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Mercy College


Adobe Suite
Material Benchmarking
Developed Benchmarker series of material test boards. These test coupons tested all major functional properties of SMT materials. All test were personally developed by me as the industry standard tests were not accurate or sensitive enough for Six Sigma development research.
Process Simulation
Developed simulation for complex customer process which included but was not limited to: 3D adhesive and flux printing CCGA assembly Pin transfer ICT testing of flux residues Ball in Cup BGA defects Wafer and substrate bumping
Technical Publishing
Have personally researched, written and presented over 35 technical papers on SMT and semiconductor material testing and applications.
Cyber Technology Ascan & CTscan
Was beta site for early versions, used extensively for SMT,Solar cell and semiconductor topography and topology, includes Surfer8 surface plot software
Office 2007
Frequently use Excel, Word and PowerPoint
 Have designed several over 60 solar cells, tooling and c-Si metallization paste R&D lab.
MicroStation V8 (CAD)
Totally proficient in 2D. Have designed complex tooling, equipment modifications, PV,PCB and hybrid circuit designs as well as screen and stencil layouts


Searching for a process/process development engineering position in SMT, Semi packaging, Hybrid Thick Film or TF Photovoltaic industries.



Innovative Engineering Manager with over 30 years of experience in progressively more responsible positions with a variety of electronic industries, combining vision, technical prowess and leadership expertise. Inspired by the complex and never been done before technology challenges to further product performance and development. A proven track record in utilizing creative approaches to process and product design development – demonstrated by numerous patents and over 40 publications. Problem solver with outstanding analytical skills; strategic thinker; excellent communicator at multiple levels; technical leader with keen vision. Proven success in migrating career into new technologies.

·        Solar Cell Technology

·        Technical Publishing

·        Design

·        Semiconductor Packaging

·        Thick Film

·        SMT

Work experience


Director of Bisiness Development

Franklin Advanced Materials

Hands-on development of a new business unit in cSi photovoltaic metallization material manufacturing.

·        Wrote and presented three solar technical papers at the 2011 and 2012 EUPVSEC conferences.

·        Designed and produced all marketing and product documentation and presentations including website layout and artwork.

·        Specified, ordered and implemented CapX to support R&D and Applications Engineering with core cell fabrication, test and material analysis equipment in first six months. This included the first blue laser confocal measurement system in the US used for finger topography characterization.

·        Supported R&D with product test development for properties of solderability,  adhesion,printability,rheology, tackiness, IR dry and fire and screen inspection.

·        Designed over different 50 solar cells for material characterization and customer correlation.

·        Designed new 15,000 sq ft facility including labs and production with expansion planned to 2016.

·        Created customer database with first order on first product in July 2011, 19months from startup.

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FRANKLIN FUEL CELLS, Pottstown,PA10/2009-12/2009<o:p></o:p>

Principal Consultant<o:p></o:p>

Full time consultant to Fuel Cell research firm supporting business case development for starting a new Thick Film Photovoltaic material business unit.

·        Translated founder’s business goals into a strategic detailed project plan for starting and sustaining a profitable business unit. Specified critical capital, facility and key talent specifications to ensure a rapid and successful startup.

·        Developed detailed worst case break even and cash flow analysis for multiple sales and capitalization scenarios. As a result of efforts, project was approved 12/2009.



Manager of Applications and Customer Support

Heraeus Materials Technology LLC

Started and managed SMT Technical Service in the America’s. Developed and mentored in-house SMT capabilities and engineering support with expansion into semiconductor packaging over the past 14+ years. Designed, staffed and capitalized a 2000 sq ft applications lab that supported Heraeus customer base in the America’s and SE Asia. From this lab over 1300 technical projects have been documented supporting customers, R&D, Operations and QA.

·Designed and developed 90% of the unique material testing tools at Heraeus and implemented worldwide. An example was the Benchmarker II test board that streamlined material testing for rapid customer support, product development and problem solving. This reduced test time from 3 days to 4 hours typically. Revenue of the sale of these boards funded 50% of expensed lab supplies.

·Researched and authored over 35 papers on such subjects as comprehensive solder paste testing, adhesive printing, wafer bumping process and design, lead free and recently flip chip flux printing and pin transfer of dippable solder pastes. These papers raised the company’s technical image bringing in over $2M in high margin sales.

·Provided worldwide customer support to over 500 customers. This support was directed to not only retaining but increasing their business. On-site training and problem solving, lab services for process development, yield improvement and failure analyses, stencil and PCB design critique as well as component and laminate testing were provided to existing and prospective customers.

·Developed curriculum and conducted regular sales training sessions to ensure thorough understanding of key products for various electronic assembly applications to new hires, salesman and sales representatives. This training sharpened the focus of the sales efforts as they gained insight into competitive benchmarking with the strengths and weaknesses of each product revealed.

·Pioneered Cyber Technologies Cyberscan 3D with Keyence confocal sensor.First system sold in the world, which placed Heraeus ahead of their competition to quantify performance of wafer and substrate bumping materials with high accuracy.


Manager of Additive Process

Intergraph Corporation

Managed SMTfront end development engineering start-up to enable manufacturing of new designs critical for Intergraph’s new CAD workstation products. Implemented production equipment, materials, designed tooling, trained designers, technicians and production staff.

·Modernized companies manufacturing technology from through-hole technology to complex double sided multilayer SMT in 1 1/2 years while industry standard was 2-3 years.

·Implemented, and learned, solder paste printer, adhesive dispenser and reflow oven. Specified solder paste and adhesive materials.

·Trained layout designers, process technicians and production staff.

·Mastered 2D CAD and designed unique production tooling for printer and dispenser as well as a novel adjustable board stiffer for reflow and wave solder. Simplicity, cost effectiveness and flexibility were key design themes utilized in all tooling.

·Worked closely with captive multilayer board shop to replace dry film with LPI and vertical HASL with horizontal.These actions enabled manufacturing fine pitch designs in the second generation SMT designs.


Thick Film Engineering Manager


Managed 15 engineers and technicians on three shifts in high volume hybrid factory.Managed qualification of all thick film and substrate materials, equipment maintenance and programming as well as screen making supporting production.

·Pioneered high volume copper thick film and large array (5X6) hybrid production for extensive manufacturing cost savings.These actions kept the US factory competitive with outside suppliers around the world.

·Invented, implemented and patented two novel hybrid surge designs, later adopted by the entire telecom industry and still current after 20 years. Even today every landline has one of these circuit designs in the central switch. This invention enabled combining two designs into one for a 40% material reduction.


Thick Film Senior Process Engineer


Production Sustaining Engineer in high volume thick film circuit fab as well as some thin film process support. Managed incoming inspection of more than 50 different hybrid thick film materials consumed at both Florida and Penang facilities. Key engineer for design review for manufacturability, cost reductions and complex problem solving. There were over 400 active designs which included active trimable chip resistors and capacitors.