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Experience in innovation and market repositioning strategies

20 years of experience in top management and leadership positions in the production, commercial, marketing, engineering and planning areas, with experience in:

·Direction of business unit operations of industrial groups

·Company acquisition, incorporation and merger processes

·Direction of professionalization processes of family-owned businesses

·Creation of new and different opportunities, generating short term results

·Implementation of branding and relationship marketing concepts

·Implementation of new strategic positioning and definition of business plans

·Development of markets, products and distribution channels for the retail and after markets

·Experience in the steel, automobile, auto parts, refrigeration, metal-mechanic and technology segments

Work experience

Aug 2006Mar 2009

Director of Operations and Commercial Director


GRUPO TUPER – São Bento do Sul /SC

(Six business units in the processing of steel and production of exhaust and muffler systems)

Commercial and Engineering Director, Director of Operations and Commercial Director

Directed the group’s strategic repositioning and the organizational culture change process, working the company image in the market, increasing the synergy between units, revising the business and management model, innovating the business units’ services and products, migrating towards providing complete solutions, increasing revenues from R$ 300 million to R$ 1 billion in three years.

Directed the acquisition process of the retail and distribution segment competitor increasing Sicap-muffler business unit’s market share to 42%, and implemented a new business unit aimed at commercializing steel products for distribution and retail market, adding revenues of R$ 45 million in the first year.

Reorganized the logistics operation, implementing an action plan optimizing routes, transportation modes and service costs, resulting in freight savings of R$ 8 million (from 12% to 5%).

Built a production and commercial management model, innovating the use of tools such as e-commerce, call centers, CRM, BI, SIM, franchises, commercial sales offices/DCs, product marketing, Lean Manufacturing, reducing commercial expenses by 15% and increasing the utilization rate of machines by 15% and efficiency by 20%, supporting the management of operations and new market actions.

Nov 2004Dec 2005

Commercial and Marketing Director


SOFTEXPERT – Joinville /SC

(Leading technology company in the development of management systems)

Commercial and Marketing Director

Developed Latin American markets traditionally serviced by large global players, overcoming local protectionism barriers, opening representation offices in 12 new countries, which allowed conquering 22 new clients in Latin America, Canada and Europe, increasing company revenues by 14%.

Directed the restructuring of people management, processes and commercial policies, applying coaching on a team of 70 sales, marketing and export professionals, for the domestic and international market, achieving the company’s defined revenue growth goal of 25%, and making employees more agile and functional, as a result increased employee productivity by 20%.

Coordinated the strategic and business plans, repositioning the product line according to the needs and specifications of each segment, increasing productivity, profits and competitiveness in key markets, adapting the company structure to the goals defined by the shareholder.

Implemented new concepts for commercial products and support services – SSL/SLA, increasing service revenues by more than 25%.

Apr 2003Sep 2004

Commercial Manager


POLLUX – Grupo HahnTel S.A. – Joinville /SC 

(Company in the production business of automated and electronic inspection systems)

Commercial Manager

Coordinated the development of a new product line, developing specific solutions for key markets based on lower costs and better applicability, increasing the company’s profit margin by 12%, as well as increasing business and leveraging company revenues by 20%.

Implemented the new commercial model by contracting and training more than 30 representatives and partners for the entire domestic and Latin American market, increasing the pipeline by 40%.

Participated in coordinating structural and functional changes, which implemented the strategic planning culture and reduced operational costs by 20%.

Implemented loyalty and relationship marketing strategies and regional seminars, which allowed for a business expansion in the automotive, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, metal-mechanic segments, and the establishment of strategic partnerships that directly impacted business volume.

May 1995Apr 2003

International Sales Manager


WHIRLPOOL - Embraco – Joinville /SC

(American multinational)

Regional Manager, National Manager and International Sales Manager

Prepared a project for conquering 10 new markets in Latin America and increasing market share in the existing industry and resale markets, implementing an aggressive warranty, loyalty and technical-commercial service policy, increasing the company’s annual revenues by US$ 50 million.

Recovered the Venezuelan retail market increasing the company’s annual revenues by US$ 50 million/year.

Managed the external, internal and marketing teams, being responsible for annual revenues of more than US$ 100 million and margins in excess of 20%, and for servicing more than 240 clients in the retail after-market segment, distributed throughout Brazil, Latin America and United States.

Directed the product line development using the complete solution concept, expanding markets, increasing product value by 40%, profits by 5%, and reducing costs and optimizing supplies to clients.

Developed and implemented the TOP-2000 client loyalty and relationship marketing program, for the entire distribution and retail chain, involving more than 40,000 salespeople and technicians in Brazil and Latin America, which increased sales in the region by 40%.

Sep 1989Apr 1995

Sales Executive

Mercedes-Benz - Sofunge
Dec 1987Aug 1989

Product and Quality Coordinator

Siderúrgica Aliperti
Dec 1986Dec 1987

Product Development Engineer

Moto Honda


Mar 2007Dec 2008


Mar 1980Jul 1985

Metalurgic Engenieer

Faculdade de Engenharia Industrial - FEI