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Master of Science in Management; MBA graduation; Academic degrees in Computer Science forManagement and in Corporate Finance (Bachelor-Licentiate); several IT and IS Engineeringcertifications, distinguishing Systems Engineering, by Microsoft, among others (e.g. IBM AS400,Cisco, Security, etc.); Certified trainer (Portuguese IEFP-CAP); 20+ years of overall work experiencein IT, Management, Information Systems and Telecommunications with a broad technologybackground; 10+ years of experience as a Executive Director for Information System andTelecommunications; Deep expertise in IT and Systems strategy, Enterprise Architecture, ITGovernance and IT Performance Management; Large experience in multi-national environments(France, Spain, Brazil, among other countries like U.K, U.S., Netherland and China: Hong-Kong andMacau); Business experience: Engineering and Construction (8 years), Telecommunications Services(6 years), Entertainment – Hotel & Casinos (6+ years); Excellent knowledge and field application ofITIL methodology (both v2 and more recently, v3); Strong finance skills; Strong knowledge ofBusiness Process Management; Large Project Management experience.

Assistant Professor for Financial Accounting at Superior Institute of Education and Science.