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Professional Bio

Ryan Lewkowicz – Fun loving light hearted personal individual. Currently a manager at ACO. Utilizes various techniques to streamline production and enhance workplace productivity. Employed since late 2007. Began as a stock boy and elevated into a management role. Currently seeking to expand into the field of his current education.

Professional Philosophy

Make business fun. Business is about people, and I think you have to enjoy the people you work with, so I strive to be friendly and enjoyable. I also think role of technology in life today cannot be overstated. It is now a fundamental requirement in everything we do.


I am seeking a career in network management and implementation.


  IT Experience ·        Familiar with Linux (mainly Ubuntu server) ·        Managed my own computer repair service ·        Proficient with the Microsoft suite of office programs ·        Especially familiar with Cisco equipment through the Cisco academy ·        Routinely assisted family members remotely by either remote management and or telephone ·        Amateur programmer; I routinely incorporate modules from online sources to enhance my programs   Cisco Specific Experience ·        Experienced with the Cisco IOS and SDM ·        LAN protocols: IGRP/EIGRP, OSPF, RIP ·        WAN protocols: HDLC, PPP, Frame-Relay, ATM ·        VLAN, STP, VTP, CDP, and Port security configuration and troubleshooting ·        ACL’s, NAT/PAT, DHCP and TFTP configuration and troubleshooting ·        Completed Cisco Networking Academy Program Courses successfully   Communication ·        Completed speech courses ·        Attend local technology business functions (ISSA, MITN, CWMUG) ·        Interact with diverse individuals on a daily basis and communicate information clearly and accurately     Customer service ·        Investigate and solve complaints ·        Assisted customers by promptly responding to their requests ·        Helped customers identify needs and make recommendations ·        Maintained professional demeanor under duress of unruly customers   Managerial ·        Presented ideas to increase growth and profitability ·        Devised ways to make day to day operations run more smoothly ·        Communicated tasks clearly and effectively to those under my direction  

Work experience

Oct 2007Present


ACO Hardware


May 2009May 2011

Networking Security