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Experience as Speaker

  • VMware vForum 2010, Santiago, Chile: Site Recovery Manager and HP P4000, practical demo.
  • HP Technology Forum 2010, Las Vegas, NV, USA: Green DataCenter


  • Spanish native speaker
  • English oral and written


Programming languages: PERL, C,  Bash, PHP, et al.

Database systems: Oracle, Oracle RAC, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Operating Systems: Unix, with a strong focus on Linux

Hardware Platforms: HP ProLiant, HP BladeSystem, HP Integrity, DELL PowerEdge, IBM eSeries.

Storage Systems: HP StorageWorks EVA, P2000, P4000, 3PAR

Virtualization Platforms: VMware from ESX 2.0 to vSphere 5.0, HP Integrity Virtual Machine, RedHat Enterprise Virtualization.


IT Professional with more than 15 years of experience on diverse technologies. During these years has been involved in several projects on different technology areas, ranging from infrastructure implementation, deployment, automation and design of mission critical systems, through design and implementation of virtual desktop solutions.

Strong leadership abilities, technology resource management, flexibility, self-learner, ability to deal with stressful and complex situations. Broad range of technical knowledge including hardware, operating systems, database systems, applications and networking.

Work experience

Jun 2013Present

Partner Systems Engineer


Systems Engineering (Presales) position, working directly with VMware partners. Main responsibilities include partner enablement, training, event speaking.

Feb 2013Jun 2013



Independent consultant job.

Remarkable projects:

- Presales engineering, architectural design, implementation and migration of the messaging solution for the Republic of Ecuador's presidential office. Worked as a consultant for Sync Technologies, doing the whole project for the migration of the presidential office messaging solution, from MS Exchange 2010 to VMware Zimbra. The project was completed in 25 calendar days, from architecture design to go-live.

- Troubleshooting and consulting jobs for Red Hat, technologies included Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, VMware vSphere, IBM Weblogic.

- Infrastructure health check for Tecnolex (

Apr 2012Feb 2013

PSO Consultant, VMware Applications


Professional Services Consultant for the VMware Zimbra division.

Remarkable projects of the period:

- Zimbra implementation and customization for TELUS ( 1500000 user accounts across 5 Datacenters, part of the implementation was doing a complete branding and revamping of the Ajax and HTML user interfaces.

- Zimbra implementation, and install script customization for United Healthcare ( Part of the initial work involved doing a customization of Zimbra install scripts to deal with centralized LDAP environments, those changes were included in a subsequent version of the product.

- Architectural review and implementation of Zimbra solution for Alder Hey Children's Hospital ( and Liverpool Women's Hospital (, including migration design from Exchange 2007 and Groupwise.

- Advanced troubleshooting for Waukegan Public School District, and Ecuador's Ministerio de Salud Pública Zimbra environments.

May 2006Apr 2012

DataCenter Infrastructure Architect


Positions held on the company: Support Engineer, Chief of Support, Datacenter Architect

Remarkable projects of the period:

- Design and Implementation DataCenter Green SOLINT

  • Hardware Platform: HP BladeSystem, HP ProLiant, HP Integrity
  • Virtualization Platform: VMware vSphere (4.1 and 5.0)
  • Cooling System: HP Modular Cooling System G2
  • Storage Platforms: HP StorageWorks EVA 8400, EVA 4400, P4000, HP 3PAR F400
  • Monitoring: HP Operations Manager, Nagios, HP IMC
  • Networking Platform: HP Networking A-series, A7506, A5820, A5500

- Mission Critical Systems for Banco BICE (Banking sector)

  • Hardware Platform: HP Integrity, HP BladeSystem
  • Operating Systems: HP-UX 11iv3
  • Database System: Oracle RAC 10g
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks EVA 4400
  • Virtualization Platform: HP Integrity VM
  • Data Replication Solution: Oracle DataGuard

- Platform deployment for Terminal Pacífico Sur Valparaíso (Harbour Administration)

  • Hardware Platform: HP Integrity, HP BladeSystem
  • Operating Systems: HP-UX 11iv3, MS Windows 2003, RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database System: Oracle RAC 11g, Stretch Cluster split across 2 sites
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks EVA 4400
  • Virtualization Platform: VMware ESX 3.5
  • Data Replication Solutions: HP Continuous Access, HP Cluster extension for EVA, VMware Site Recovery Manager, Oracle DataGuard, Oracle Streams

- Implementation, Maintenance and Support, Messaging Platform VTR (Carrier)

  • Hardware Platform: HP Integrity, HP ProLiant
  • Operating Systems: RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Messaging Platform: CommuniGate Pro
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks EVA 8000
  • Data Replication Solution: HP Continuous Access
  • Backup System: Programmed in-house using PERL and SSSU

- Platform Deployment for Souza-Cruz, British American Tobacco in Porto Alegre, Brasil

  • Hardware Platform: HP BladeSystem
  • Operating System: RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database System: Oracle RAC 10g
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks XP 20000

Other projects in the period:

- Several deployments of  Oracle 10g, 11g, Standalone and RAC on different customers

- Several deployments of VMware on customer premises with versions 2.5, 3.0.X, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.1

- Platform implementation for CNN Chile

- Platform implementation for streaming music service Bazuca on-demand

- Platform implementation for Virtual Office on VTR

- Several deployments of HP BladeSystem platforms p-Class and c-Class

Jan 2002May 2006

Systems Engineer


Responsible for all Unix systems, also design and implement different projects for improving IT systems accesed by teachers, students and administrative personel 

Remarkable projects of the period:

- Infrastructure implementation for PeopleSoft ERP

  • Hardware Platform: HP9000, HP Integrity, HP ProLiant
  • Operating Systems: HP-UX 11i, RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database System: Oracle RAC 9i
  • Clusterware: HP ServiceGuard extension for RAC
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks EVA 5000

- Academic Database Migration

  • Hardware Platform: SunFire v880 -> HP Integrity
  • Operating Systems: Solaris 8 -> RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database System: Oracle 8i -> Oracle RAC 9i
  • Storage: HP StorageWorks EVA 5000

- Design and implementation for Single Sign-On system

  • Hardware Platform: HP ProLiant
  • Operating System: RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database System: Oracle RAC 9i
  • Languages used by applications that must use the SSO platform: ASP, ASP.NET, Java, PHP.
  • Programming languages used: C, PERL, PHP
  • Directory Platform: OpenLDAP, Microsoft Active Directory

- Document System for eLearning Platform

  • Hardware Platform: DELL PowerEdge
  • Operating System: RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database Systems: Oracle RAC 9i, MySQL
  • Programming languages used: PERL, PHP

- Universal document search engine for the institution

  • Hardware Platform: HP ProLiant
  • Operating System: RedHat Enterprise Linux
  • Database Systems: Oracle RAC 9i, MySQL
  • Programming languages: Perl, PHP
  • Achievement of the project: No search software and/or appliance present on the market at that time were able to index all documents, and at the same time, deal with the custom made authentication mechanism present in the company (SSO project), including Google Search Appliance

Other projects in the period:

- Database backup automation using RMAN and Legato Networker

- Automated deployment of proxy server for remote sites using anaconda and PXE

- Design and implementation of Linux based load balancers for web server farms

- Design and implementation of server farms used for development, quality assurance and testing of applications.

Dec 2000Jan 2002

Computer Science Dept. Advisor


Responsible for train the institution teachers on Linux subjetcs. Integrate Unix as an obligatory course of CS Engineering career.

Tutoring of several graduation projects involving technology such as HPC clusters, Linux provisioning and automation, Administration tools for managing web filtering.

Speaker in workshops and seminar on Unix and Linux and all the University campuses located in 26 locations across Chile.

Teacher of Operating Systems course.

Aug 1996Dec 2000

System Administrator


Responsible for the implementation of provision and management of dial-up user accounts.

Configuration and implementation of internet services for users.

All the internal systems of the company were programmed using BASH and PERL.

General sysadmin tasks.


Licencias Online (Partner University)

- VMware vSphere 4: Troubleshooting (v4)

INACAP (as teacher)

- Linux fundamentals: A course for teachers

- Advanced Linux: A course for teachers

- Unix history: Seminar

- Linux Evolution: Seminar

- Computer Systems Security: Graduate diploma

- Operating Systems II (Unix): Undergraduate course

Quintec Educación (RedHat Training)

- RedHat Fast Track RH300

- RedHat Cluster Suite and Enterprise Storage RH436

- RedHat Virtualization RH318

- RedHat Securing Network Services RH333

IBM (Training)

- Trustix Linux

InMotion (Oracle University)

- Administering Real Application Clusters 9i

- DBA Workshop I Oracle 10g



Oracle PartnerNetwork Certified Specialist


Oracle Certified Professional DBA Oracle 10g


HP-UX Certified System Administrator

Jun 2007Present

RedHat Certified Engineer

Apr 2010Present

Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator

Jan 2012Present

VMware Technical Sales Professional

Jul 2013Present

VMware Certified Professional 5 - Datacenter Virtualization