living quarters of Jose Arcadio Buendia.

Adapted to an insufficient amount of work materials and completely remade the roof of Senor Buendia's home.

"...keep the palm shelter in good condition and reinforce it with waterproof canvas in stormy weather..." p. 86


The Buendía Family

Experienced in dealing with the elderly and handicapped.

Developed skills in cooking as well as hygiene maintenance. Skills were learned through on-site training as opposed to classroom education. Demonstrates expertise in the use of scrubbing brush and hair cutting.

Aided the survival and extended the lives of her clients, particularly Senor Jose Arcadio Buendia and Colonel Aureliano Buendia.

"...plunged into the chore of taking care of Jose Arcadio Buendia.  [I] would bring him his food, [I] would help him with his daily necessities, wash him with soap and a scrubbing brush keep his hair and beard free of lice and nits..." p. 86

"[Colonel Aureliano] worked all day in his workshop and [I] would bring him a cup of black coffee in the middle of every morning..." p. 87

Adoptive Mother

The Buendia Family

Adopted  Aureliano Jose (son of Pilar Ternera and Aureliano).

Executed general caretaking of children with much success.

Utilized and developed maternal instincts through hands on experience and little guidance.

"When the son of Aureliano and Pilar Ternera was born and brought to the house...with the name Aureliano Jose, [I] decided that he would be considered [our] oldest child..." p. 87

Skills in Interior Decoration


Rudimentary Latin

Self-Taught Foreign Language

Achieved proficiency in speaking and understanding of Latin in order to communicate with her father-in-law, Jose Arcadio Buendía. Possesses such a strong desire to help others that inadequacies in other aspects of schooling were overcome in order to learn this new language.

"...In her last month she had succeeded in communicating with him in phrases of rudimentary Latin...." p. 86

Growing Up 101

Private Tutoring

Accelerated learning student (track for early graduation). Education includes how to wash oneself, how not to wet the bed, how to run a home, how to behave in a wedding, and "marital secrets".

"There was barely enough time to teach [me] how to wash myself, get dressed by [myself], and understand the fundamental business of a home.  They made [me] urinate over hot bricks in order to cure [me] of the habit of wetting [my] bed...convince [me] of the inviolbility of the marital secret...but on the date of the ceremony [I] was as adept in the ways of the world as any of [my] sisters...." p 79

Elementary Diploma Program

Macondo Primary School

Drop-out. Continued Elementary education until engagement. Education includes reading, spelling, counting, and coloring inside the lines.

"Aureliano, for his part, had neglected the workshop in order to teach little Remedios how to read and write" p 74.


Ability to Remain Calm
Tranquil person who can remain composed in even adverse circumstances.   "She behaved so naturally, with such discretion, that she did not even lose her composure, not even when Aureliano dropped the ring as he tried to put it on her finger....From that day on the sense of responsibility, the natural grace, the calm control that [I] would have in the face of adverse circumstances was revealed..." p 80 
Interior Decorating
No formal work experience in this area but exhibits the skills of an interior decorator who can furnish most types of rooms to fit a happy/child like theme.  Experience pertains mostly to workshops and bedrooms, however given the opportunity could graduate to larger projects.   "...She had settled down with her husband in a room near the workshop, which she decorated with the dolls and toys of her recent childhood, and her merry vitality over-flowed the four walls of the bedroom and went like a whirlwind of good health along the porch with the begonias..."  p. 86
Persuasive communicator who can overcome even the most difficult of disagreements. Experience with local, town issues can be generalized to an ability to deal with larger, more pressing issues in the business world. "...She was the only person who dared intervene in the arguments between Rebeca and Amaranta..." p. 86