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Databases: Oracle (8i,10g), MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, ACI 4th Dimension, Middleware: Apache Jetspeed, Informatica (PowerMart, PowerCenter), Marimba Castanet, Lotus Notes - Business Intelligence: JasperReports, OpenReports, Business Objects, Brio, Cognos, Crystal Reports - Desktop: Microsoft Office, Project, Erwin, Embarcadero DB Artisian, Toad - Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows, MAC OS


Over 24 years of technical leadership, project management and development of complex operating and business intelligence systems.  Built the operating and data warehouse systems for three venture backed startup companies.  Fully versed in life cycle development principles.  Unique ability to lead technical teams and perform development tasks in data base and reporting environments.

Work experience

May 2004Present

Founder, CEO


Product: MARVELit DASH - DASH is a business intelligence product that enables rapid creation of dashboards.  Dashboards are built using easily configurable portlets that display chart, dial and report content.  XML formatting makes these portlets highly configurable enabling drill down and custom formatting.  Go to to view a fully functioning demonstration.

  • Chief Architect of the application - drove requirements and technical architecture.
  • Built hosted dashboard applications for Aladdin Bail Bonds and BIGresearch.  Can provide logins to those sites during the interview process.  See &
  • Built internal dashboard applications for Insight Health Care.
  • Sold DASH and supported dashboard development at numerous other organizations.
  • Used wiki's, forum sites and other Web2.0 tools to facilitate customer support and training. See http://wiki.marvelit.comand for examples.  See for additional details.
Nov 2006Jun 2008


Amylin Pharmaceuticals

Business Problem: Amylin needed to create a process where they could merge customer data from four different data sources into an integrated, merged Customer Master system.

Solution: Data from four syndicated data sources was cleansed and standardized and loaded into the Customer Master.  Match merge logic was used to match customers from the different sources.  The result was a clean Customer Master system to be used for Sales and Marketing initiatives.

  • Designed and built an integrated Customer Master system which is to become the start of a Sales and Marketing Operational Data Store (ODS).  Business rules and requirements were developed that were translated into a data model and best of source processing was implemented to determine attribute precedence by source.
  • Match logic was used to determine customer duplicates from four data sources.  These matches were merged and fed into a centralized CRM application.  Addresses, names and other attributes were standardized and cleansed. 
Aug 2003May 2004



Business Problem: Due to acquisitions (Pharmacia, Warner Lambert) and exponential growth, sales team reporting and analytics lack focus and have become cumbersome to deliver.  Over 5,000 pages of information are available to over 12,000 sales representatives every month.

Solution: A Sales Reporting and Analytics Strategy was developed.  This strategy focused on creating a Vision and Mission for the department, performing a needs and gap analysis, documenting the current technical architecture and establishing a multi-year plan to implement the strategy.

  • Performed a complete system assessment of all Pfizer's sales and marketing systems.  Documented key processes, business rules, data sources and targets.  Created a visual data diagram showing the duplication of data and conflicting business rules within those systems.
  • Met with key stakeholders and formulated a strategy to migrate these systems to eliminate key barriers and data duplication. Completed a high level design of a metric driven data warehouse that could be utilized by all sales and marketing departments.
  • Finalized the approach and created a multi-year strategy to implement the new design.  Data was consolidated into a new data warehouse structure and metric aggregations were designed to facilitate analytics and reporting.  Created a high-level project plan identifying people and technology required to implement the new strategy.
Jan 2001Aug 2003


Agouron Pharmaceuticals

Business Problem: Agouron's flagship product was experiencing declining market share and their sales and marketing information systems did not provide sufficient insight to help them identify the issues.

Solution: New sales force automation; data warehouse and analytic applications were implemented to provide Agouron with a central view of their customers and what marketing messages work.

Technology Used: Oracle 8i, Informatica PowerMart, Business Objects, Platinum Erwin, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Project

  • Led a team of 7 consultants that built a customer centric Sales and Marketing Data Warehouse from scratch in 6 months.  Sales data was integrated from several external vendors and interfaces were developed to a new Sales Force Automation system. 
  • Developed detailed business requirements for the following data warehouse subject areas: sales force customer alignments, customer information (accounts, prescribers, community based organizations, retail pharmacies), employee information, product information, sales metrics, call metrics and ten others.
Aug 1999Jan 2001

StoreRunner Network

The Business: The StoreRunner Network offers best-of-class retail content and industry leading technologies that enable merchants and empower Internet enterprises with an unmatched shopping experience.

Business Problem: Storerunner had engineered a web site and was in the process of implementing a complex traffic based business model.  The company had no business process technology to effectively track activity, capture billable events, produce accounting transactions and understand marketing program effectiveness.

Solution: Contract management, click stream data warehouse, billing and analytic applications were developed to provide insight into business metrics and to produce accurate financial transactions.

Technology Used: Oracle 8i, Informatica Powercenter, Brio Enterprise, Platinum Erwin, Embarcadero DB Artisian, Borland Delphi, Lotus Domino, TeamTrack, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project

Senior Vice President, Information and Content Systems                            1/2000 - 1/2001

Led teams that re-engineered back-end systems 3 times in 10 months as a result of web site re-design and financial systems 6 times in 10 months as a result of revenue model changes.

Saved $1,000,000 in annual personnel costs thru employee attrition by re-engineering content acquisition from manual mining of sites to obtaining feeds of catalog data from merchants.  This process also significantly enhanced site usability ensuring that all content was accurate.

Provided real-time revenue sharing projections, traffic statistics and shopper click stream behavior to 50 traffic partners via a secure extranet.

Delivered a 45 minute keynote address on Storerunner at the 2000 Informatica User Conference to 600 attendees.

Vice President, Chief Information Officer                                                    8/1999 - 12/1999

Assembled a team of 10 consultants and internal staff in 3 weeks to begin to implement the plan.  Obtained budgetary and company-wide approval to begin work.  This team built the following custom applications:

  • A custom click stream data warehouse in 120 days that supported the company's need for shopper behavior data as well as revenue recognition. This warehouse was 600 gigabytes in size, had 100 entities, and stored 200,000,000 individual web events from 5,000 traffic sources. This system fed information into the nearly constant web site redesign / business model changes occurring at the company.
  • 150+ reports that were used to identify shopper behavior, manage customer relationships and provide financial data into revenue and business model forecasting tools. 99% of all ad-hoc requests for information were complete within 24 hours.
  • A system to manage 1000 complex variable merchant contracts and produce invoices within 2 days after month end. Accounting personnel spent 2 days per month on accounts receivable.
May 1997Aug 1999

Vice President, Chief Information Officer

The Business: INC Research was a Site Management Organization that managed 50 sites performing drug clinical research to treat Central Nervous System disorders for pharmaceutical companies.

Business Problem: INC needed to implement project tracking and communication processes to effectively manage remote clinical research sites.

Solution: Implemented systems to facilitate effective communication with remote sites and tracking systems to facilitate project management activities.  These systems were implemented using a secure intranet.

Technology Used: Oracle 8i, Seagate Crystal Reports, Platinum Erwin, Embarcadero DB Artisian, Lotus Domino, Microsoft SQL Server 7.0, Windows NT, HP-UX, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project

  • Performed due diligence on several key acquisitions that added $10,000,000 in revenue to the company.
  • Built tracking systems to collect clinical research data from 50 remote sites via a secure intranet.  This enabled the company to manage 30 complex studies with 2-3 clinical managers.  In addition, customers could access their data via an extranet to track study progress.
  • Built a technology department that supported 100 employees in two locations from scratch - identified and hired 10 employees in the first 6 months.
Apr 1991Apr 1997

TheraTx, Inc., Atlanta, GA                                                  4/1991 - 4/1997

The Business:  TheraTx was a publicly traded medical services company with $500,000,000 in annual revenues across three operating divisions.  The company went public in June 1994 and was acquired by Vencor, Inc. in 1997.

Business Problem: TheraTx had a distributed management structure and needed to capture clinical and financial information to facilitate clinical decision-making and financial effectiveness.

Solution: Created TheraSys to capture all clinical and financial transactions in 240 locations and implemented business processes and systems to support corporate goals.

Technology Used: Sybase System 10, Informatica Powermart, Cognos Impromptu, Information Advantage, Platinum Erwin, Embarcadero DB Artisian, Lotus Domino, ACIUS 4th Dimension, Java, Marimba Castanet, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project

Vice President, Information Technology                                                       7/1995 - 4/1997

  • Centralized the operational systems in three operating divisions, saving a projected $6,000,000 in annual costs and increased system availability by 100%.
  • Made 3 separate presentations to Wall Street analysts on the company's technology infrastructure that made the stock appreciate, adding an additional $20,000,000 in shareholder value.
  • Managed the corporate computing infrastructure for a corporate office of 250 employees and 280 remote locations in three operating divisions.  Successfully managed the relocation of the corporate computing infrastructure to a new corporate headquarters.
  • Hired and lead a staff of 45 and had direct responsibility for a budget of approximately 5 million dollars which represented 1% of the company revenue, significantly lower than the industry average.

Director, Information Technology                                                                6/1993 - 6/1995

  • Built the sales tracking, help desk, invoicing, budgeting and clinical systems to support 21,000% revenue growth. TheraTx was #2 on the Inc. 100 in 1995 and #14 in 1996.
  • Re-engineered the financial systems to support the creation of 1500 bi-weekly invoices generating $220,000,000 in annual revenues with 3 FTEs within 48 hours after period closing.
  • Designed and built a data warehouse containing 4 years of historical data.  This warehouse contained all clinical and financial information from all centers and was used throughout the company for decision support.

Manager, Information Systems                                                                    4/1991 - 5/1993

  • Completed a strategic systems plan identifying the need for a distributed rehabilitation system later named "TheraSys" to support the operations of the company.  "TheraSys" provided all of the accounts receivable, payroll, budget to actual and clinical metrics for a business unit of 4,000 therapists in 240 locations generating $220,000,000 in annual revenues.
Jun 1983Apr 1991

Andersen Consulting

Technology Used: DB2, Sybase System 4-10, 4th Dimension, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, Cobol, RPG, Fortran.

Senior Consulting Manager, Consulting Manager                                        8/1987 - 4/1991

  • Developed the implementation methodology to integrate information from an 800 hospital group into a central comparative database system.  All implementations in aggregate were brought in under budget with a margin of 20%. Managed a project team of 40 consultants at multiple geographic locations that implemented this comparative database system in 85 hospitals over a 2-year period.  Identified and built applications that enabled client institutions to identify cost / efficiency savings.  Institutions used these applications to identify annual cost savings in the $1,000,000 to $11,000,000 range.

Staff / Senior Consultant                                                                                 6/1983 - 6/1987


Cognos Impromptu
Oracle 8i/10g
Data Modeling
Brio Enterprise
Business Objects
MS Office / Project
Data Warehousing
Presentation Skills
Life Cycle Processes
Strategic Planning
Project Management
Technical Leadership




Mankato State University

Magna Cum Laude, G.P.A 3.7

Passed the Certified Public Accounting Examination in November 1983.