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Work experience

Aug 20172018


Maudies Hacienda 

Serving tables, customers, providing swift customer service.

  • Take orders promptly and accordingly to customer needs
  • Communicate with other staff to ensure swift service to customers
  • Bring food to table for customer in timely manner
  • Communicate with customer and provide details on menu items/daily specials 
  • Complete daily tasks, clean-up, proper ringing up orders and counting money
  • Bring drinks, food and any product/additional utensils or condiments to satisfy customer.
  • Complete order and finalize sale/order with a smile and guarantee overall great experience
Jun 20172017

Sandwhich Artist / Cashier / Prep

Thundercloud Subs
  • Prepare food with freshness for everyday use.
  • Serve customers via lunch-line style serving in timely fashion and with great personality and servitude.
  • Open store and set up line, close line at end of shift properly etc.
  • Communicate with other employees for needs and service priority. 
Jan 20152016

Cook / Prep / Cashier

Tinos Greek Cafe
  • Prepare food with freshness for everyday use.
  • Serve customers via lunch-line style serving in timely fashion and with great personality and servitude.
  • Open store and set up line, close line at end of shift properly etc.
  • Communicate with other employees for needs and service priority. 
May 2014Jan 2015

Cook / Cashier (Current Employer)

Buddies / Valero 
  • May 1, 2014 - 2015
  • Maintain customer service satisfaction, food quality, put-through in sales.
  • Maintain volume of chicken, and food product throughout the day.
  • Communicate with other staff, back of kitchen and front of store tellers.

Take phone orders for both Chicken, and Hunts Brother Pizza maintaining high volume in sales while multitasking; communications through drive-through headset etc

Jan 2014May 2014

Sandwich artist / Cashier

  • Jan 2014 - May 2014
  • Maintain customer service satisfaction, food quality, put-through in sales.
  • Manage inventory take-in of food products and properly store items.
  • Maintain your cashier drawer responsibly, count safe at the end of the shift.
  • Communicated well with other employees to facilitate duties throughout the given work day.
Sep 20122017

Day Electric & Plumbing

Austin, Texas - Construction - Remodeling, Electrical, Plumbing etc.
  • Pull wire, provide help with rewiring, new wiring for make ready's 
  • Plumbing for make-ready's and new construction.
  • Providing assistance to Master electrician and contractor for other make-ready activities/jobs.
  • Hanging ceiling fans, appliance installation, garbage disposals, dish-washers etc.
  • Installing plugs, electrical wiring, assistance in braker installs/central switches. 
  • Worked with company/contractor off and on from 2012-2017.
  • Lots of other construction experience since 2003!
Jan 2009Aug 2011



 Help Desk Support

teleNetwork (Austin, TX) Position:  TSR L1 Tier III

Worked there from January 12, 2009 - 2011

  • Answered phone calls under pressure of a large queue per call volume.
  • Greeted customers while taking notes in order to reach call goals.

Used the chat system Spark to monitor my team’s progress in a given day. and used the system to evaluate other team mates progress on call as well as used it to chat with other team mates to give approval for repair ticket escalation.

Team leaders: Sarah Leach, Brandon Birckbichler, Carlos Pimienta 

Worked in office, and often from home via VoIP phone  

Oct 2008Nov 2008

Cashier/Information (Temp)

Borders Books, Inc.

At Border, Inc my responsibilities consisted of maintaining the daily tasks such as Cashier/Check out for customers. Make Border "Reward" sales/signup's for customers or even upgrades. It was also my duty to make sure the information booth was occupied with an employee to assist customers in locating a certain book; title, author, or product if available to our store. If something was not in stock at out store it was also my duty to use the system per order upon customer request to hold a book once the shipment came in for them. 

Borders was then recently last year I believe bought out by Barnes & Nobles. 

Aug 2007Apr 2008

Busser/Host & Prep Chef

Satellite Bistro & Bar

Busser/Host & Prep Chef

Satellite Bistro and Bar (Austin, TX) – August 2007 to September 2008

Managed time and consolidated tasks in a constantly changing environment.

Provided excellent table service and fostered guest satisfaction nightly.

Consistently exceeded sales, labor and loss prevention goals.

Worked on tasks given at hand to maintain the food quality and quantity day by day

I went from working as a front of the house employee to a kitchen staff employee prep-chef position

Nov 2006Dec 2006

In-store pizza chef & Cashier

Double Daves Pizza

In-store pizza chef & Cashier  

Double Dave's Pizza (Austin, TX) – August 2006 to September 2007

Recognized for commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Trained new staff members and supervised all nightly closing duties.

Became a senior staff member through hard work and responsibility.

Maintained responsibility to keep store stocked with sauces, condiments and rolled dough for morning shift leaders 


Jan 2003Apr 2005


Lake Travis High School


Computers, Cellular, 3rd Party Devices, Applications
Computers: I am efficient in building computers, repairing, and troubleshooting internet activity and connectivity. I have the experience from working on computers inside and outside my family. Often close friends or relatives need advice for troubleshooting their internet connectivity. These things include having the pleasure of helping for, Intermittent internet connectivity, cell phone troubleshooting, printer, fax, email, and virus control.  I have experience gaming online, and can write 80+ WPM. My knowledge base involves all Microsoft operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Experience with applications or internet connectivity on Mac books or iMacs. Mac OS 9, Mac OSX Snow Leopard, Mac OSX Lion and I can also use Ubuntu and some Linux based OS's. I'm good at diagnosing an issue when I see the problem persist I don't stop until I identify the problem and come to a conclusion/diagnosis.  Virus control: McAfee, Computer Associates, AVG, Norton, Malware bytes, Ad-aware, Web root Renewing license key's  Installation and/or Uninstall  Malware/Spyware detection, and Virus removal Technical troubleshooting known issues  Email protection Cat5E - Repeater - Router Installation: Have some experience running Cat5E through repeaters to external 3rd-party Routers Netgear, Siemens, Westell, Airlink, Belkin    
Gaming, Consoles, PC

Gaming: I am a very avid and active player in the online gaming world. I mostly have my experience on PC gaming but overall with any electronics I am quite used to all consoles and differences. I try to keep myself up to day with game informer and other outlets that give new upcoming news on great new games out there which are in development or rumors thereof. I love gaming and hopefully will soon start my own gaming stream when I have enough resources. 


My objective is to find a great community to broaden my skills in construction, make-ready's, customer interaction, helping and assist in all aspects regarding appliance repair, installs and or basic maintenance services. I lso hope to gain more experience in the maintenance industry. I hope to work more with security, technology as well as sharpen my skills in networking, technical support industry and troubleshooting. I am very skilled in technical aspects of work, so technology has always been my forte. I excel in a great many things regarding computers and technology and hope to also broaden my skills in that industry as well. I love to work with new people and am very adamant about keeping my skill-set in these areas but also having an open mind to learning new things as I continue my journey in the maintenance world. 

Best regards,

Ryan Thomas McIlhon

[email protected]

C: 737.224.4766